Free Android WallpaperIf you've never seen the San Diego skyline, you've missed out. And Android Central reader androidforall has you covered with this picture taken downtown with a Canon 60D.


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Free Android Wallpaper of the day - San Diego Sky


How is living in San Diego? I live in Salt Lake City right now and my wife wants to move to SD so bad. Think it is the right move?

The cost of living is probably quite a bit higher, but the weather is awesome. Today was even better than in the wallpaper picture above.

I am a native San Diegan!

It's true that the San Diego skyline is GORGEOUS (I've always said so) and if you're visiting and take the 5 south or north into downtown, the way the freeway has to loop around downtown, you end up going straight at the skyline (until you start looping around). It is ALWAYS awesome to see.

I don't mean to be critical... but that picture is just the top of one of the buildings... I don't understand why this is pretty or cool..