Froyo, aka Android 2.2, is open source and available for developers to download as of today. Google announced it today at the Droid X event.

You can go get Android 2.2 at Google's Developer Site for Android. If coding isn't your thing but looking over APIs with starry eyes is, check out the details here


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Froyo code now available for developers


I knew staying with CM5.0.08-N1 (and other CM roms) would be worth the wait. I tried several Froyo incarnations but just couldn't give up the great features of CyanogenMods Roms. Now I'll be able to have the best of both worlds.

I'm a little confused. Has 2.2 been officially released (for end users)? Gizmodo is saying it will be released today, for everybody.

I finally figured it out after reading a few other sites, but when they say stuff like,"Today's when everybody—from HTC to you and me—gets their hands on it.", that can be construed to mean a whole lot of things. Thanks though.

I REALLY hope that AT&T Nexus One owners won't be somehow shafted. If so, I'm dumping it for the iPhone. I'm not even kidding.

Historically, how long after the code was released did it take for OTA downloads to appear on Nexus One?