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By now we've heard plenty of rumored details, though nothing confirmed, about what Samsung's going to be showing off on May 3 in London. And today the plot thickens somewhat with the unveiling of a new teaser image on an official Facebook page. The manufacturer's uploaded the image you see above to its Danish Facebook gallery, showing the date and time (in Denmark) of the Galaxy S III new Galaxy launch event.

Over on the right is the unmistakable outline of a curved smartphone, similar to the Galaxy Nexus. The profile of the device is different to what we've seen in recent leaked images, suggesting those units may indeed have been Galaxy S III hardware in generic dummy cases, as has been reported. No clues as to what, if anything, that plus sign is all about. But if you have any wild theories, be sure to shout out in the comments.

It's coming, folks. And we've no doubt the next couple of weeks will be packed with more rumors and speculation (and maybe a fresh leak or two), as we await Samsung's next big thing. Keep watching AC for all the latest.

Source: Samsung Denmark Facebook


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Galaxy S III teased on Samsung Denmark Facebook page


Wild theortheory, but could it signify simply symbolise the fact that the launch will be a new addition to the "Galaxy" family?

What if it's a different device entirely though? Essentially NOT the SIII like everyone's saying? Or perhaps another device launch alongside the SIII, somewhat like what the One S is to the One X, know what I mean?

The + means nothing. They use the exact same format in an ad campaign in Sweden right now for the Galaxy Note.

Picture and a + symbol and the text below the +, just like the date is written below the +.

Funny thing, though, that the date is not formatted as usual. It usually goes like DD/MM/YY, not YY/MM/DD.

Maybe the photo's originated from somewhere else

Arabic perhaps, as Arabs read right to left, but not European. Us Europeans write the date as such: DD/MM/YY.

Nope , if it was written like this :
I would've agreed with you, but that's in English, and which reads from left to right,
If a date is written in Arabic : like above it reads from right to left
if a date is written in English : it reads from left to right

Well I don't know what crazy format the Europeans like to do it is but us "hated/shunned/disliked/pushed aside/fake Europeans"....that's us British, do it the way common sense predicted Day/Month/Year :P

I have a bad feeling that whatever the device that is launched on May 3rd may turn out to be, a great many people will be disappointed.

It seems that this is a really bad time to be launching a true successor to the S2. 4412 is going to get destroyed by the Snapdragon S4 and in the near future when Motorola starts putting out A15 dual cores, those are going to destroy the A9 quads in whatever this new Samsung device will be.

Realistically though there's nothing that can be done about it right now. It's pretty much either get this new Samsung device, likely the Galaxy SII Plus, or hold off for another year for a true Galaxy S III.

I'll probably still get this SII Plus, assuming of course it comes to Verizon... (fingers crossed) but I have a feeling that after all the hype, it's going to be hard for people to be satisfied with this device. Samsung can thank the rumor mills for that.

People will be satisfied, just look what Apple pull off each year. Samsung is just taking a page from their highly (and annoyingly) successful book. Whether it is what the rumours claim or not, people will buy it and love it even if it is behind the times a week out the box. iPhones are released with tech that has been surpassed by many Android OEMs already and with the next iPhones specs already decided. Samsung is just doing what Apple does, stagger the spec releases to draw out how many models in a certain range they can release. Heck ARM probably have plans of the Cotrex-A20 in a drawing cabinet somewhere waiting to be finished and sold.

While that is very much the case, A15 next year will be "destroyed" by the next succeeding CPU expected to come out 12 months after that. Get this phone if its going to make you happy when using it and looking at it. Otherwise if you truly only ever care about specs, the SGS4 on an A15 will seem like old news too next year.

From the picture, I would say that the corners are rounded with a large radius, similar to the Galaxy Nexus, but the display is definitely flat, not curved, and it doesn't appear to have the elevated trackpad/home button, which, since the previous two international models did, indicates to me that it may have on-screen buttons.

So are we to assume that Samsung has been told only Nexus phones can have curved screens? Nah just kidding, all this will be forgotten on 3rd of May.

the + sorta reminds me of a tree structure (+/- expand/collapse).
This being a new branch to their galaxy line.

it also reminds me of races/lap times. (olympics)

..but again it could nothing, just a random design choice.

We are going to be seeing what will basically be a Galaxy Nexus MAXX with a quad core processor.

If the + means anything significant, its likely to confirm that this phone will have a SAMOLED HD+ screen, to quell any crazy rumors about a pentile 1080p screen. This follows logically from what they've done, making displays in standard WXGA with a pentile layout first, then filling in to a full, standard pixel density, then the 720p pentile, now a 720p with a full pixel density. Too much riding on this device to give it something as risky as a 1080p pentile display, though I haven't heard many people recently speculating about that.