Fragment app for Android

Fragment comes from iOS to Android today with a particularly unique twist on photo editing. A wide range of shaped filters distort your photo along clean, sharp lines, lending a kaleidoscopic skew to your shots.

You can move and resize the fragment filter, change how it tweaks your image (such as by adding a hue, changing brightness, cranking saturation, or inverting colors). Once that's done, export the final product out to any major destination or feed it back into the app to apply another fragment on top.

To get a feel for what this app can do, check out some of the great shots our community cooked up for our photo contest last week. We've been really impressed with what Fragment's been able to do, and looking at the developer's other iOS apps, we're eager to see the others find their way to Android soon. Grab Fragment from the Google Play Store at the link above for $1.99. (£1.20 in the UK.)


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Fragment brings kaleidoscopic photo editing to Android


Except I'm not a hipster and I'm still pointing it out as the gimmick it is which should tell you something. No need to get butthurt. ;)

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I have been Beta testing this app for about a week now, and I absolutely love it. Well worth the purchase, in my opinion!

Also since beta. It is a little gimmicky. But that's fine, it is what it is. The developer doesn't want you to use it as your main editor, this is for when you need something different.

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