Samsung Galaxy S in white

At 499 Euros (about $660 US) it's not cheap, but who doesn't want to see a  Samsung Galaxy S in white?  Hopefully, if this blurry picture turns out to be true, sometime this autumn Android fans in Spain will be able to get their hands on one.  Maybe it's just me, but some phones look really nice in white -- and I think the Galaxy S would be one of them.  What say you?  Feeling the white Galaxy, or are you a fan of the basic black?  And how about throwing some white Galaxy S variants stateside, Samsung?  We'll love you long time!

No word about how many unicorns would need be sacrificed to churn these out, but we're sure it's at least a few.  [Unwired View]


Reader comments

The Galaxy S coming to Spain in white? Si, por favor!


I want to buy this phone in the US. Why is that so hard?

There are British sale sites that sell this phone with radios compatible with AT&T, but by the time you order, ship, pay duty its well over 700 bucks.

Why no US vendors of unlocked versions?

Phill: Why not have the AC store start an unlocked handset sales department, partnering with someone so you don't have to carry big inventory?

every since apple did the white thing i find my self not wanting any thing white. cool phone though i want a galaxy s phone the one with the projector built in

I'm being picky here, but you missed the accent over the "i". What you've written translates to "if, please" rather than "yes, please".

Also, I think PETA is keeping an eye on you guys for your treatment of unicorns. :-)