Galaxy S3 Touchstone

The Nexus 4's included inductive charging and Charging Orb got you excited about wireless charging again? We don't blame you. If you'll remember back to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3), Samsung indicated that the device would be compatible with inductive charging backs and chargers. Well that never really happened, and now an ebay seller is taking things into his own hands and offering wireless charging backs compatible with Palm Touchstone chargers.

The back plates -- which are priced at $24 for the cover or $55 bundled with a charging station and a cable -- are in a very limited run of just a few dozen units. This is understandable considering that they're being made by hand, but hopefully they'll continue to make them to meet demand.

Interested in knowing more about the mod? Hit up the source link below.

Source: webOS Nation

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By the way, someone might have ordered three of these earlier today. (I left two for everyone else. lol) Perhaps a giveaway is in order?

Egypt1337 says:

Maybe you should have saved your money and did it yourself? :P

bevcraw says:

I must have ordered mine just before yours. There were 5 left after I ordered. I hope this works -- I still have several Touchstones around the house.

reidoreilly says:

To all the people who claim this is stupid and that nobody needs or wants this kind of stuff have clearly never used it when its done right, such as the way palm did it. Why this type of charging hasn't become standard over the last 2 years blows my mind, it makes too much damn sense for no one to make it standard with all their devices.

DaGODFather says:

My exact thoughts! Why can't it become standard? is it because it would infringe on HPs patents? Can someone explain please?

XChrisX says:

Phil Schiller said they didn't adopt that technology in the iPhone because the charging dock itself still needs to be plugged in. Just as easy to plug the phone in at that point.

Just last night I had a use case for wireless charging. My gf goes to bed before me so when i went into the dark room to go to sleep, I had to activate my 'Torch' app to find the end of the charging cord and orient it correctly to the charging port. Well, wouldn't you know the light woke her up. With wireless charging, all I would've had to do is lay the phone on the base and slide into bed unnoticed. What does Phil Schiller know.

reidoreilly says:

well, tell this Fuck Face Phil that most normal people keep a charger next to their bed or some where similar when they put it down for the night, so unless you are strange person you leave the actual plug in, and just connect to your phone when you charge. So yes, leaving the charger base there always plugged in is what most people would do so it does make sense.

DaGODFather says:

WOW This is awesome! I miss WebOS and specially the touchstone but this is great news. I wonder if this can only be done on GS3...

Despayre says:

And here I thought I was just being a hoarder... I threw my touchstone away last week...dumpster diving throughout the house, found it! Ordered. Yay me. :)

metaldood says:

Will NFC on AT&T S3 still work with the induction coil in between the case and battery?

ruleuno says:


mitsueks says:

I ordered mine last night and it is already marked shipped. Not sure if NFC will still work but that is a trade off for me. I might have to re-install my touchstone in the cars again.

rkirmeier says:

I wish the author had a freaking clue! You have been able to purchase the official inductive charging back plate for the S3 from Verizon for a while now. And it works with most any inductive charging plate. This hack has been on ebay for at least 3 weeks now, it started at $30 and has been creeping it's way down.

Ulukita says:

You need to get a clue.Verizon is selling the back cover for $39 and the charging plate for $50 plus tax. This is loads cheaper so what are you complaining about?

rkirmeier says:

Maybe you can't read or are just that stupid. Yes this is cheaper and I'm not arguing that! The author say the the OEM option was not available and that is what I am commenting about! Man some people are so clueless...

camiller says:

However the verizon back plate won't work on touchstones that you might already have, the verizon inductive plate has been "temporarily" out of stock for well over a month, and darned if I can find the actual back cover in verizons website. At least not in pebble blue.

rkirmeier says:

Are you sure about this? I thought I read that is was the same technology so it should be compatible. The Touchstone is sensitive to the location of the coil. I haven't checked on stock lately but the author made it sound like the OEM feature was vaporware which is not true...

Ulukita says:

I ordered the touchstone with usb cable and a/c adapter off amazon for $9 and got the blue wireless cover. This should well work well in my office.

cjbrigol says:

My note 2 has the same kind of ports, can I do this to my note 2?

Ulukita says:

Check on process should be easy if you have the items to do it.

cjbrigol says:

Awesome, thank you!

ranova says:

or spending $10-20 and 10 minutes to mod it in yourself:

(cheaper if you decide not to use earth magnets)

I did the mod on my sgs3 and its pretty useful, as well. I bought 3 touchstone chargers for $5 each. One near my bed, one at work, and the best is in my car.
Very beautiful looking car dock and easy to remove and dock. If you use the earth magnets, it holds it up no problem.

NFC and GPS still works. Compass may not

wonsae says:

Does the wireless charging work with custom roms such as cm10 or aokp?

ranova says:

yes, it should

wonsae says:


Bert336 says:

wonder if it works with a case on the phone? hmmm

Ulukita says:

depends on how thin the case is since the touchstone sticks to the phone with magnets in it and metal (don't quote me lol) in the cover. I've been using these cases since day one and am hoping it will work with it on. Haven't dropped it yet but they've kept the phone scratch free from day one. You can find them much cheaper just got to look for them.

Testicleez says:

I'm using the Samsung ultra slim case and hope this works .

eatonjb says:

the Verizon one works fine, all you need to do is get a Qi charger, but the NFC kinda gets blocked.. it works, but not great.

I got a Qi pad from some overseas china , and it works great, and it works fine with NFC, and from what I read that the Palm mod also works fine with NFC.

Why in the world would I want to drop my phone *FLAT* on a pad... when I can simply drop it right into a stand-up charging stand.

... where I can actually USE it and VIEW it all day long.... because my phone is standing upright, like it should be.

Cost at eBay: $5 (for the S3 version)

(Does anyone at androidcentral actually think????)

reidoreilly says:

the palm touchstone isn't flat, its at an angle for the exact reason you stated, im not sure where you got the idea it was flat.

I can also take a flat pad and "tilt it up". Not sure why I need to pay the extra $70 for that.

I can already just drop my phone in an existing cradle. No cable to connect to the phone.

"Wireless charging" is just a company's way of saying "Buy this. You aren't smart enough to know that you can ALREADY do the same thing with a cheap cradle, instead."

Doesn't anyone know you STILL have a wire to plug in the pad????

knishknosh says:

just ordered one. looking forward to dusting off the old touchstones (glad i kept them)

cruiser771 says:

I received mine in the mail Friday, only 10 days coming from Hong Kong I believe. I'll give it a small review.

I got the combo with the touchstone, it was a brand new unit which I appreciated. They used an aftermarket back cover from what I can tell, the Samsung lettering feels kinda rough, the chrome lettering doesn't look quite right, and its not solid white, kinda has a pearl look to it. I also felt like it was slightly thicker than my Sprint cover. The back cover also has 3 little raised sections molded in, my Sprint cover only had 2. This was one area of concern, he laid the charging unit directly over 2 of these raised areas, he doesn't really have a choice because it can only be positioned one way. He should have got a small blade or file and removed the raised parts. When the cover is closed, it presses tight and can damage the charging unit, the ribbon on mine already has an indentation, I can see it ripping apart over time if you don't remove the raised part. The other raised part pressed right onto some of the flat copper strand, it could eventually tear it. I moved the charging unit to my old Sprint back cover and only had to shave off one of these bumps. I also feel like my Sprint cover is thinner than his and it grabs the magnets a lot faster and holds better. It also picks up the charger better, I'd have to find a sweet spot with his. I was able to still use NFC, when tapping an NFC tag between the camera and the Sprint logo.

Over all, I cant complain, I always have a full charge at work now. I actually work at a Sprint store and have no shortage of cables, but always forgot to plug it in or need the cables for other phones im working on. With nothing to plug or unplug, it just sits on the touch stone and stays charged. Now to get one for the house.

knishknosh says:

I got mine a few days ago. It works as a charger, however it is difficult to fin d the so calledsweet spot, and it doesn't hold the phone in place; I frequently have to readjust it.

cruiser771 says:

i ended up removing the internal cover and cutting some space out for the charging unit, there was a noticeable bulge and i was worried that it may be pressing too hard onto the unit, and i didnt like feeling the bump. now its almost not noticeable at all, you have to feel for it and its slight. do not try this with a blade, the plastic is hard, i used some cutters used for wire, but not exactly the average wire cutter found in most stores. be careful if you decide to do this, plastic cut shot across since its really hard.