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As is customary with any big, new phone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus recently received the teardown treatment from the fearless spudgers over at iFixit. There's nothing too surprising lurking inside the chassis -- after all, we've been over and over the specs for this thing in the lead up to its release. Nevertheless, if you're big on electronics and want to see what the Nexus looks like on the inside without cracking yours open, then it may be of interest. Note that this is a teardown of the GSM version -- the guts of the elusive Verizon LTE model will likely look a little different.

Head to the source link for the full teardown, or check out our GSM Galaxy Nexus review if you want to see more of what this phone looks like on the outside.

Source: iFixit

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hmmm says:

Anyone see on page two it says 512mb ram? Think that's an error?

TheMan876 says:

You need to see an eye doctor for your severe case of tunnel vision. ;p

Mere millimeters above that they say that the other 512 is probably housed in a different chip.

hmmm says:


n0obpr0 says:


lornaevo says:

I wished they found a wimax radio inside. Hey i can dream right?

hmmm says:

Honestly, I would be happy with only 3G knowing it would work on Sprint's future LTE. I work in Minneapolis and assume it will be one of the first cities. I don't really use Sprint's 4G currently due to the building penetration weakness anyway...

dodgebusta says:

Where in mpls do you work? I work as a tech between ids and baker building and I get good signal in both.

bloo0153 says:

Have you noticed a slow down in 3G service over the last year? I live in Saint Paul. If it wasn't for Sprint's pricing I would probably go back to ATT.

xemtra says:

where is the unicorn blood stored?

xemtra says:

Oh right thats for the make-be-lieve LTE version that V said was coming out.

Thermalx says:

That's what's taking so long, acquiring Unicorn blood is a long tedious process.

tcmeiss says:

Did they find the VZW Launch date in there anywhere?

n0obpr0 says:

clever but nice try pal

moosc says:

Also the screen is glued to the frame not wise

n25philly says:

Is it possible to put in a micro sd clot while it's opened up?

El Jefe says:

This would be the perfect phone if it had a microSD card slot.

Why Samsung, WHYYYYYYYY??

icebike says:

Agreed. A silly omission.

Just make sure you buy the 32gig version if you store a lot of media on your phone or if you expect any resale value. Built in obsolescence.

Cloud storage. 7,229 songs readily accessible that don't take up any space on the 32gigs allotted to me by my bionic.

icebike says:

Marry that cloud to your capped data-plan.


Eh sorry. I forget sometimes that not everyone is grandfathered in. Shoulda made wiser choices, my friend.

icebike says:

Anyone notice it has a pressure (air pressure) sensor?
The manufacturer of that chip documents it here:
and says it can be used to judge rapid elevation changes as well as changes in the weather. It can also measure temperature.

It can measure changes in altitude as small as .25 meters, and do so in 13 milliseconds. It could tell when you stood up, sat down, or simply picked the phone up from the table. It could measure altitude changes as you drive, walk, or ride. With a few of these running around, google could do very accurate topo maps built up over time even in areas where this data is hard to find or inaccurate.

Seems no mention of this has been made in any of the news releases I've read todate.

snppr22 says:

This was a feature mentioned months ago, maybe for enhanced crowd sources weather.

What I noticed was NFC being in the battery. How long before HTC (MAYBE Moto, although not sure how to upgrade RAZR batteries) catches on and tosses an NFC chip in the Rezound battery? I have read about NFC in SIM cards, but the battery makes more sense.

icebike says:

Why is NFC IN the battery? This seems totally weird.

Also you can't crowd source weather since most phones reside in pockets, and produce their own heat, so the temp readings would be useless, and the pressure readings are redundant and available freely over the web.

This would seem to have more applicability to elevation changes than weather.

n25philly says:

It that a heatwave in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

the3388 says:

The barometer?

tim242 says:

Icebike...The barometer has been mentioned in every list of specs released.

icebike says:

Yes, mentioned, but not specifically what the intended use is.
Baro pressure is available on every weather app, so you don't need it on the phone.

Its inclusion hints at far more planned functionality than simply having a barometer in your pocket, which is something exactly ZERO people expressed a need or desire for. 95% of people have no clue what a barometer reading means anyway.

The accuracy and speed of that chip could detect and record a phone drop, and void your warranty before it hit the floor. ;-)

Alex Dobie says:

It's to assist with getting a GPS fix. Been widely reported.

hmmm says:

Who else thinks Verizon is waiting for their 4GB deal to expire before releasing the Nexus knowing that power users are the people who are going to buy one? Would be interesting to know when the deal expires.

Also, who else thinks the 32GB model will be canceled? I can't see Verizon carrying both.

Wicell says:

Verizon will not carry both, the US/LTE G-Nex is 32GB

Where as the International version (possibly but hopefully not us GSM version) is 16 gb

I wish Google would slap Verizon on the wrist and void their "us exclusivity" deal for not selling the damn thing already.

And all though not confirmed my friend that works at the Verizon kiosk at the mall said they are waiting to sell the phone so that Verizon is the only US carrier to sell the phone in 2011.

Wicell says:

Anyone notice on the 4th picture it looked like there was a dip where the MicroSD card slot could have been?