Samsung Galaxy S5 storage

That SD card slot Samsung keeps including in its phones? You're going to need it.

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We have to preface what we're about to show you with the following statement: Pre-release device, lacking carrier customizations, yadda yadda. But what you see here is the storage listing on the just-announced Samsung Galaxy S5

And what you can see is that on the 16GB model of the Galaxy S5, half of the on-board storage is used up before the owner even turns on the phone. It's not quite as dire on the 32GB model of course (and remember that there's a little bit of funky math anyway, and you never get as much storage as manufacturers say), and Samsung will quickly tell you that's why you have the option to use a microSD card for expanded storage. It's something that we've seen before, and it's the same scenario. You need room for all those features and apps.

Still. When we're looking to buy the Samsung Galaxy S5 this April, we'll be opting for the 32-gigabyte version. Let's hope the U.S. carriers don't throw a wrench into that plan.

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Galaxy S5 ROM is a bit of a monster, taking up nearly 8GB of storage


And this is just terrible and inexcusable. The cost increase for them to finally just eliminate the 16gb version (which willl probably be forced on us just like the lack of availability of the 32gb S4 was) would have cost them next to nothing.

Exactly. Why does 16 gb even exist?
I would switch to sony for the Z2, but it is 16 gb only as well. Don't even think it has larger storage option.

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"Hero device" it's a piece of plastic, glass, and silicon. Not a firefighter, or a Marine.

I don't use, or acknowledge the word ""troll"".

Wow, how insightful. It's a well known, often used phrase. Just because you don't acknowledge certain words doesn't mean they don't exist.

I have to side with codiusprime on this one. The term "hero device" has been used to describe Android flagships, ever since the first Android devices.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

You always have something smart to say. I always read your comments and smh.

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I'm with you! Society places definition on a word doesn't inherently mean we have to bow to it.

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7.86 GB available out of the box. Nice Samsung. Nice. And the "16GB (cough... 8GB)" version will probably be the only version available in the US for the first few months.

@angry english

1. its a year later.
2. Samsung took a lot of heat for the same thing on the S4.
3. Note 3 wasn´t offered with 16GB
4. Storage costs Samsung practically NOTHING - they them selfs are the largest ram-manufacturer.

Enough reasons?

A vain hope that they *learned* from the GS4? That they wouldn't expect carriers to make upper 'options' available, and that they didn't want to go through the complaints and hassle from the low space and trying to make apps on the SD card work well again?

I really thought after releasing the Apps to SD adjustments that they'd gotten the message that there wasn't enough space left on the base model.

Wow, just wow... Windows 8 and Mac OS 10.9 uses just a little more than that, for a fully-featured desktop OS.

You can say that again. It's either Xperia z2 or lg g3 or lg g pro 2. Maybe note 3 if I can get a good price on it.

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I agree the Z2 has a slightly larger display and much larger battery plus the faster processor and still has the SD card looks like Z2 is a better choice if they are priced similarly and available on the same carriers also both are water and dust resistant.

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Doesn't the z2 only have 16gb also, and runs the snapdragon 801 while the sgs5 runs the 805.
I'm not sticking up for Samsung here and personally would rather have the z2. Owned a z1, loved everything about it except the screen which they seem to have fixed on the z2.

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SGS5 runs the 800 and only has 2gb of ram compared the Z2's 3gb of ram. Also the Z2 has a larger battery (3200mAhr vs the S5's 2800mAhr).

That's a completely different set architecture, apples and oranges... Although I agree with the general consensus that 8gb is ridiculous


Until OEMs start adding more RAM to these devices, they ALL need to check themselves. i know people want more features, but RAM is getting to be a scarce resource and it's not really that freaking expensive.

RAM isn't the issue here, it's the size of the flash space available. Granted is bad here, buy part of this can be alleviated with SD cards... just not app files. But phones with no expanded storage and only having 16 gigs is just unforgivable.

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Yes, you can use the SD card...for photos, videos, and music. So you have 8 gb to install apps, their cache, and local data. The SD card is worthless if you don't have enough space for your apps. My Pocket cache takes over a gb of space by itself.

And apps 2 SD does not work on Galaxy products. It makes you think it moves it to the SD card, but it actually mounts it on a virtual volume internally. If you look after you move it, you' have the same amount of free space and there will be nothing on your SD card.

Releasing a flagship with 16 gb is bad enough. But when you use over half of it for your OS, that's complete fail.

I know on the new line if pro tablets, downloading apps to the sd card ifs enabled out of the box. Maybe they were smart enough to do it on the sgs5, hopefully.

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I have the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. It does not allow you to move apps to SD without rooting and installing something like Foldermount. Stock gives you the option, but it doesn't really do anything.

Not necessarily all true. Samsung and LG made some modifications to android and did enable a form of apps to SD.
Correction: I did check out that problem with the S4 where it doesn't really move anything. You are right. LG's implementation works fine though. I wonder if they can fix it. Well, it's more like they better fix it

See? And they fooled everyone. If I hadn't owned a GS4, Note 3, and Note 10.1 2014 and tested it on all of them, I might have thought it was just a weird issue with whatever device I had. Yet they still put out 16 gb devices with half the storage available and make a big deal about the SD card. And people eat it up.

Wow! Even the rabid fanboi louts couldn't have expected a 33% increase in Samsung's Wiz-bang interface. Now, I can understand the need for an integrated heart rate monitor.


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I thought TW was supposed to have a slimmed down UI this time? Also I wonder about "private" mode? Which sure sounds a lot like KNOX. How much space is reserved for that? By the time the carriers get done adding bloatware that will just about make very little if any room left. That makes the 16 gig a major fail. With the way Kit Kat handles SD cards it seems the SD will be of little use for running programs and will be just to store music or photos.

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I'd rather have the Google Play Edition if/when that is announced... I'm guessing that the GPE will use much less disk space.

This is less Than the Note 3 with kit Kat on sprint. Remember, Samsung adds the lost space to the ROM size , and If u were to scroll up, it would say the total space is 16/32gb instead, 12.4 or 27gb or whatever it is. Keep that in mind...

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I could've sworn Samsung said they were going to address this issue.

I don't use, or acknowledge the word ""troll"".

This is precisely the reason I will pass on the S5 unless T-Mobile gets the 32GB one. 700mhz Band 12 support is another hard requirement of mine.

I don't use, or acknowledge the word ""troll"".

With the cheap cost of memory, this is totally ludicrous! Why wouldn't they have just made it 32GB? Oh wait, that would make too much sense.

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Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

how is that even going to let you install around 5 high memory games without it already being cut in half memory wise? thats why i own a htc one, 32gb and i have 29.24gb of actual use, and ive filled it with a whole crap ton of stuff and still have around 3gbs left.

This cautionary tale brought to you by Captain Obvious. Nothing anybody is saying in the comments is new information.

Ya know...I love Samsung...but come on..this has gotta stop. They should be offering a 64gb option by now...(and even 128gb)...16gb has gotta stop being entry level...I thought that would have stopped about 2011...granted Apple hasn't stopped that either but still. Flash memory is CHEAP...

FYI Phil: The phone is water RESISTANT, not water PROOF. It is not meant to be submerged in a pool.

Lol +1

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I will skip this as my wife's new phone. Period. Samsung, why do you pull this crap? C'mon......

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Except it says right there that its taking up 5.28 GB, not 8. You are adding in the Miscellaneous files, which is not part of the system.

Who cares its still bullsh*t that it has that much taking up no matter how much you polish a turd its still a turd in the end

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Who cares. Its fugly. Wife likes her S4 and I love my Note 3, but this phone is far from a must have.

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It only has 7.86GB left for your enjoyment. The rest is misc files/apps and most cannot be removed. So out of 16GB's, 8.14 is used by Samsung and Android OS.

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Not part of system but rather Samsung proprietary apps that can't be removed. Either way, you only get 7.86GB to play with.

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I like my S3, but I don't know about the S5. Only 8 Gig free unless you pay extra for the 32 GB version, and Knox and all the hassle's it brings to rooting and kernel customization, and I'm less than thrilled. But before long there may be no choice other than Samsung if you want a removable battery & SD card.

And that's same reason i didn't get s4. I will stick with the Note or switch over to the amazing battery saving Xperia phones.

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Me too. Skipped the S4 for the same reason. Got an HTC One instead. Currently on the Maxx and I think I'll stay put for a bit. This S5 is a joke. I hate that it "represents" Android to the masses.

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And this is why I will pass... The phone itself isn't anything drastic anyway.

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These comments seem really similar to ones that were left when the S4...S3...etc were announced...and yet folks still find it surprising with this. A lot of people won't care that there's only 16GB on board...a lot of people don't need more than 16GB...and if the 16GB version isn't gonna work for you...guess don't have to buy it.

Posted via the TARDIS.

People on this site often confuse things that are important to them, with things that the general public care about.

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Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Thanks for the insight. But I digress, 16GB is enough..... For a low end phone bought of the shelf at k-mart. I love Samsung products but this phone is skank looking.

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5.28 gigabytes for the system is high enough - what is up with over 2 gigabytes of Miscellaneous files? My Moto X only has 350 megabytes of miscellaneous files and 300 of them are Video Game ROMs.

It's not the bloat wear really. It's the ROM itself being heavy. They build on top of their skin all the time. They need to do it from the ground up again. Still doesn't look modern to me.

Lmfao oh Samsung you sure do know how to keep yourself "competitive" in the Android market. Let's keep our friends and family from making the mistake in buying one of these and leave us stuck giving them the bad news on why 4 games later they have to decide how much the want Instagram.

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I'm sorry but you have a slightly faster S4 with minimal upgrades and then you load it with bloatware and I'm supposed to be running to get one?'s either see if the rumored galaxy F is true or goto htc (or gasp the iphone 6...nahhh)

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Holly jebus, why are they still producing a 16 GB phone with that monster system partition?!

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That's the other thing Samsung only allows 5min max recording of 4k video I guess we know why lol.

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This further justifies my reason to not purchase a Samsung product until they can get this figured out.

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Unbelievable, I was hoping Samsung would announce alongside the S5, the option to uninstall the bloatware.

Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7105

Wait is that expandable storage 128mb, i didn't even realise sd cards were made in that capacity?

Still the base should of been 32gb standard they knew that the os and touchwiz was going to be heavy, yeh i was also under the impression it was going to be made lighter.

Disappointed on this the S4 with a new back cover.

How many are excited by this? And how many are going to buy?

Sorry Samsung ill pass on this and hope you get your shit together for the Note 4.

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This will be the first Galaxy S phone I will not get. I started with the Captivate and had all of them through the 4 last year. I had the 32GB model plus a 64GB sd card, but I finally realized that I do not really need all the features and the bloat from AT&T and Samsung so the Moto X and Nexus 5 are fine for me. So many features that you will never use make the ROM so large and takes away from app space. Samsung should have gone 32GB base model and 64GB IMO.

Just about all 2013 flagships supersede this what is it S4 active 2? Samsung needs to get their shit together for the Note 4 or the tables will turn and they wont have that hold on the market.

Pish complete and utter pish.

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And this is why I really hope Google doesn't kill off the Nexus line. Samsung really has achieved their goal to be just like Apple, when so many sheep buy these ridiculous bloated things thinking this is what represents Android. Far from it. Far Far from it. No wonder Google is complaining about Sam crap.

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Been screaming about lack of internal storage for over a year, the Device manufacturers do not listen to the consumer as much as they would listen to the large websites that go to these events. You must tell these asses that 16gb is just pathetic. I will not even consider any new device unless a minimum of 32gb internal with sd-card support, without sd-card support a minimum of 64gb is a must have. Anything less for todays smartphone is ridiculous. The amount of money to add storage during the manufacturing process is pennies, I want a phone that is with the times not a antique before you start. trying to find reasons to like this phone...I really am...theyre just not making it easy

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The iphone 5s has class, don't like the size much but wow is it a smartphone. The S4 yes was good but would we be asking to much for an improvement on it?

This will hurt Samsung just what exactly were they thinking or not with this.

Samsung get your shit together.

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To the general smartphone user I guess its quite a smartphone... To the super user, apples iPhone isn't even a consideration due to the recent jailbreak impossible scheme, atleast you can root the touchwiz off of Samsung.


7.9Gb's.. Really?
I don't think I've laughed so hard in a month of Sundays...
If the Cookie Cutter looks and 2 Gb's of RAM were not bad enough...
And the Samsung Sheep will suck this S4.1 Abomination right up.
Well.. At least for $650.00+ Tax it can let you know when your Heart is about to collapse..

Heart rate monitor yeh in an ironic twist its required as you will need it when reality kicks in and you realise what an idiot you were to purchase this S4.1 Active.

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I can't wait for the carrier versions. More very useful stuff added from verizon and the beautiful Verizon logo on the phones. I'm really hoping that Verizon doesn't disappoint us by not putting the Verizon logo on the home button.

Im happy with my Note 3 but i will be moving away from Samsung if they F@ck up the Note 4 faith will be lost and my custom will go to Htc, Sony and Yes Apple with the Iphone 6 which will be better than this Fact.

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Here we go with the huge premium for the 32GB flavor

Posted via my oldie but goodie Nexii 4 using the Android Central App

Don't understand what these manufacturer's are thinking.
Looks like I'll be waiting to see what lg and htc bring to the table.

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Whatever they bring it will be leaps and bounds above this pathetic attempt at upgrading and refreshing the S brand.

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If it's 7.9 available now.. in it's "Pure Samsung" form.. what's going to be available to the End User after the carrier's install their Bloatware? and heaven forbid if Samsung pulls an Apple.. and charges a $100.00 premium for the privilege of starting out with 32 Gb's
But least we forget.. It WILL let you know when the Shock of this purchase settles in.. And finally collapses your Heart.

Thank you Phil. This was my first question, after watching Unpacked. Are the damn kids apps included too? Good grief . . .

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Well, guess I'm not getting the S5 anytime soon. Maybe Samsung will delay the phone to allow for the 128 GB Micro SD card.

Posted through my Nexus 7!

Umm the system is using 5.5 gb? That is less then my GS4 running 6 gb.

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The General opinion is that this S4.1 Active is shit.

All we would of liked and accepted were not even the 2-4k resolution screen. or the finger print scanner. But the following a definitive design change, debloat that whiz and perhaps useful new features think outside the box helps Samsung take note lol 32gb base storage. Yes waterproof but if it were a unibody metal design that would be a given.

So how would this sound folks?

Definitive Design Change

1080p screen yes ok

The snapdragon 801 is it? At 2.5ghz is fine.

3gb Ram

32gb base Storage

Camera is fine at 16mgp.

Debloat that whiz.

And useful software enhancements.

Was that to much for you Samsung?

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Why don't you just go with nexus? Ever since I switched to nexus I've never been happier, no bloatware, just stock android and they fly, no lag what so ever


I doubt that very much or then that is just showing that there are tens of millions of complete and utter idiots with to much money and not enough common sense.

Htc may not sell as many but the one is better than the S4 in terms of design and the one 2 will be better than this.

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Yes I'm trolling you lol... And the guys right, unfortunately the market is filled with tens of millions maybe trillions of complete and utter idiots, called superidiots by me, and they control what OEMs release. The superuser is the minority and we all need to be thankful for nexus and Google play edition or custom Roms... Dude, buy a nexus and never ever look back!


You know what a really really want? A $600 ( give or take a few bucks) flagship phone with 8GB of internal storage, said no one ever.

I would have gotten this phone. But that ruined it.

Posted via my thumbs and Google Keyboard. (Defective) N7 2013

That was just rumour and it would be Irish to release it back to front, you would expect if there were any element of truth that the prime would just be the S5 and this version you see would be the budget/lower end handset.

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Sorry but 8gb is just not enough storage. That's absurd. I normally get 16gb phones and they last me a year or two before I start getting messages that I'm running low on space from all my pics, apps, etc. No way I would get a phone knowing it had that little amount of space. And no I don't want to have to buy an SD card or get the 32gb one. Samsung should just make 32gb standard if their phones are going to take up that much space.

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I think it comes preloaded with 4 gigs of your favorite music and movies. So it's all good with me.

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You all keep saying you're going to pass on this phone but Samsung isn't trying to sell the phone to you

they're trying to sell it to the average consumer who doesn't use mods or anything of that sort

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After reading and being apart of all the negativity, I have one thing to say. OEMS such as Samsung are about money in the end. Samsung is going to sell more Android devices then anyone, because the average person doesn't know how to read a spec sheet. The average person is uneducated tech wise and will buy the s5 because of the fingerprint scanner and camera, they could care less about the processor or how much ram its pushing. Samsung and other OEMs know this and they don't care what we think, we are the minority! Luckily for us there is a line of devices called Nexus! Or Google play edition, Thanks Google! All these complaints are being read from my Nexus 7 2013 that the idiots I run into everyday call an iPad... The general public are tech morons and out number us by the millions and OEMs want those morons money, so its time to practice acceptance and either learn how to root a device or buy nexus or Google play edition.


Your really pushing that nexus aren't you? Lol I think Samsung is over rated too, I have the G2 when I realized its a water down version of touchwiz I rooted that b**CH now I have a nexus 5 a water down version. The masses are sheep n Samsung has their flock some people just don't want to be led to the truth they are buying a mere name n feel its more important than quality n the facts we care about .

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Yes! And also, being a programmer and my focus is Android development, I can't stand the headache of app compatibility, we would see much more quality apps across the board if we could focus on less mangled versions of Android. Google themselves clearly stated they want to see OEMs keep it more stock Android to eliminate fragmentation and give Android a more solid foundation across the board. Its one thing for an OEM to add hardware functions, Android is specifically engineered to run on top of any set architecture, but OEMs have decided to completely redesign the entire ui/ux of Android which is not what Google had in mind when they first released Android.


Wasn't this one of the critiques of previous Galaxy phones, that apps run best when they are not installed onto, and running on an SD card? Not much room for success on the S5 it would seem

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You can't.

You can't use ALL the storage the phone is provided with.

What does the One's box say? "Available storage is less due to phone software".

With 8bg to Wade through, this is going to run slow as molasses. Their improvements in processor design are going slower than the extra code to churn through.

Samsung sure knows how to copy Microsoft... or make Microsoft look good.

8GB is ridiculous beyond comprehension.

Any ides what a possible Google Play Edition of S5 will use? 7GB perhaps? :)

8GB is huge, but not really the issue, its the fact that they are pushing it with a 16GB option ON THEIR PREMIUM MODEL. The same amount of storage that I had on my mid-range Nokia X6 over 4 years ago!

I wouldn't mind if Samsung were organised enough to ensure that carriers had all the available options like they do with the iPhone, but I doubt they will.

Would you really want to splash out on a sim-free 32GB version of this phone? Unless your phone is dying or you just have to have the new shiny, I think a lot of people will skip this unless they are getting a good deal on contract.

ATM I don't feel like it is a big enough upgrade from an S3, so I'm sure most S4 owners will pass, unless they are full on fanboys

And it'll still sell 40 million units in a matter of a few months.

The blind masses will never even notice.

8GB usable out of the box? Is this 2014 or am I just caught in a time paradox?

I feel dirty just knowing I used to support their mobile devices.

Posted via Android Central App on the AT&T HTC One.

Was curious to see what Sammy would bring to the table. I'm disappointed, but not really that surprised. Look at S2>S3>S4. The only thing I'm hoping is that my carrier will drop prices on the S4 and Note 3. I'm upgrading come spring (hopefully!) and am anxious to ditch my Galaxy Nexus.

Current shopping list:
Note 3 (Like the screen size, not sure if I want to carry a big device day-to-day, Spen seems useful)
G2 (LG) (Like the screen size, not convinced about rear buttons)
MotoX (like the compact size, sounds like it runs as smooth as oiled silk)
S4 (yeah its a year old, but should be dirt cheap when the S5 hits the market)

3 of the 3 people I know who are rocking the HTC One have had lots of complaints about it, plus the speakers add bulk for a feature I'd rarely use (I prefer headphones for music)

The only problem with buying an S4 now is how many updates you will receive, which means that it will probably be left in the wilderness by Nov/Dec. Fine if you only intend on keeping it for a year, but if you plan on having it for 2 years then you'll probably have to root.

I guess if you can pick it up cheap its fine, it'll still be better than most other mid-range devices.

Hahahahahaha enjoy 8gb of bloatware. If the developer community can sort out it's drivers (no more overheating cameras please!), then this stock ROM has no place in the world.

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This proves Samsung should release their phones with nothing less than 32GB internal storage. They should bundle the new Gear with the 32GB S5 to make it up to some consumers or preferably allow some of their feature/apps to be removed. Also, some of Google's bloatware should be uninstallable as well.

Wow, well this pretty much single-handedly turned me off the idea of purchasing the G5. Your move, HTC...

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it has to come with videos or music or a huge game or something preloaded. 7+ GB is a LOT. most roms are between 300 and 500MB, and even with the bloatware touchwiz, there's no other way it can consume 7GB without having a bunch of preloaded 3d games or music or something like that.

I hate to burst everyone's bubble but Samsung doesn't sell to you and me. They sell to Carriers. If Carriers say they want a 16 gb version for the average user so they can stick super users with another $50-$100 for a little more storage, than guess what Samsung does? Samsung builds a 16 gb version. Yes, Touch wiz is getting ridiculous but if Carriers want a 16 gb version it's going to get built and sold to countless millions that won't ever know there is an issue with lack of storage. And people will buy them. Not because they are Samsung sheep but because it's the latest greatest. We consumers are dumb like that.


I think the title is misleading.
the OS takes 5.28 GB.
the rest are of apps' data and of the apps themselves.
maybe samsung wanted to show some samples (like benchmarks and demos), so a part of it is for them.

if you click on miscellaneous files, you will be able to see which apps takes what amount of space.

To the best of my knowledge, a year later those of us who bought the S4 the end of last April are STILL waiting to see a 32 g much less a 64g S4.
Our 16g S4's came with a little over 9 gigs of internal storage available.
Also, the first version of Jelly Bean that was on the S4 did not allow apps to be moved to the micro sd card.
Let's us hope that terrible mistake is not made with KitKat, if it is the S4 will be my last Samsung Galaxy product, I have had them all. I will be giving HTC or Sony my hard earned dollar.

Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy S4

Let's see first time registered at this site and guess what the site wants my email account private data, got to love it.

Ok that aside, it is my understanding that SD Cards only host data not apps, so it your apps are many and/or large you can no advantage from an SD card. Since many apps demand lots of memory, this can be a major problem, especially games.

highly disingenuous article. The Image clearly shows that the S5 rom takes up 5.28Gb, NOT 8GB, approx 1.7-2GB more than stock Android and about 1GB more than the Xperia Z1, hardly the end of the world, especially since you can keep all your downloads, data and even app files on the microSD card.

You really didn't think that over time Google would reduce the size of it's tracking software did you? Some day someone will sue and they will learn the lesson that apple did, the device belongs to the person that buys it and they don't have the right to record where you are "don't fool yourself" they do. they steal your info if you enter a google account on the device as it auto syncs without concent, the world would be a better place without it.