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Samsung, like HTC before it, has partnered with leading cloud storage provider Dropbox in its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III. The app comes pre-loaded on the S III, and Samsung's partnership gives owners 50GB of storage of two years -- double what HTC's offering on its One series, and matching the amount on offer through and Sony Mobile.

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Galaxy S III owners to receive 50GB Dropbox storage


You'll either be forced to pay for that storage or just be maxed out till you delete some files if you used the whole 50gbs

Google should do something like this if you buy a Nexus. Maybe 100 gigs! What a good idea to encourage people to get Nexi

You shouldn't be pissed. We all want the latest and best and now we can't even enjoy what we have. Your galaxy nexus is a hell of a phone still. I'm going to get my nexus in a few weeks. I know sprint is getting newer phones like evo 4g lte and galaxy s 3 but I been wanting my nexus since the day sprint announced it. I just enjoy stock ice cream sandwich. The point is enjoy your phone cause we can't always wait for everything. I have tried lol

Don't worry.. knowing what Samsung did with the GS2.. they will outdate their own device..

Samsung released the GS2, then the Galaxy Note, then a Galaxy S 2 Skyrocket, then a Galaxy S 2 skyrocket HD.. and more Galaxy S 2 devices to follow..

Im guessing they would be a Galaxy Note 2 that will follow the GS3.. either way long as your using a Galaxy Nexus or a One X your still in the fight with the GS3.. you should only be pissed if you just bought a EVO 3D or a Nexus S

i wonder what would happen if i log into my dropbox from a floor model at a vzw and then log out after if i would still get the bonus. i installed a sense 3.5 rom got the bonus and im not running it anymore but i still have the space...