Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Wifi Tabs to cost $399.99 and $499.99, LTE versions coming to AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon later this year

Following yesterday's Samsung Galaxy Tab S announcements, Samsung has begun taking pre-orders for its new 8.4 or 10.5-inch slabs in the U.S. market.

Samsung's own online store started taking pre-orders Galaxy Tab S 8.4 or Galaxy Tab S 10.5 at 12:01am ET June 13, ahead of general availability in July. The 8.4-inch Wifi-only Tab will set you back $399.99, while the 10.5-incher costs $499.99. Launch outlets include, Amazon, Best Buy, Fry's, Office Depot, Office Max, PC Richard & Son, Sears, Tiger Direct and

Samsung's pre-order page says the Tabs will ship between 10 and 14 days from now, while Amazon suggests a June 26 release for the Tab S 8.4 and a June 27 arrival for the 10.5, so either way you're looking at a similar shipping window. Both outlets offer the new Tabs with free shipping.

As for the LTE-capable model, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile will get the 10.5-inch Tab S, while Verizon will carry the 8.4 and 10.5-inch versions. Samsung says the cellular Tab S devices will arrive in the U.S. later this year.

Over in the UK, Samsung has a pre-registration page live for the Tab S, but no price or pre-order options yet.

Pre-order from Amazon:

Pre-order from Samsung:

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Reader comments

Galaxy Tab S 8.4 + 10.5 now available to pre-order


The Verizon Tab 8.4 is definitely on my list of gadgets to check out. I was waiting for the Tab Pro 8.4 to hit Verizon; but, this is the next best thing (no pun intended, I promise).

I have the TabPro 8.4 (WiFi only), removed TouchWiz and put Cyanogen on it, it's my best tablet ever. Extremely happy with it. Looks like it was made for gaming.

Why would they price the 8.4 version of this at the same price point as the 8.4 tab pro? Makes absolutely no sense to buy this one....

Posted via Android Central App

Well the 8.4 Tab Pro is $279.99 at Best Buy right now. I'm sure this has a lot to do with it. (It says $329.99 on their site but it's cheaper in-store.)

I can confirm that price as I bought one at Best Buy 2 days ago. I was prepared to pay $329 but was pleasantly surprised when it rang up at $279. On top of that, it came with $25 in Google Play store credit.

At $255 its a heck of a deal.

Because, you know, how could they charge the same price as for the iPad for something that outspecs said Apple tablet handily?

The iPad air is more powerful. It's the snapdragon 800... Also, The next iPad air will be released 2 months after this one. Best to just sit it out for 2 months. This device won't include the latest Android OS which comes out in a couple of weeks.
If you buy a new device every 6 months, sure, get this one.

I only buy devices with Qualcomm chips because of better custom ROM support. I have a Note 10.1 (2012) and it's still running Android 4.1. I also have an iPad 2 (same year) and it has the latest iOS. Without the Nexus android line for tablets, it seems better to purchase an iPad.

You might as well compare snowy owls to igneous rocks. Did your tablet shut down and refuse to boot up once Jelly Bean was released? Can you not run the modern apps on it? Oh right you can 'cause I can. Let me see, you talk about custom ROMs so you can put a KitKat ROM on your Note - problem solved. Can't do that on iOS. Can't even jailbreak on iOS *because* of their updates. Oh well.

Old OS limits a devcice. No, I can't run some modern apps because of the OS. Fitbit doesn't work on it. Needs at least android 4.3. Want a google smart watch? Needs at least android 4.3.
custom Roms are buggy on thus device. Even the best ROM requires a lot of tinkering. The Note uses the pen, so challenging to find a good ROM with all the pen software.

I'd love to buy if they ever come in a Google Play edition. I am done with any device that doesn't run officially supported stock Android.

I am really sick and tired of Samsung tablets I hate TW and they release devices so fast that I feel like I would be instantly burned if I bought their tablets

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah, your tablet just stops working the moment Samsung releases their next tablet.

But, sounds like you wouldn't want to buy one anyway because you hate the software — so why complain?

Why would you feel burned? Samsung has done a good job lately of getting even their older devices up to the most recent OS version. As long as your device is still getting software updates, the fact that a newer device with better hardware has been released doesn't affect you whatsoever.

has Google even made improvements to Android for tablets in a while anyway? I dont seem to remember anything lately.

@kaiser10123 You have a problem that requires medical attention. Getting sick over a product you'd never buy... Feeling the need to comment on something you'd never buy... This insane hatred of TW... Yeah, you need medical attention FAST.

I like the new version of TW these tablets seem to be running - Magazine UI but unless it has NOTE in the product line, I can wait.

Why is that? I have a Pro 8.4 and while the screen tech on the S is better, this one works great for me. You really do not need the top of the line every time.

Posted via Android Central App

First! Comment post from someone who has pre-ordered at least. Downers be down, but I'm looking forward to it!

Looks very cool but what's up with the seemingly odd screen sizes. 8.3 inches for the GPad. 8.4 inches for this tablet. Does it go hand in hand with resolution or is it just for marketing speak?

Amazon says it has exynos 5 octa 5800.. which is 2.1 + 1.3 quads.. but I thought it has exynos 5420? Which is it?

Posted via NEXUS 5

Looks nice and I feel like im only one who likes touchwiz

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5

You're not the only one by a long shot.

Just based on sales of their smartphones and tablets alone it's easy to suggest that millions of people enjoy the Touchwiz experience. On this site, and many other tech heavy sites, there are many enthusiast who seem to think stock Android is the best thing since sliced bread, but the truth is Samsung has baked a lot of features into TW that while not all the bells and whistles are useful to everyone, the majority of their customers appreciate one, two or three things they really like and don't want to change.

I like Touchwiz. But the Mag UX is basically useless for me. I liked it initially but it's really laggy so I got rid of one of them.

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And also if they're priced by switching the dollar to a pound. £500 is too much. If they convert it properly it'll be £400. (for the big one)


People will buy any old crap if enough is spent on marketing. That's why iPhones are so popular. The more devices they produce the more they'll sell. Why are people upset about it

Nothing crappy about the iPhone. It is a great phone. All flagships are actually great and it is only a matter of preference.

I don't get why Samsung didn't just put the screen tech on the Pro series and just launch one line.

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The real difference of this S 8.4 vs. TabPro 8.4 is just different SoC (Wi-Fi only) and being physically thinner?

I wiz on TouchWiz.... I use Nova Launcher on my Note can I use Nova on these new tablets???

Posted from my Beastly Note 3 via Android Central App

That's what I just did, I had to pay ~38 taxes, but I couldn't find the titanium on amazon and no book covers there either. With my phones I don't need a case, but it's nice to have positioning options with a tablet.