Comment and win a Lloyd t-shirt. It couldn't be easier!

It's been a busy week around here. Galaxy S4 stuff coming down like rain, Phil abandoning us being in New York for #tm13 ninja secret shenanigans, and I'm out of coffee. That means it's time to relax a bit -- and give away t-shirts!

There are comments below. Or there will be. Your job is to talk about whatever you want to talk about (without getting out of line -- you know better). Discuss Android if you want to, or talk about the Red Sox if that's your thing. Just let if flow. 

Tonight at midnight Eastern time, I'll close the comments and pick 5 of them at random. If I pick your comment, I'll shoot you an email asking where I should send a free Lloyd t-shirt. Make sure the email you used to register for the site is legit, and go.


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Friday free-for-all - win one of 5 free Lloyd t-shirts



I like the free pizza, the shirts are optional :D but seriously, why to expect all the time for "something big" to be announced? just hanging around with nice google devs is enough for me, I am not an apple sheep expecting miracles :D

yeah, but last year's exciting skydiving and bmxing and the devices and jellybean were just too cool and i hope they do something even better this year

and there is alot to look forward to... new nexus 7... KLP... return of nexus q... glass updates... possible google tv stuff... and a bunch of other swag

Can you say "ASUS Transformer"? More like a "Netbook" than a "Notebook" but I enjoy mine immensely. The ability to have both a Tablet and a Laptop-like device is much better than one or the other.

And free T-shirts are fun too! :-)

Hey first comment hopefully it makes it easy to pick me!

Edit: fail! didn't refresh fast enough.

Sometimes I wonder why David Stern has to rig the NBA to make money. It's already a successful business without his Minions ruining it. Anywho, a t-shirt that doesn't have NBA stuff all over it would certainly diversify my wardrobe.

Dallas Cowboys select a center with their first pick of the NFL Draft. Meh. Not sexy. But it fills a need.

Make mine a XXL. :-)

Absolutely, lets hope they get back to their early season form and dominate. Oh, XL on the shirt please.

So, Galaxy S4... Black (which I think it's more bluish than blackish) or white? Why? I'm still waiting to actually hold it against an HTC One, but I was wondering which one you'd pick... I'm not too thrilled with the shiny bezel but I'm not usually a fan of white phones :S

yeah, go for black.. will blend into the screen so it will look better even when its off... and its more pleasing to the eyes which is one of the reasons people always want dark themed apps...

that and i don't enjoy that you can see the sensors on the white version, Plus who doesn't want to say the color of my phone is Black Mist... badass. So stoked to get it and would look great with a Lloyd T shirt

How is everyone enjoying their new HTC One? I am surprised at the great battery life I'm seeing and Blinkfeed, I didn't expect to use it at all. Though I'd like to see additional content added, it has been a welcome surprise.
The speed of the camera has been a big difference maker also. It starts, takes pictures, and focuses much faster than I expected, making it easier to get fleeting shots.
Anyone else?

Apparently a West Virginia lawmaker wants to make children do chores for their "free" lunch at school. He wants the children that qualify for the reduced lunch program to do things like take out the trash and sweep the hallways, saying it will teach them life lessons.. Because it's obviously the children's fault that their parents income isn't higher.

New Airsoft GI store opening in Chesterfield, VA on Saturday 4/27/13. Two hour drive from my location but I am going...anyone else? Well that's what I chose to talk about...

Dear AC Staff:

I'm a Bulls fan. I've been Derrick Roseless all year. I'm still Derrick Roseless, and the playoffs are flying by. I'm depressed. The only elixer is a Lloyd t-shirt. Please. Pretty please. Thanks?

Like to win a shirt to show my support for Android after many years of other OS's. Loving Android!!!

So I bought those Nexus headphones the other day. They kinda suck. Also they should have been included with the Nexus 4. Just sayin'.

This would be a great shirt for playing Ingress in, too bad it's not Resistance blue ;)

Love my HTC One, my Red Legs better kick in gear the next 3 games against the nationals, and the 2nd round of the nfl draft is tonight. Happy weekend all!

Kinda starting to feel that maybe I shouldn't have jumped for Nexus 4. It's great, but Damn, does HTC one look sexy.

Can we talk about the NFL draft? I really want to talk about it.

But for an Android related topic, why the heck does the NFL app only work on Verizon phones?! Why hasn't someone found a way to get it to work on all carriers or phones, can it even be done within the Android framework?

Looking forward to the new Android Central app, I use Pulse or Flipboard for AC content, it would be cool to have a dedicated app, with lots of videos of everything Android.

I personally think that the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon is the best decision for an android phone if you can get an extended battery. It has treated me so well for over a year and with a custom rom scene still bursting at the seams its like having a new phone whenever i feel like. Plus its the most aesthetically pleasing phone on the market.

New York Knicks Tonight!!!! By the way, the shirt is awesome! Great design! :)

Looking forward to this contest. I can always use a really cool t shirt to start conversations with.

I do enjoy free shirts. I also like Android and cheese burgers. My Galaxy Note 2 is awesome. Do I win?

the very aesthetics of the HTC one makes it unavoidable. Though i anticipate Nexus5 to make a blast.

I would like an Andy tshirt. But I'd like an HTC One (on Sprint) even more. Once it's updated and they have the 64gb version however...

K Thanks!

nice giveaway and really cool shirt! I don't like many android tshirts but this is pretty sweet. I might look a little nerdy but I would still be hot... :)

I would normally talk about a HTC this or a Samsung that, but since you opened the door Jerry. How bout dem Red Sox???? 15-7 baby...

Wearing this and toting my HTC One would make me the ultimate android Geek magnet. Bring it ooon

Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd

Android Central is the best. I not only visit the website daily, I also listen to every podcast. My big dilemma now is, do I get the HTC One in black or aluminum. Decisions. Peace. I would look savvy in a Lloyd tee.

So I'm really leaning toward the HTC One; but I'm wondering just how impossible is it going to be to swap out the battery when the time comes.

Pick me pick me! And then toss the shirt in with my Shop Android order so I get one awesome Android package all at once. :D

I'd look awesome wearing one of these around our local ComicCon in a few week B-)

Imagine all the girls who would instinctually avoid me without knowing why if I had an android shirt... Sounds awesome.

My Samsung Note II is feeling the pressure from all these young new hip phones coming out!

I have no interest in the HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4.

A win at the NASCAR race at Richmond for Dale Earnhardt, Jr. would be nice too.

I want a Ticket to Ride on the One After 909. Maybe even take a Yellow Submarine down to swim through an Octopus's Garden.

Though I really cannot Imagine a Day In the Life of Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band traveling through Strawberry Fields while telling Eleanor Rigby to Get Back away from Maxwell's Silver Hammer.

All we really need is Help to get Across the Universe so that we can have Savoy Truffles with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

But we as a community should all Come Together because All You Need is Love.

Jerry, how about a little swag for a fellow Beatles fan to wear?

The buzz here in San Francisco is Oracle just launched the America Cup AC 72 race boat for the upcoming series.. It's WAY cool and hot looking with a red blaze on the front of each hull..And it looks WAY fast out there on the bay hitting over 40 knots downwind.. And YES I'd love to win a tee shirt too :)

I can't wait to get my MOGA pro controller to play some games on my S2 and hopefully soon an S4. What are some good compatible games I should look into...I already have a few but wondering about some other suggestions...love my Androids!

inching away from picking HTC one and towards the S4, i still have 35 days to be eligible for an upgrade.

You and I, my friend, are in the exact same boat. June 1st can't come soon enough!

Tomorrow i will be running in the Kentucky Derby Marathon with a heavy heart thinking about the ones that lost so much in Boston.

I just picked up my GS4 and am wondering what everyone's preference is on the Zagg screen protectors. Wet or Dry?


I have just finished writing my latest android app. It would be cool to win a Lloyd T-shirt. I would wear it during development. I'm sore it would boost up my developing skills : D

Have a nice day and good luck for everyone.

______ _ _
| ___ \(_) | |
| |_/ / _ ___ | | __ _ __ ___ ___
| __/ | | / __|| |/ / | '_ ` _ \ / _ \
| | | || (__ | < | | | | | || __/
\_| |_| \___||_|\_\ |_| |_| |_| \___|yeah that didnt work.

I can't help but think that the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the hobbit could have been elevated in quality and entertainment value had Lloyd be in, and gollum out.

I'm just so friggin' happy that it's going to be 70 and sunny here in MN. There has been WAAAAAYYYY too much winter going on. :)

Android Central is my favorite android information site.... I visit this site daily to keep up with the latest.... it is also responsible for fueling my fire to own the latest and greatest android powered devices! keep up the great work Phil and gang!

I'm so excited for it to finally be the weekend! Not that it is going to be a fun one with anything special happening. Unfortunately it is the end of the college semester which means papers are due, group projects and presentations are next week, and all of that followed up by several final exams... Yay! Its the weekend!... but its going to be a really, really, really long one...

*crosses fingers and hopes for a win*
-- Zeustopher

How big of an update do you think the next version of Android will be? Thoughts on what it will include?

I want the rugged version of the s4, but I will take an awesome shirt as a conciliation ;-)

Lloyd is loving, Lloyd is loyal. Lloyd isn't a loser like that other guy. Lloyd makes me laugh, Lloyd keeps me sane, Lloyd keeps me on top of everything!

Getting tired of all this Jodi Ariass trial crap. Hurry up and get it over with and stop messing with my shows. She did it and will be looking at the death sentence.

Not very impressed with GS4 over GS3 after looking at several reviews.

XL for me please.

Ian B

Send it on over here and I'll rock that bad boy in my office to Friday meetings with my G-Nex Android Army case and Nexus 7 taking notes using Evernote. *How I Roll*

I never win anything in these contests. Maybe I'll get thrown a bone this time. Have a great weekend all.

I once met a man named Lloyd,
He told me that I, at one point in the future, would have to post a comment in a forum in order to win a free t-shirt...and here we are today. He also told me that if I didn't win, all Nexus devices would be infiltrated with Touchwiz! Don't let Lloyd down. And save us from the wrath of the Samsung overlords!
A person who enjoys free things and also t-shirts

There was a car that randomly caught on fire on the University of Illinois campus today.

And I love Lloyd and how he's different than the regular Andy, although Andy is cool too! I love free things!

**** Jerry ***

I do naked coffee every morning and one of these T-Shirts would be a life style change for me. Thank you for a great website!

Friday Rant: With all the talk being around the Galaxy S4 and HTC One lately, I just wanted to say I am so tired of the OEMs overlooking/ignoring the hardware keyboard crowd. I know I am in the minority; but we still exist, and it is so disappointing when you see fewer and fewer choices (to being nearly non-existent now). And, of course, to further put us down, you have the certain users in the slab phone crowd telling us that we need to get over it, and that soft keyboards can do everything hardware keyboards can (and usually faster). Sure, for them that may be the case... but it isn't for everyone. I work in IT; I need to be able to SSH into machines, write out professional emails and do other operations that require technical jargon and symbols that the soft keyboards don't handle so well.

What I wouldn't give to hear a rumor about a decent qwerty phone coming out... but alas, it doesn't seem like there are any coming. Guess I'll be sticking with my Droid 4 for a while longer. =/

Rant out.....

I secretly want a new BB10 device.

I don't like to shop, but really could use some new shirts and a pair of shoes. These are pretty badass, I would be happy to win them. :)

Last year, I rooted ~11 Android devices and discovered that bacon is good for me.

I had a slice of pizza once that made my mouth weep with pleasure that something so delicious could exist on this planet. One 0f the purest moments I have ever experienced. It would have been better in a Lloyd shirt.

I'm 6'4", Gorgeous, Super Handsome, speak 2 languages, and draw attention because I'm so fabulous. I can just hear the people in Dallas/Ft.Worth saying, "who is that gorgeous man, and why does he have Lloyd on his chest?".

Lloyd needs to come to the DFW for the Summer, he doesn't even have to buy a ticket on Southwest to get here, just send 'em in the mail. LOL LOL

What about Austin and Houston? I will be living in both this summer, so that's double the Texas exposure!

Hi. Love to win a shirt! I'm with T-mobile and I'm waiting for the Galaxy S4 to hit the stores! :o)

I just upgraded to a Galaxy S3 last year, and I love it, but I'm already ready to dump Sprint and jump to T-Mobile for the unlimited no-contract option and the sweet, sweet Nexus lovin'. Can't wait to see what new Nexus goodness we get from Google this year.

Man i wish I could have made it to I/O this year. Plenty of info for developers as well as the goodies. I'm thinking this year it'll be Chromebook Pixel, new Nexus 7 and some other assorted goodies given out. Next year will be Google Glass giveaway instead of a $1500 deposit. :O

Yard Work Sucks. Between Playing A Lot Off Borderlands 2 Lately Though.

Also Still Hate How Swype CapitAlizes These Letters Only With My Internet Comment Sections, Wierd

That's an awesome T-shirt and I would love to wear it everywhere. Especially to the office where all my buddies love apple.

I'd love to be able to show my Android Pride with this shirt! Pick me, pleeeeaaaase! Go Cincinnati Cyclones!

You know what sucks, riding my 2012 CBR250 to lunch, locking up the brakes, crashing my bike, spending 4 hours in ER to tell me that nothings broken or fractured and no one knows how, giving me crutches to walk on, finding out my bike is going to get totaled, not being able to do anything for my 4 year anny, and about 5 min ago my clutches gave out on me on tile floor and i landed on my busted leg to attempt to catch myself, only leading to be on the floor in pain.... anyways, a shirt would be nice

//End rant

Gray t-shirts consists of 30% of my wardrobe. Could use another to boost the percentage. Me liked great t-shirts and Android!

Kind of interested if Google Glass or similars take off how that will effect language as a whole. Will we ever need to learn a new language?

One of my favorite things to do is read about Android and Windows 8 while at work. I got a Windows 8 phone to try something new but I sure do miss Android. Maybe soon I can afford to have two different phones! Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Hi. Until the Android Emulator starts I read this post and make a comment here. :D Now back to work

I'm really torn between the HTC One and the Galaxy S4... I think I'm so torn that I will be waiting for the Note 3 or the fabled Motorola "X" phone

Why do I always hear crickets when I mention the LG Optimus Vu? Anyone? (Great! There they go again...!)

I know it's kinda stupid but I hope at Google IO, they announce an updated Nexus 4 or 5 in white!

Today is Friday. I have beer. I will be ordering pizza. It'ts also the first REAL spring-like day we've had yet (About 12C/54F). I am happy.

I'd be happier IF I could rock a sweet Lloyd t-shirt. Please (I'll take a medium. Thanks)

I wish the comment box were at the top of the page instead of the bottom. Anyway, I want to win one of those Lloyd shirts!

One of these will have to go Down under (I know of someone deserving), to keep balance in the awesome force that is Lloyd.

I love my Samsung Galaxy S3! Just manually updated it to MD4, and I am enjoying the added features such as multi-view.

If it's free, everyone and their tongue seem to free'se onto this board.

mcolesjr I too am a suffering Cowboys fan... at least we still have the Rangers.
XXL please

Just sitting over here waiting.....waiting for my Thunderbolt to get the ICS update....HTC said it was coming....

Hi, so glad it is Friday and I am not at work. I am drinking a Leinenkugel's Canoe Paddler kolsch-style beer. It is good. I hear someone mowing their lawn. That reminds me that I have to do that too. I like my Nexus 4. I like my Nexus 7. I like my Asus Windows 7 intel core i7 machine. I don't plan to upgrade. Time to go. I like that shirt.

I hope they come out with a whole new Nexus phone instead of just adding CDMA to the existing Nexus 4. At the very least I hope they upgrade the existing one to match current phone specs if they are going to stick with it.

Well I probably didn't' see this contest soon enough, but here goes anyway...I'd LOVE a Lloyd T-shirt!!

Would be good to see Google reign in Google TV, update the base from honeycomb, make the UI more polished, and release a solid Nexus GTV unit. (I say all this about GTV because, why not?)

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