blurrycam Froyo on DroidX

A lucky Android Central forums poster has Froyo (Android 2.2) running on his Droid X, and to nip the nay-saying in the bud has shot a bit o' video for us all to drool over.  Looks like an internal test build of some sort, although the poster isn't quite sure how he lucked into getting it.  Neither are we, but we never look a gift horse in the mouth.  Looks like it runs well, even has a little Flash 10.x love going on.  Read a little more here, and check the video after the break! [Android Central forums]

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Froyo on the Droid X [video #Froyogeddon]


How about q&a thread? This is your five minutes of fame. I'd like u see if jit is there in settings. Also get the quadrant app from get the quadrant app from market and bench test it please market and bench test it please market and bench test it please With and without jit enabled What else is new thanks

how can you get 2.2 and not know how it got there..

what's so special about this guy and his buddy Shane?

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What I think is odd, when he updates his apps the download bar is yellow, also when his browser is loading its a yellow loading bar. With 2.1 both bars are red. Wonder if this is because its not the "official" one that will be coming to all phones.