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You're going to need a Nexus One (or some other phone with a trackball capable of lighting up in different colors) to take advantage of this feature in Android 2.2, but color trackball notifications are officially here. OK, actually they've been available for some time in custom ROMs (and as you'll note in the video above, I'm cheating and using CyanogenMod for demonstration purposes). But now they're bona fide in Froyo, and we're already starting to see them in more applications.


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Froyo Feature: Color trackball notifications


More like the hardware capabilities are there (they had to built in the different color leds into the trackball) and they were going to use it sooner or later anyway, but custom roms are just making the hooks available before there's a new tested, stable API for that.

Handcent SMS version 3.0.2, released late yesterday or this morning, allows you to set the trackball color for its notifications.

Froyo doesn't has native apps for changing color. You need to use other apps to change the setting. I use Hand Cent and gmail notifier to show color trackball for gmail and SMS. I think this is a part of Google 's strategy to encourage developer to develop more apps on Android. Since Google doesn't don't have this option, people will look for it in the market and hopefully paid developers to have this on. But Handcent and gmail notifier are free. Beside, the Froyo we currently got are pre-build version. Mostly generic one and not optimized for T-mobile' Nexus one yet. If you think of it, Droid and Incredible don't have the trackball and it'll be useless for them.
Try "Blink" app too, it wasn't working last time I check but I bet these guys are working on update too.

I'm not sure what version of Froyo you claim as this..But I know for sure my Nexus 1 with froyo 2.2 is missing this feature...Also not to mention in this video your phone doesn't even have Froyo 2.2.

I was about to say that i dont have these options on my froyo either lol...and my sound and display are separated in my settings

Froyo does have color trackball. It just didn't offer naively. Try Handcent and gmail notifier. Mine light up to whatever color I wanted to be.

Seems like this video would have made more sense or been more helpful had you actually been running Froyo. One of the reasons i went back to Cyanogen was because Froyo didn't have trackball light notifications. Also, Trackball Alert doesn't support Froyo, or at least it didn't last time i checked.

There is no actual option in froyo to show these colors. What Phil was saying is that developers now have the API to change the notification colors for their apps. Example, ever since 2.2 seesmoc @reply notifications now light the trackball blue. In the app called 'tweetcaster' @reply notifications light up red. Phil used cyanogen just to show you the different colors. There is no action menu in froyo to change theem. A developer could release an app though that lets is changeit for calls, texts, and emailsm I hope one of them does and soon!

Again, for those who didn't read the words at the top of this page, or listen to what I said in the video: Color's in the Froyo API. I'm not running Froyo in this video simply for ease of demonstrating the different colors. :p

IMHO All Android devices should include a multicolor LED and be customizable to what notification uses what color.

This would be a huge step up from the other phones but it really needs to be across the board. The Evo should have had a color LED, no excuse for that one...

So to demonstrate the features that could be in froyo, they flash to Cyanogen?

How about just giving credit to CM for having it available for 3 months, and hoping that it DOES eventually come to froyo.

Slow news day guys?

I've leaked froyo upgrade is installed on my N1. But unfortunately no OS default notification (like SMS/Missed Call) make trackball glow multicolor.

I am more happy I sold my Nexus one and bought the incredible . I can live without the lighted trackball in favor of a much better phone ! :)

Having used both, I don't really see the Incredible being that much better. In fact, I didn't like the shape of the Incredible vs the Nexus one.

Add that to the cost of either the loss of selling your unlocked phone or terminating your agreement with t-mobile. Just doesn't seem worth it.

With the way these "super phones" are being released, it could get really easy to feel the need to buy one every month. The nice thing is that the longer you wait, you're just setting yourself up to get a better phone.

Well I guess you didnt own the early model N1 where the the screen sucked and was not accurate at all , where the phone constantly froze and was slow , The Incredible is a FAR BETTER phone than what I had not to mention its on a 100 times better network , T-Mobile was a real bad experience for me with my company and I got out of my contract with no fees do to my massive complaints with the phone and service , not bragging but I can care less about the cost of the phones . I just simply buy what I want when I want it , perhaps I am the phone makers dream customer , over the past year I have had over 7 phones just fir myself ( 45 company wide ) . I would go for the Evo through my business but after seeing it I dont like the screen size, for me its to big , I am a technology junkie , you should see whats in my house LOL I drive my wife nuts

Why is this video up if its not a froyo feature. Rename it or get it off its making me angry and you dont want to see me when im angry.

I'm so happy that Froyo has this built in, I was able to get it working by using SMS Popup. If trackball notifications weren't there then I would'v reverted back to Cyanogenmod too.