Redemption Rom 2.0.2

Listen up all you Droid Incredible folks who went ahead and rooted: There's a new Sense ROM on the table that looks like a sure-fire winner -- Redemption Rom v 2.0.2.  It's got everything you'd expect from a custom ROM, and then some.  Busybox, DSP manager, the new Google apps, all the goodies.  The developers have even baked in some very handy third party applications to make life easy and save you the trouble of tracking them down on your own.  Add in a wicked custom look and theme, and you've got the makings of a great OS for your beloved Dinc.

Of course, you need to be rooted and unlocked, but we have you covered with that, too. What are you waiting for?  Someone get this installed and let me know what ya think -- I love me some Sense custom ROMs. Follow the source link to check it out, and read the complete installation instructions. [Android Central Forums] Thanks to HeyItsLou and crew for all the hard work!


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From the Forums: Redemption Rom 2.0.2 for the Droid Incredible


I use & love Skyraider 3.0, RC 2 too. So much I'm not even trying out other ROMs! I miss CM somewhat, but this one works better for me. I do wanna try a few others tho, maybe even give Sense another run.

I wonder how the battery life is compared to Skyraider 2.5.2... SR-3 and CM6 weren't too great, but I seen to have found the perfect balance with SR-2.5.2

I've been running 2.0.1 all weekend and its pretty smooth. I will probably keep running til Ruby or cm6 get some of the bugs worked out.

Haven't rooted....yet. Which of these custom find will give me a better Bluetooth stack? I still don't get my phone to connect easily unless I initiate a call. It should connect as soon as they're in range.