Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and HTC One M8

IFA 2014The new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of Samsung's first metal phones, and sure to be their biggest-selling metal phone, but how does it compare to the current king of all-metal phones, the HTC One M8? We're here at IFA 2014 so we can make just that comparison. It's time for metal on metal, HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The One M8, thanks to its large dual front-facing speakers is nearly as tall as the Note 4, even though its screen is a mere 5 inches to the Note 4's 5.7-inches. Even if the two have metal in common, the designs couldn't be more different. Where the One M8 has a wrap-around metal body with smooth curves and a finish that comes in glossy brushed or sandblasted, the Note 4's metal is reserved exclusively for the band that wraps around the edge, and it brings a sharper chamfered edge that's more reminiscent of the previous-generation One M7 (or the iPhone 5s, if you like).

Even with the plastic back and glass front, the metal-banded Note 4 is a very different feel than previous Note devices. It feels decidedly premium and durable. It's not quite as solid as the all-metal HTC One M8, but it's a big difference from previous iterations.


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Galaxy Note 4 versus HTC One M8: Quick comparison


Htc M-Aint SUCKS MAJOR MONKEY BALLS PERIOD they will always be a silly joke on the android platform.

It's always been pretty much plain and simple since May 2011 nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period.

They are Android nothing else matters.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

Says the guy who used to suck HTC's "monkey balls" for a living just 3 years ago... Amazing the amount of fanboyism, ridiculousness, and utter hypocrisy that comes out of your mouth on a daily basis.

I don't know how HTC can create the first android phone and still be a silly joke to the platform

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Ugh. Richard stop with the stupid " suck monkey balls" comments. Samsung impressed yesterday. Stop tainting it with your ridiculous insults toward other phone makers. If anything save that shit for apple

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says the most insecure man child... what happened to that three sided display you said would be on the note 4 for the last seven months?

what's that? you are just talking out of your ass to make it seem like you knew anything about anything? oh, makes sense

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I see you haven't used an M8. I came from the Samsung side and will not go back. HTC Sense is way smoother than any other skin on android. Nexus are the only ones that may be quicker. Samsung sells no denying it, but by no means is it a better performer than the HTC One M8.

Couldn't wait any longer.


Was I close?!?

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no, sony is and always was better
their products have much better body construction, specifications, and better user interfaces
you're just brainwashed by samsung to think its the best android oem

The m8 may be as tall as the note 4 but if the speakers are as good as they were in the m7 the tradeoff is worth it.

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If you frequently listen to music or videos without headphones, the One is clearly a better choice for you. I don't, so the speakers don't matter at all to me. The wasted space on the M8 (speaker bezels + that ridiculous black bar) matter a lot, as does the lack of a replaceable battery.

Although battery life on the Note series is generally so good it doesn't matter as much on that phone.

And makie, I think you missed the word "almost"

No need for ANY phone speakers!!!!!! Use dedicated speakers or headphones!!! No phone speaker suffices for me. Y'all keep those1/5" drivers

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Note 4 seriously looks like a brick!

Do how ever prefer the note 4's screen compared tot the m8.

But cannot Judge from a piccture

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I was hoping that the actual articles would be better than the 2 minute youtube uploads. They are not, this is not content. It's filler.

I'll be on my way.

They are technically at the venue just getting to really play with it and not review it completely. Once they get an actual device from Samsung and can write the full review .. it will happen :).

You mean the Note 4s bitch? Nope wrong still (I would say again, but you do not have any "right" in the middle, or head)

Currently a One X user, I will be upgrading to the Note 4.
What HTC did to me and countless other One X supporters was unacceptable & I will not be purchasing another HTC device. Regardless how beautiful the M8 is.

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Absolutely! especially since the S3 got upgraded to KK while the One X is on what? Donut? (kidding on the Donut)

Currently using the One X and yeah being unable to update left a sour taste in my mouth. If the M9 doesn't have a super impressive camera (ultra pexils or not I'm gonna I'm gonna aim for the SGS6 or Note 4. Really like what you can do with the software's flexibility. Let the countdown begin. Let Go Htc for the effing win...

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You can't call the Note 4 a metal phone when only the band around the phone is metal. Lol its a metal phone vs a Fake leather/plastic/metal phone.

Posted via Android Central App

Or maybe you think that a metal band surrounding the outside of the phone with a plastic/faux leather back somehow makes the phone a metal phone. Go look at that link again because it really is just a metal band despite you trying to turn it into something more.

The iPhone 5s and the HTC One M8 and M7 are metal phones. The Note 4 is not and the Galaxy Alpha is not-- even after looking at your little link.

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Aaawwhh, don't get all butt hurt because the note 4 basically takes a gigantic shit on your one m8, half metal or not....the note 4 is easily the smartphone of the's time for the m8 to take a back seat. Oh wait, that already happened awhile back didn't it, lol.

You should trade in your m8 for an iPhone 6, and join in on all of the convos over at know that's what you wanna do anyway

Lol... Butthurt? There is nothing amazing about the Note 4 that was not already in the Note 3 and OIS in the camera is not elevating it to some new plane of existence.

The M8 is still a more premium phone in my personal opinion. The Note 4 is really a Note 3.01.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm not one to rage about what phone does what. Or have a pissing contest about who's phone is better than who's.

But... The hate. The audacity. The hipsters I see on here nowadays when 3 years ago I was carrying around a HTC Evo 4G LTE in my pocket and didn't feel ashamed until I came here.

Everyone wants the titanic to sick. Unless you're an iceberg, let live and and let die. I'm surprised that Android Central doesn't hold an annual wrestling match alongside it's BBQ event. Seriously!

But yes, I agree with No Nexus. If you haven't held it and you're skimming articles, then what's the point of talking about it?

In my opinion the HTC One M7/M8(lets face it. It's the same damn phone.) is Jennifer Aniston. On Friends.

And the Note 4 is Jennifer Lopez (sexy, can't really do anything else but try to stay relevant, did I mention sexy? And still draws interest.)

I know I'm comparing Apples to Pickles but C'mon.

While I sorta disagree with your personalities, your right.

A phone is yours and as has been said, and ignored 10K times, you buy the one that works for you!

You disagree about my Jennifer Lopez/Aniston reference? We need to review all facts about their "assets" and "assess" Why you came to disagree with me on that. At this point, forget the phone debate, bro!

I will give you Jennifer Aniston/M8 reference, but the Note never fell out of the public eye like Lopez. I would say that the Note is more like Sandra Bullock. Not flashy, gonna be on your top 50 list but not that high. Still you can count on high performance and a quality job everytime out.

The all american phone...

Hahaha! NoNexus, I see what you did there! Genius! I was going to compare the Note 4 to Mariah Carey but since... Who's comment are we replying to again? Anyway. Since guy with HTC M8 is talking about how great it is. I thought if I compared the Note 4 to Mariah Carey I'd go full fan boy mode. Because let's face it. I LOVE that woman, bro.

Dudes, the first world problems we face. All the phones we argue about is like looking at an SI swimsuit edition. They're all hot! Ones just look better than others due to our personal tastes.

Jack, you're cool a dude. But I'd rather have a soft touch back than a metal posterior. In that sense, I'm referencing Jennifer Lopez to... Let's say... Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift. To each their own.

Careful... Most of the guys in here like guys and are easily offended. When they cry out loud, Phil comes in with the ban hammer... I seen it with my own two eyes...

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Mmhmm... You know what else is outdated? Your opinion. Like... 3 articles ago. I'm carrying around a S3. I'd tell you why, but I'm pretty sure you can't fathom my priorities. So it's, boy. It's okay.

While ZeroEFX is correct, I wanted to expound on it a bit. The design is called branding. HTC is learning it, Sony does every other day and LG has "mostly" done it the last two times out.

Its kinda business 101 to have a recognizable thing each and every time out...

NoNexus, my girlfriend has a G3. I friggin love it. Like I said before I'm sitting on a GS3 but she obviously comes first. If this is what it feels like to own a next generation phone then by all means I will NOT be disappointed. I just wantedbthr 805 in there but I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt I wouldn't be able tell the truth difference from an 801 on her G3.

I was carrying it for the last month or so and it is a PHENOMENAL phone. I think, and this is just going on today and preferences, the Note 4 beats it but there is nothing to hate. Small stutter (I would not call it lag) here and there but that is about the worst I can say. That sorta brings me to what you said, I think that the stutter on the G3 would be non-existent if it had an 805.

With either the Note 4 or the G3 you could not go wrong. If you were to pick the M8, the same could not be said.

Bro, that's why I saved my upgrade from the S3 to the Note 4 and let. My girl slide with the G3. I feel like Charlie Sheen because I'm winning!

Your defense to me pointing out the Note 4 is a minor spec bump and very little change from the Note 3. We know you are butthurt by your bad choices of buying an inferior brand, but you will continue to make the bad choice in hopes that one day you will get something good from the brand.

You are probably the same guy who argued that metal phones are more lame than plastic phones and then as soon as Samsung put a little bit of metal on the outer edge of the Note 4, you cried out that metal phones are the best. Samsung still has not caught up on design.

Posted via Android Central App

No you have me confused. Metal phones mostly suck and I didn't buy a Nexus 4 or OPPO so my phone choices are just fine

Note 3 has been my daily driver for a year now, but I have used every major release, and can do so at any time, since the S4.

I am not some hack with an opinion, I have real world usage.

Now that you brought it up yourself, in a defensive manner, in reality you are a hack and practically everyone knows you're a hack.

And your claim to be the supreme evaluator is a crock load.

For example, "The Note 3 is my daily driver" "I've been using the LG G3 for a month now".


LOL.....selective hearing as usual. A fun part of my job is evaluating phones....

Even if it wasn't, if is entirely possible to carry two at the same time...

We can read and we have the good sense to know evaluating phones ("wasn't") isn't part of your job description.

Whatever your job description may be, your theoretical job seems to allow an enormous amount of time to "jibber jabber" in these forums ad nauseum during your theoretical work hours while scribing meeting notes and pseudo code.

It's all easily discernable as delusional self agrandizing bullpucky!

What do you do, wear your phone, there is a reason HTC is bleeding money, HTC should not even be in the conversation. HTC messed up with that lousy camera and front speakers that take up too much real-estate, and no removable battery is a killer for many people, it's not just that you can just replace a depleted battery with a fresh one in no time, but these phones with these build in batteries, if an issue arrises with the battery you are pretty much screwed, and when they start losing charging capacity there is no way to replace it, the was a reason Apple had to replace many iPhone 5 batteries recently that where just dying on their customers, but very few companies will do what Apple did, as they have money to burn.

Posted via Android Central App

Seriously, my phone runs flawlessly, takes great pictures of my kids and has THE best user interface. I've used them all except Fire OS. And yeah, none of you cretins have even touched the Snot 4 so how the F_¢« would you know if it is better than the M8 anyway. I do think it looks great and I would like to have a 16mp shooter, but Jesus Christ, respect the works off art that these two OEMs have put out. HTC and Samsung both put out great phones!

Posted via Android Central App

How do I know? Because the S5 is a better overall phone than the M8 and the Note 4 should run rings around it. Sense is better than TW without a doubt, but the S5 overall puts it to shame.

Oh and I have used them all (with the exception of Sony and Fire for the last two years) so if what you say is true, then we are on par.

Talk to me when the M8 grows a real camera, then your in the discussion. Until then you are at best, in the lower third.

Make sure your getting a decent payment for all this hard work. Oh wait, don't tell me your doing all this out of love for a massive corporation that doesn't give a flying fck about your existence?! Are you?! Pathetic man..


Unless it is an intelligent comment on your part, I am no longer responding to you.

I guess since you are incapable, know.

Losing charghing capacity ??? No.. depends if properly charging the battery,,,and on my htc one s after 2,5 years it was like new,,i dont want throw money for bateries,,or u must on samsung i dunno

HTC Desire S»HTC Desire HD»HTC One S»HTC M8 (Naked)

The M8 is a great phone, in my opinion. I love mine. But I can admit the camera could be better, would also love to have a removable battery. But despite that, it's the best phone I've ever owned....and that's just my opinion and preference.

And the speakers, although big, are awesome and totally worth the real estate they take up.

HTC's marketing sucks too. Their commercials are terrible. Too bad because the M8 is a really good phone.

Gonna have to let my M8 go, never quite enjoyed it as much as the M7. Note Edge for me just because its different

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For the love of baby jesus, the Note 4 is not a metal phone. It has a little metal trim on it. It is primarily a faux leather (plastic) phone.

The HTC One M8 is absolutely a more premium feeling and looking phone. The iPhone 5s and the HTC One M8 are solid metal phones.

Posted via Android Central App

And it has a crap camera. Lacks an S-pen, lacks multi window support and a removable battery.

The only decent feature it had going for it was Zoe and now I have the on my S5.

Posted from my S5

Wouldn't you expect a phone to have slightly higher specs that is being released in October 2014 than the one released in March 2014-- 7 months earlier?

I fail to see the merit of your argument.

Also, this does not change the fact that the Note 4 is basically a Note 3.01. It is pretty much the same phone. I thought the other commenter who called it a Note 3S was being generous because the updates were small enough that I don't think it even deserves to get the "S." Lol.

Posted via Android Central App

The merits?? How about the sd 805 and adreno 420 for starters....add that to the quad hd res (which those chips are build to push) a ton of added S pen functionality, much better camera, additional software and UI from the S5, and I'd say it's a significant upgrade.

By your logic, everything we've seen the last 2 years is nothing more than a slight upgrade anyway, like your m8 for instance. You think it's a significant upgrade from the m7? Lolol

I have nothing against any android oem, and I really like htc. I used a few of they're devices for years. But coming on here blindly defending them and looking for a fight from samsung fans with your metal argument is just fuckin stupid.

And besides, shouldn't you be gearing up for the iphone 6? After all the praise you had for Apple the last time I exchanged with you....i think you might be on the wrong forum right now

That may be true but doesn't mean there is anything wrong with the design. It's all opinion based anyway :).

Posted via my T-Mobile Note 3 using the AC App.

It looks slick. I'll have to see how well it stacks against the new Sony Z3 Compact. I'm probably the only person excited for a smaller form factor phone with premium specs.

I second that sir. 5.7" is crazy big but apparently ppl like it. #dumbfounded to be honest. They perfect form factor is definitely 5 " assuming near zero bezel

Posted via Android Central App

Im always going to be on Samsung's side when it comes to a Comparison with HTC. I have a hatred for Sence.. i know Touchwiz isnt much better but Sence 6 is too ott

Posted via Galaxy S5 using the Android Central App

Good speced phone that many will enjoy. However a metal band on a phone, with everything else cheap plastic doesn't make a phone metal... Let me know when it's a premium handset when a majority of it isn't plastic anymore. In the meantime only HTC and LG (and possibly Sony) will be getting my business!

Posted from my HTC One M8 via Android Central App

The G3 isn't metallic, but it's close enough. It's definitely a upgrade compared to the cheap plastic that's been used for years.

Posted from my HTC One M8 via Android Central App

Neither. Stock android is what I love. I root, and running non TW or Sense Roms causes issues. If they were the only 2 phones on the planet I'd get the note and throw some AOSP on it

Posted via...The One

I'm sure it's a nice phone,but I have had my fill of Samsung devices,and see no reason to jump at their 2015 flagship when HTC will certainly blow this and all others out of the water next March...

Posted via Android Central App on my HTC M8

Among all Samsung phones, I only support Samsung Note Series phones and others are sucking and nothing is special.
I'm still figuring out why Samsung phones are not long lasting. Usually they have problems after 1-2 years been used.
Anyway, I am also a HTC supporter. Using M7 now and it is bringing me a lot of funs!
Give it 5 stars!


I and people I know feel the same.

Moreover the facts are, the HTC One (M7) won multiple awards as the Best Smartphone 2013.

The Note, the only device of its type, received honors for successfully fulfilling that niche market.

The Galaxy dropped to honorable mention.

Current review rankings are not elevating the position of this year's Galaxy. It will be interesting to see how the 2014 awards and rankings stack up. Equipment manufacturers are improving their offerings, for example LG, Motorola, Sony, among others.

Fanboys in forums will jaw jack and hate ad nauseum because doing so provides feelings of importance and empowerment , or an immature justification for their purchase, or typical my team can kick your team's ass competitive mentality. It's telling those engaging in this type of behavior are primarily male, many young, and it also occurs in other nooks and crannies of InterWeb topical interaction.

That's just another fact.

Get a Sony Xperia phone if you are concerned with longetivety and premium quality. The Xperia Z3 clearly has a better design than the note 4 and has much more balanced specs.

Most of these comments are just silly, both devices are fantastic devices each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Both are designed to fit different needs and as a lover of android it is great that we have the ability to chose from so many well made flagship devices.

I don't know why people are calling it a "metal phone". Its not. An aluminum border/side only adds to the "premium" look Samsung is trying to brainwash their loyal followers into believing. In my own opinion its an ugly phone and was more impressed with the Z3 even with the inferior specifications. I own the m8, first HTC phone and I'm so blown away with my experience from it from both physical build quality to the brilliant quick UI. I used a nexus 4, LG G Pro, LG G2, and now this and it's been my best experience. The note 3 which I had the opportunity to use for a while I liked, but the Ui was so bad. Touchwiz has to go in order for me to use Samsung's phones and this is coming from a LG user. I will have to use the note 4 in person to make my final call but the m8 apart from its low megapixel count camera is still the best overall package in a smartphone

Posted via Android Central App on my Verizon HTC One M8 on T-Mobile.