Samsung showed off a host of new features on the new Galaxy S III today, but one of the most eye-catching was the “Pop-up Play” capability, which brings picture-in-picture video viewing to the device. Activated from within the native Gallery app, Pop-up Play creates a smaller, draggable window that hovers on top of other apps, which sits there playing your video of choice. And in the background, you’re free to run whichever apps you please.

Sure, we’ve seen kind of thing implemented by the rooting and hacking community before, but this is Samsung is the first manufacturer to offer this picture-in-picture viewing out of the box. And combined with the Galaxy S III’s wealth of supported codecs, we’re sure this feature will be of use to many an S III owner in the months ahead.

Check our hands-on video above, and be sure to read the rest of our Galaxy S III coverage for even more info on Samsung’s new flagship smartphone.


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Galaxy S III 'Pop-up Play' picture-in-picture demonstration


To those of you being critical saying the SIII isn't much of a jump, THIS pop-up video feature is something that is NEW & COOL!!!

I'm just glad Samsung didn't ruin battery accessibility with the SIII like HTC did with their One Series.

I have been using this app for about a month. It works pretty good. I would bet it works much better when it is worked into the stock rom like Samsung has done. It goes to show that Samsung is paying attention to what the developers are putting out there. They have kept the sd-card along with plenty of internal memory. The best part of Samsung phones is how simple it is to hack. HTC & Motorola has their bootloader so freaken locked down it is ridiculous, Samsung is completely opposite, flash a kernel and recovery and bingo you are rooted and ready to flash away. I have always loved the HTC phones but Samsung has been the company that has listened to the developers and customers. Samsung is the phone manufacturer of the future. I will always support a company that listens to their customers. Wouldn't it be great if the US Carriers would leave these phones alone. Just My Opinion.

I often jump between youtube and angry birds (don't judge me), which can be quite tedious. This is one of those times, feature like this could be very useful. And I'm sure we find many other instances where it will prove itself to be of major convenience.

So does this only work with the native player? That very limiting. But Depending on what I'm watching I could see this being useful. For example AC podcasts on YouTube, I don't really need to see Phil an company in great detail.

so now I can have the Nav software up and watch a movie wile I am dogging in and out of traffic, hey does it work when you are texting?

It works while texting,Engadget demoed that feature. I really can't see anybody using this for other than bragging rights.

I was doing this months ago with stick it video player. Works great on my transformer Prime and even my Epic 4g. Stick it also works with YouTube and has a codec pack for additional support. Might be great for you Galaxy Nexus and HTC one users to play with as well.

Yeah, Samsung can stick it. I have this feature already. Still looking for a compelling treason to upgrade from the sgs2... And don't tell me it's to get the poor man's Siri.

This is excellent for possible note taking.


What if you have a recorded lecture and need to take notes on what a professor is saying.

Or your a detective and watching witness interviews

Or a doctor with your daily medical journal that you record, now you can write notes and look at the video you shot of patients arm, etc.

You guys just need to think outside the box.

Even if it's a feature that you and I probably won't use, you can't say there isn't someone out there that isn't going to use it.

So if they added a feature in your car, you're going to mark that against the car manufacturer?

Honestly, quit hating. You can't figure out a reason why this hurts samsung but you just hate it. Quit hating.

yes exactly, but one way I could have put this to good use was yesterday while watching the GSIII live video. I kept getting IMs and had to multi task while the video played in the background but no sound. would have been nice to message and watch the video at the same time. Bring overskreen browser to the GSIII free or implement the technology and it'll be great.