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Just a day after we got our first look at the Galaxy Note 8.0 in leaked spy shots, a couple more photos of the 8-inch tablet have emerged online. Today's pics come via French Android community Frandroid, showing apparently the Note 8.0 alongside its 5.5-inch sibling, the Galaxy Note 2. As with yesterday's images, we see a tablet with a curved design and a phone-style three-button setup on the bottom bezel instead of traditional on-screen keys. And this time around we get to see the larger "S Pen" stylus, which was docked away in yesterday's images.

Yes, there's also an earpiece up top for making calls, as we saw in yesterday's shots. But that's nothing new -- 7-inch Samsung tablets have been doing that since the original 2010 Galaxy Tab.

Today's pics reveal a little more about the device's software. Unsurprisingly, the Note 8.0 is running Samsung's TouchWiz UI, but it also seems to be using a "phone-style" launcher, similar to the direction taken with the stock tablet launcher in Android 4.2 -- which this device is rumored to be running. The presence of floating windows suggests that Samsung's included its multi-window tech in the Note 8.0, too. In addition, we can also clearly see a notification bar up top in both shots.

Samsung's expected to make the Note 8.0 all officially official at Mobile World Congress at the end of February. Leaked spec sheets suggest we can expect similar internals to the Galaxy Note 2 -- a 1.6GHz Exynos 4 Quad CPU, 2GB of RAM and 16 and 32GB storage options, expandable via microSD slot. Stick with Android Central for full coverage of the Note 8.0 and other Samsung devices at MWC, and be sure to check out our latest podcast for more discussion on this device.

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Fresh Galaxy Note 8.0 photos emerge showing S Pen, software


The stylus never died. While I agree it is pretty unnecessary for the average user. From an artists standpoint it is an absolute essential tool. Not too many people become professional finger painters.

Not too many people become professional painters on tablets either.

but i agree with what you are saying. for a business minded person, it is really helpful. cant tell you how many times i have signed my name (on a "square" transaction) using my finger. i would love just a regular stylus let alone an S-pen

i still think this thing is hideous though.

I don't know anyone who makes a living painting on an android tablet. The same way that I don't know anyone who makes a living selling pages out of their sketchbook. But I know lots of people who use the Note Series as a Digital Artists sketchbook, including myself. Many people in the professional art world are looking for a digital tablet to suit them, Samsung seems to be one of the only companies listening, given the stylus and the Wacom technology for pressure sensitivity. You cannot find that anywhere else in a portable tablet.

As for the design, that is a matter of opinion. I personally like the form factor of the Note 10.1 better than this. But the more options the better.

I dont know how I can stay at home working from my mac playing guitar and making a bajillion dollars a day........just kidding I hate those things

I dont know how I can stay at home working from my mac playing guitar and making a bajillion dollars a day........just kidding I hate those posts

So I take it you feel the GS3 is hideous too? Personally I love my sexy garnet red S3 and that's coming from having an iPhone for over 4 years. I'm VERY interested in this device and am praying that it will be affordable.. In other words, the iPad Mini is very cool but FAR too much money for what it is.. The Nexus 7 is sweet but lacks some features that this device appears to possess.. My 2.867 cents :)

Really?! why are people so ignorant making comments like this above? It's not like you have to use the Pen like you did in the old Windows Mobile days. If you don't want to use the pen then don't or don't buy this tablet. I'm not an artist but I do think it's fun to play with the pen once in awhile... and I'm grateful of Samsung for giving me that option. It's great to have options isn't it! If this whole world was fulled with such narrow minded people we'd all be stuck using Iphones and Ipads.

Try doing this with our finger?

I can see where they are useful in some circumstances, just don't miss having one especially when they get worn and won't stay in the designated slot and fall out and loose them. Fun fun!

I hope so. Wacom stylus in a tablet makes it extremely useful and powerful tool. Since I bought Note 10.1 I don't use paper notes in my work and at university.

Sorry but even though I own, an iPhone and an iPad, being he major Apple fan I am, Samsung´s stylus is pretty awesome. The precision is off the charts. I have been playing around with a friends Note 2 and I am pretty impressed..

My lord that thing looks ridiculous....

I understand the need for a cohesive design language for all products but this thing looks more like a giant phone than the iPad does an iPhone.

It's awkward having a button on my iPad, and but with the built in gestures, and I never have to touch it. Android needs to add gestures to their tablets UI to compensate for this very type of craziness Samsung is doing.

And samsung probably wont utilize them. Remember, Android has built in on screen buttons, so there's no need for physical buttons, but Sammy insists on using physical buttons.

Though, I'll say this, I dont really care either way.

I don't like or want on screen buttons, they just take up space on the screen that I think is a ridiculous design feature. I prefer the buttons ala Samsung design, home button with two buttons one on each side. To Me that is a design that looks and works great. Just because Google is going in one direction doesn't make it right. IMO Samsung is the only company giving the customer what he is asking for. No one else is giving the customer plenty of int storage (32gb on my SGS3) and sd card support, removal battery and unlocked bootloaders for great dev support. They are the ONLY company that gives the customers all these features.
Thank You Samsung.

I actually like the design of it. As long as Samsung uses this design for the Note line, they have little chance of violating Apple's trade dress. I think it's important to note that the Note line is not your traditional tablet, hence why Samsung is using a phone UI versus a tablet UI.

they are using the phone UI because it is android 4.2....which did away with the traditional tablet UI. you aren't going to see any more of the bottom notification/navigation combo any more.

also, the note 10.1 uses the traditional tablet least until it updates to android 4.2

I hate the new direction. Having two space wasting bars on the phone or tablet instead of one. I couldn't stand it on my N7, had to flash a Tablet UI hack ASAP! I would love to have a Tablet UI on my GS3 too.

Oh, I didn't know that 4.2 moved away from the tablet UI. I stand corrected lol. Thanks brother; the last thing I want to do is spread misinformation.

I'm assuming this will have 3G/LTE capabilities as well. If so, I'm all in. Already use my Nexus7 WIFI+3G as a phone when needed.

This is pretty awesome. I think at around 7 inches I could put this in my pocket and have it as a phone. Too exciting!!

I agree. I so seldom use my phone to make/receive phone calls that, I've been waiting for a smallish tablet to replace my phone. I also like the stylus.

People who don't want to hold this thing to their ear, or hate stylus... just get something else.

I'll admit that I would use this to make/receive phone calls. However, there's no way I would put it up to my ear lol. It's high time to invest in a quality bluetooth headset.

So they are introducing an 8 inch tab that has old design language?? Then the next month they are introducing new phones with a new design language?? Wouldnt they just wait and launch an 8 inch tab with new design language? Im confused...

there's no way this can be real. You can see the menu button and the back button. On my note 2 those buttons are invisible unless they're lit up

Am I the only one who thinks these things (phones and tablets, iPhone/iOS or Android) look cheap when they are white?

Count me in too. I would not look at it as an option if it only came in white.

Something tells me they will offer it in a dark color too.


"........for a professional artist...."??? I don't think I've drawn on my 10.1 since I got it. However, this has been an absolute power tool when it comes to jotting down notes, from lectures, talks, making lists, etc. The quicknote option on my Note 2, has saved me endless incorrect auto corrections and backspaces. I also can jot a note down while I'm on the phone and never worry about where I put that piece of paper. almost 50% reduced need for any pen and/or paper in my life. I don't need it to draw stick figures, but much respect for those that think this is a tool for the shade tree artist. Pssshhtt!!

I was kind of looking forward to this as my next tablet but now that I see it's a ginormous phablet, I don't want it anymore. The Note 2 is still the top candidate for my next phone. Why would I want a device that will duplicate functionality?

I guess I'll have to look at other 8-inch tablets, or wait for the next iPad Mini.

Might want to wait, talks of over 6" phones if you are interested. Not for me, but might be an all-in-one device for your needs if they ever make it to the US market.

I have an iPad Mini and no problems here. People complained because the screen wasn't a Retina display, but it looks perfectly fine to me. Not sure when the next version is coming out, if you believe rumors, its in a couple of months, but may be in the fall if its a yearly cycle.

64gb Mini owner here as well. if you read ALOT and have 20/10 vision then wait for a Retina Mini in 2015 (Sorry not this fall.. it gets the A6X & Quad-GPu..ETA Late Quater 3) Blind Test were done when the 1st Retina came out on the 3rd-Gen.. the majority of people tested could not tell the difference between the Non-Retina iPad 2 vs Retina iPad 3 in Screen-Res.. The Mini Looks fantastic No Lag and plays all the latest games with ALL the Effects Enabled (N.O.V.A.3 & Dead Trigger) trust me it's "The" Tablet to have.. Try one for a day..if you don't like it take it back.. but you won't :-) But I digress.. This will be a Fantastic Tablet for College Students.. Perfect size to fit on the desk and take/record notes (IMO it's strickly a Portrait Tablet) that's the market Samsung should go after with a vengence..

Gotta say this might just be the sleeper pick of 2013. If they price this correctly it will surely fly off the shelves regardless of who sells it. I didn't plan on this that's for sure but looks like i will have to add this to my purchase list here in 2013. Matter of fact Pebble blue or Titanium grey or Amber Brown would be excellent colors for this device. At this rate 2013 will be a landslide victory for Samsung over every other manufacturer.

The size of the device is spot on. I wish, however, that they had taken styling tips from the Note tablet line rather than the phones. I consume tons of media with my tablets -- speakers up front are a must-have for me.

I would definitely take this in Amber Brown. However, if this device launches in this form, I don't see Amber Brown being a launch-day color.

That bezel is ridiculous, but I'm strangely attracted to this device. I wish it had a super high resolution display with Samsungs Octacore processor. If the specs are right, I might consider buying this.

People in 2010 called the iPad a giant iPod touch/ iPhone.........
Now we are seeing a product made by Samsung that looks like a giant Galaxy S3/ Note 2........

What's the excuse now?

Google decision of killing tablet dedicated home screen UI most likely made Samsung just wipe system bar as it is useless now other then just being physical button replacement space and throw phisical buttons.

Unimpressed! Would it have liked Samsung to have improved the specs!

I have the Note 10.1 and think it's the best tablet every, but they could have improved the darned specs on this version. I also noticed they've jettisoned the dual front speakers! Also the layout of the bottoms, especially having they central physical button is just a terrible idea.

Regardless of your ethnocentric "opinions" of how the World works the stylus is still common in Asia where Billions continue to live without your ideas getting in the way.

Not directed at Alex. He seems rational.

Love this tablet, everything about it I like. Plenty of int memory with sd card support. It looks like the SGS3 and the Note 2, I think it looks better than all the other tablets, this is a must buy for me, it will look real nice next to my Note 2 and SGS3. I like the way Samsung is going with their take on Android, they know what today's customers want, plenty of interior storage with sd card support. To me the Nexus 4 is a fantastic device but Google has ruined it with lack of int memory and taking away sd card support from their future. Jerry thinks it is a great idea but he is the only one. Samsung is selling more phones than anyone else for a good reason, they are giving todays Android customer what they want and need. This tablet IMO has looks, specs and great design. This tablet will out sell the Apple mini.

I'm looking for a tablet with Samsung's S-Pen. I was a skeptic until I used my friend's Note2. I love the S-Pen but want that with a bigger screen. This would be exactly what I am looking for. I hope there are wi-fi only options with massive storage. If so, i'm so there.

If they keep the phone features available for US carriers, I would be all over this. I like the idea of carrying just one device. If I could find a tablet that made phone calls, I wouldn't need to carry my Nexus 7 and Note 2.

I drive 3 vehicles(not at once) that all have V8' family and friends know that I think bigger is better......but even with the note2, I would rather carry this if it had a phone option, and just be done with it and carry just this. Then I can have a diet coke with my burger and fries, then hope into my prius with the phone that kills the ozone with its manufacturing, because its so big.....and thats what she said, when she saw my note2.......