Samsung Galaxy S5

Between JUMP! upgrades and device trade-ins, quite a few people may actually be buying this time around

When the Galaxy S5 was announced, T-Mobile pulled the usual carrier move and set up a "pre-registration" page where you could sign up to be notified when the phone would be available on the network. Today, T-Mobile is flaunting the fact that over 300,000 people have signed up for information on the Galaxy S5, which is quite a feat.

Now that number is likely a bit inflated, as this time around by registering for Galaxy S5 information you're entered to win one of a handful it is giving away, but T-Mobile in the end still got over 300,000 people to give up some personal information for a chance to get notified about the Galaxy S5 as soon as possible.

The real test will be how many of those 300,000 pre-registrations turn into sales when the phone's finally available. We don't have a great idea of exactly how much it'll cost in the end, but considering T-Mobile's new device financing, JUMP! upgrade plans and device trade-in programs, more than a few people on the carrier have an easy process for switching to that new phone.

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Galaxy S5 pre-registrations on T-Mobile top 300,000, let's see how many turn into sales


That 300,00 if that turned to be 150,000 sold that would be more than any Sony Z2, or Htc M8 and that's on only Tmobile.

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Mr Yarell out of that what is your cut from Samsung lol. You act like you got shares in the company.

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I know plenty of people that pre-registered.

Guess how many are even considering wasting their money on this overhyped, overbloated, overpriced phone?? NONE.

Most people registered just to win a free phone that they can turn around and sell. Period.

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All of them

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Hoping to win one so I can sell it and buy the 2014 HTC One or maybe the Nexus 5. :)

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Looks amazing, but you surely not buying, only praising. People actually buys Samsung, but praises HTC. Fact!

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Pre registration it is.

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

It is quite a bit for preregistration for a phone on the smallest big carrier in the US.

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I don't see myself needing a S5 when the Note 3 just got updated to 4.3.Why would I get a S5 with ICS when my Note 3 is rockin 4.3.Only a fool would get a S5.If you need some more of my wisdom just ask.

Posted via Note 3 rockin Kit Kat 4.4.2

You're obviously not very smart. S5 has kit Kat 4.4 not ics 4.0. Y

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Your reading comprehension failed you, his signature said his Note 3 is running KitKat, so he knows. It must be some kind of joke or sarcasm, except it wasn't funny to me. So either my sense of humor or his comedic attempt failed, I predict the latter.
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Only reason I signed up was cause they are going some away...

Posted from the surface of the moon using my LG Optimus G Pro on T-Mobile with 0 Death Star bloat...

All jokes aside,I think I can trade in my Note 3 and get the One 2 and then sometime in November get the Note 4.

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In other news 295,000 TMobile S5's soon to be on eBay and Craigslist with bad IMEI's for non payment. I won't even buy TMobile branded phones used anymore. They seem to have an extra high percentage of deadbeat customers.
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No, some people are just deadbeat that's really messed up that people are selling phones they still owe on...smdh

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Well it very well could be a combination of deadbeat-ness and idiocy. When you ask alot of private sellers if they still owe money they'll tell you they do. They're even more surprised by the prospect of it being a problem down the road for you when they don't pay for the phone they're trying to sell you.

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preregistration and actual sales are very different. I pre-registered b.c the giveaway, but have a zero % chance of buying.

Yeeeaaaah, that 300,000 is very inflated. I mean, I'm with T-Mobile, and I have zero intention of downgrading from my Note 3, to a SGS5, but I "pre-registered" solely for the chance to win one. I bet a bunch of people on other carriers did the same, since T-Mobile's still paying off the ETFs to switch, IF they won.

I don't think these are pre-orders. This is just signing up to be notified or something I would guess.

I have the S4 & my wife just Jump'd to the Note 3. I want to win and/or purchase at the release.

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See, even tho the majority of us blasted Samsung for their new s4.1... Take a look at those numbers... The general dumb consumer doesn't care, all they know is it's "the new one" and that's it

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Dumb and customers usually don't go good together.

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This looks like an Apple Blog with every one hating on Samsung. Don't like the S5 don't buy it. If you gotta chance to win one, more power to you but stop the hating and enjoy whatever purchase you decide on.

The only reason I pre-registered was to win an S5 then sell it on Swappa to buy the Z2 when it comes out.

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You do know that the S5 has a better processor right? "No, they have the same, but Samsung lag sucks"
Correction, the S5 has the 801 processor as the Sony has an upgraded 800, technically in 801 as per these articles.

TBH: They are joking to be releasing these without the 805. I'd rather have 128GB sd compatibility than 3GB of RAM. I could have bought a note, that's my wife's baby.

you probably forgot that tmobile has the jump program, essentially standard $8 protection plan, plus $2 more for option of upgrade whenever. For me it guarantees my new phone. :D

Count me in. Have the Best device made to date, the Note 3, just can't keep me away from the SGS5. The only way I won't buy this new device is if the 32gb storage model isn't available. Must have 32gb of internal storage along with the ext sd-card, just like the Note 3.

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I don't know if its just me but I actually think the note 3 is superior to the SGS5

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