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News spread like a single spark in a mostly uncaring world this weekend over the possible death of a manufacturer that never really manufactuered much of anything. Fusion Garage's website went down on Saturday, Engadget noticed. As of Monday morning, it's slowly come back to life. Sort of. It's currently a mishmash of a single shiny landing page, broken links and security warnings.

Then there's the part where Fusion Garage's PR apparently team quit. And then its lawyers. Not good.

And then there's the part that Fusion Garage was the company that had teamed up with TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington to build the $200 CrunchPad, only to not ever really do it and get itself in a huge legal pissing match with the Silicon Valley bigwig. Meanwhile, the CrunchPad became the Joojoo and died a quiet death in November 2010.

Fusion Garage came back in 2011 with a wacky staged press conference, complete with recorded audience sounds, where it introduced the Grid 10 and Grid 4 devices, which featured a crazy UI over an aging verison of Android. Unofficial sales numbers are said to be in the several. Fusion Garage's purchase page says "We are running out of stock. Thank you."

Responses to the news of Fusion Garage's demise reportedly have ranged from "Hunh?" to "Who?"

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Fusion Garage might or might not be dead (is there a difference, though?)


I hear these Goobers were hired by HP's Sales and Marketing a few months ago.

Funny how something dead for some time, still gets life given to it in the form of PR.

FG will live on in tech legend.........

As my British futbol friends would say: "Behave, our kid, behave!"

Thanks for the chuckle this morning, milo!

"Fusion Garage came back in 2011 with a wacky staged press conference, complete with recorded audience sounds"

I was laughing my ASS OFF lmao

I remember reading about Fusion Garage once maybe when they first came to be but never read anything about them after that.

I thought their launcher approach was actually kind of interesting, although I never actually used it (only saw videos). If they do die, I wonder if we'll see the launcher wind up in the market as a stand-alone app.

"Oh, ho...... so, look who's the expert on dying, now? It just so happens, that your friend is only MOSTLY dead!"

Bonus points if you name that one!

-Well, with all dead, there's only one thing you can do.

-What's that?

-Go through his clothes and look for loose change!


Now, TWO people have made me smile on this Monday!

For lunch, I will have a nice MLT. :)