Galaxy Tab rooted

So you have your new shiny Galaxy Tab, and you want to root it.  I like the way you think.  The good news is that the days of SDK's, cryptic shell commands, and crazy Windows USB drivers are over.  An app from the Market (z4root -- links after the break) will root your Tab, as well as other Galaxy S phones and other NAND unlocked devices with just a button press.

  • Download and install Z4Root from the Market
  • Enable USB debugging (menu>settings>applications>development)
  • Run the app, and press the "root" button

Your Tab will restart, and you're rooted.  Unrooting is just as easy, just run z4root and "unroot."  Of course a lot of the goodies available for other devices just haven't been made for the Tab just yet, but they're coming.  Hit the jump for download links and a list of other phones this will work on.  [XDA Developers via Pocketables]

Other devices that z4root will root:

  • Samsung Galaxy S (All variants)
  • Backflip
  • Sony X10
  • Xperia Mini
  • Droid 2
  • Galaxy Tab
  • Galaxy I5700
  • Galaxy 3 I5800
  • Droid X
  • Samsung Acclaim
  • Cricket Huawei Ascend
  • Motorola Cliq
  • Huawei 8120
  • Hero
  • Optimus T
  • Droid 1 (z4root 1.2.1)
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StuRoid says:

That is so awesome!

cody.5000 says:

yes. aww-summ.

stylez619 says:

Simply awesome

Masheen says:

This is how all roots should be!

deltatko says:

Is there anything like this for the Evo?

tomh1979 says:

nope, would be nice, but not a option.

Partyman says:

I used it for my EVO with no problems at all.

leonffs says:

The website says it specifically won't work on Evo. Was your Evo already nand unlocked?

CharStarz says:

For the HTC Evo 4G, use

danibal says:

How long should this take to root? It's been running for about 5 minutes on my epic and still going...

Evo2DroidX says:

The first time I ran it my droid x froze. I did a battery pull then ran it again about five minutes later my x was freed with super user permissions installed and all

My Droid X has been Frozen on the Z4 Mod screen,ten minutes, any advice?

Evo2DroidX says:

Barry pull rerun and you will get root I've done three x's today and all did the same thing

Droid x it literaly took less than a min.

stoneworrior says:

Oh boy, the Elitist "If you cant do it the right way you shouldn't be aloud to root" nut cases are gonna have a field day with this one.

Evo2DroidX says:


Grew some cajones and did a battery pull. Restarted and turned of Lookout App. I think that was the culprit. Rebooting now and will I be able to remove Skype? Doesn't look like it.

danibal says:

Nevermind, I rebooted the phone and reran it and it took less than a minute. I'll admit I'm a newcomer to rooting the android, so looking forward to seeing what I can do. Did all kinds of things with my blackberry prior to this.

p08757 says:

I just rooted with this. You may have to restart your phone and try again if you hang.

jkutcher says:

Doesn't seem to be working for my Fascinate. Had to pull the battery, ran it again and it appears to just be doing the same thing. bummer.

It has been on the "Running Exploit in order to obtain root access" stage for a while now but my phone is not frozen this time around. interesting

MowDownJoe says:

Finally, my Droid is rooted! SuperOneClick kept hanging for me at a certain point. I mean, I'm quite the techy guy, but I'm too busy/lazy to do it myself. So it's nice to see it done without a cable.

jelly roll says:

Nothing like this for sense?

Evo2DroidX says:

Look into easy root from unstable apps I think it is working on the evo still

DLH203 says:

AWSOME i now have a rooted samsung moment because of this app.

Rooted my Sprint hero today with this app. Running aosp 2.2 now. It did hang a bit but it worked eventually

Cubfan says:

So how many fools are getting a 2-year contract on this thing?

newboyx says:

Moment rooted! Bye bye sprint apps! Off to the forums.

newboyx says:

Nevermind. It says it is rooted, yet it is not. :(
Damn I got a little excited for nothing. Hopefully the Moment will be supported in a future update. I had a feeling it was to good to be true. Congrats to those that got it to work.

ScubaNitrox says:

Does it have a quick unroot too?

jkutcher says:

yup, easy one click unroot

ScubaNitrox says:

Nice! :-)

DLH203 says:

I rooted my moment with this a lil bit ago and it rooted fine so i bought root explorer but i can't get it to give me the su prompt no matter how many times i try it. If anyone could lend me a hand i would much appriceate it.

jkutcher says:

Finally got it to work for my fascinate! It kept getting hung up but after a couple battery pulls it finally worked.

Nalta says:

BAD, I installed and click and it has been "saving required file..." for 20 minutes now and has frozen my phone Samsung Galaxy S (Captivate)

edr1983 says:

It hung up for ever and did not work until i swithced from launcher pro to stock manilla. This fixed the issue and rooted in less than a minute.

vinny#AC says:

If it roots the Droid 2 (2.2.1) why wont it root the Nexus One (2.2.1)?
I saw in the comments section of the market under Z4root that a few people did in fact root their Nexus One (2.2.1) with this application. Has anyone had any success with this on their Nexus devices? It sure would be great to get the old one click back working on the best device made. Anyone with any knowledge on this subject please let us know.
Thank You

brina042 says:

Works on my brand new Droid Pro also :)

brodieduncan says:

Works very well on my Dell Streak

tlfloyd says:

It took me three or four attempts to root my Droid 2 using both the XDA manual method and the 1-click automated method. Each time the system hung at one point or another, and I kept giving up after hitting the 10 minute mark. Shut down and re-booted both the computer and the Droid, and finally saw a recommendation in the forums to change the connection status from PC Mode to Charge Only mode. Once I did this, I ran the 1-click method again (DoRoot) and it was done within 5 minutes. Tested the root status with Wi-Fi Tether and it worked fine.

As I've noted from many posts here, rooting does not always work the first or second or third time, but frequently requires much trial and error. There are several YouTube videos showing how to root Android phones, and I noted on a couple of them that it did not work right away, and the operator had to run it two or three times before it succeeded.

gmr2048 says:

Can't get it working on my Fascinate. I tried it a bunch of times and let it sit for 10+ minutes on the "running exploit" screen. I've reverted to stock launcher and killed Lookout (as suggested above). But no go. Any other suggestions?

gmr2048 says:

Update: Followed the advice in post #38 in an XDA thread and it finally worked on my Fascinate! Disabled (not just killed) Lookout App, then did a "kill all" from a task manager and immediately re-ran z4root. It was rooted in under a minute. w00t!

Partyman says:

I used this on my EVO and it worked great and was flawless.

DLH203 says:

This seemed to work on my moment. it went through and restarted also it installed the super user but it wont prompt for allowing su access does this just mean it didnt work or am i missing something

TNT1968#IM says:


TNT1968#IM says:

Is it worth trying on an Incredible if it worked on an Evo?

Mobius360 says:

Worked fine on my Epic.

Stuck on running exploit.. In a Samsung Fascinate. Any help here?

jkutcher says:

Just try a few times. I had to pull my battery twice but then ran it again and just let it sit for a while and it worked. Sorry, not the best help advice but just letting you know it does work for the Fascinate.

drose0 says:

Just bought my Galaxy Tab then saw this a few minutes later. Worked like a charm.

myersjesse says:

I used this on my DX and it worked fine. Problem is, is that rom manager will not let me open into clockwork recovery mode in order to make a nandroid backup. I also used bootstrap. Any idea why I can't open into recovery?

Xepol says:

The first time I tried to run in on a rogers i896 captivate, it just spun forever and eventually locked up the phone. Did a battery pull, rebooted and ran it again. It rooted the system in no time at all.

Very nice. So far the i896s have been frustratingly untouchable. Thanks to the developer!

jsvkiller says:

My lg optimus s just reboots and doesn't root and its a supported device can anyone help.It doesnt ask for the superuser request or anything

NarekRocks says:

It is not in the market anymore they removed it.:-(

rico9344 says:

Z4ROOT no longer works for sprint galaxy tabs with OTA update!!! Use SuperOneClick v1.7. You can find it here

Here's a one-click root with almost all phones and all android versions. (including the i9000, Droid, Nexus One, etc)


The program requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0+ or Mono v1.2.6+
Operations systems with native support:
•Windows Vista
•Windows 7
•Ubuntu Hardy (8.04 LTS)
•Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04)
•Ubuntu Karmic (9.10)
•Ubuntu Lucid (10.04 LTS)
•Ubuntu Maverick (10.10)
•Debian Lenny (5.0)
•Debian Squeeze (testing)
•Debian Sid (unstable)
•Debian Experimental

If you run Microsoft Windows XP, install .NET Framework v2.0 or above
If you run Mac or another Linux flavor, make sure you install Mono:

For more information about making it work in linux:
See here

You NEED to put your phone on USB Debugging mode
You NEED to install make sure the Android drivers for your phone are installed
Make sure you DO NOT mount your SD card.
If you still can't get something to run, try doing it in recovery mode.