Sprint Epic 4G presales

If you've got a hankering for the Sprint Epic 4G and didn't get in on the preorder reservations through Sprint directly, you going to have to wait until Aug. 31 like the rest of us. AdamBv1 in our forums drops the bomb that "reservations are full." You still might try Best Buy and Radio Shack, however. Suffice it to say this is going to be another big launch for Sprint. Pack your bags, folks. Let's start lining up now. [Android Central Forums]


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Sprint Epic 4G reservations now 'full'


Best Buy and Radio Shack still going strong! Pre-order while you can! Both might require the $50 down gift card "reserve" thing though, so go prepared...

Seen a demo unit today and the screen is amazing! The contrast on this phone blows the Evo by far. For a slider, it is pretty light. Hmmm on the fence now....

Where did you get to see a demo unit? At a Sprint store? Best Buy? Does anyone know where you can pick one up just to fiddle around with.

Usually one employee from each sprint store are testers or advocates for the device so they get the "prototype" if you will. But they ususally make them wait until the day it comes out. you can go and ask and if you are lucky to know who it is they may let you take a glance.

I just left the sprint store and the girl who is the advocate didnt get hers yet. Although they were getting an area ready for the Epic to be displayed and it was right next to the Evo. I know that when the Evo was coming up on release the guy who was the advocate in the same store did get his 2 1/2 weeks before the release but he did say times vary freom each phone. Last but not lease I did ask are they gettin a showcase epic for the public to play with and her answer was "Even though we got the Evo in a couple of days before the release date we were not able to put the display out until the night before the Evo launch date and I think its goin to be the same way." BUMMER

Well let's hope that Nice screen makes up for its camera. Engadget has reviewed the epic and said it took pictures that were less quality then the evos and the videos wasn't close to the evos 720 resolution and should be considered 480. Remember specs and nice screens don't always make it a better product, its how well it performs.

ok, but the final review says:

So is it the right phone for the job? In a word, yes -- the Epic 4G is a great device. Killer, even. Nothing speaks to us more strongly during the course of a review than finishing it and saying, "alright, I'm ready to buy this thing," and the Epic is on the short list of phones that has managed to do it. More than its Galaxy S siblings, it feels like the Epic has overcome its shortcomings -- notably the forgettable UI skin -- to shine, and it's a phone we could easily imagine using day to day. Only thing is, the EVO is also on that short list for us -- and the better camera, bigger screen, and $50 savings versus the Epic still make it our winner in this 4G shootout, though only by the thinnest of margins. Needless to say, if you need a physical keyboard and you're looking for the one of the most musclebound Android phones money can buy, we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

i think most ppl know that an 8mp camera is going to be better then a 5mp camera. i dont think a camera is the only reason ppl will buy this phone.

WELL SAID!!! I'm sick of people complaining or whining or making a big deal of 5MP vs 8MP for the camera... who freakin cares! It's not that big of a deal at all, and it's most certainly not a deal breaker! Thank you for quoting a more subjective piece of the article and not just picking out bits and pieces...

I don't know...Check out the pictures and video gizmodo was able to take with the Epic. Pretty impressive to me. It's no Flip HD or anything but video recording isn't the Epic's primary function. http://goo.gl/94P2

Don't know why people are wasting their money on the fugly Droids and would wait until January to get an LTE compatible phone...Just my thought.

yes, but verizon is going LTE, and as you might know, the "droid" phones are on verizon... and those were the phones being talked about in the post you replied to.

Wow, trolling within the Android community. Typical Verizon fanboy. Can you please send me a picture of your LTE handset? I want one right now.... not nexy year.

Camera not a big deal?? BS!! I-phone 4 takes great pic's it's only 5 megpix. If you have children.. Then like me.... I actually use the camera phone more than I ever thought I would.. You don't always carry the nice camera when the best moments occur. It's nice to know if you take one with a high end phone and print it.. It will actually look nice to put in the photo album,fridge,mail to family,etc... So for some... The camera is a big deal.

You can get a 14mp camera for less than the price of this device and it will fit in your pocket just the same.

The camera is not a big deal. The iphone4 is even less a big deal.

NO, the camera is a big and increasingly bigger deal. you can get a gps and put it in your pocket as well, and a connencted camera is a major part of smartphnoe use for a whole lot of people. So your point is menaigless.
The proper answer is that megapixel rating barely correlates to picture quality, and physical optics, eg the lens, are much more important. And until someone posts up comparative pictures of Epic and Evo both taking the same pictures in a variety of lighting and otehr conditions there isn't one shred of evidence that either is better.

RATS! A better screen than the EVO?!

I have an EVO and really like it but the screen washing out when in direct sunlight is a real issue for me. I don't recall my BlackBerry washing out like that. I'm not that into "sliders", but this phone does look quiet nice. Of course, the 30 days for returning my EVO have passed so it looks like I'm keeping it for now and will just have to deal with the screen issues until I upgrade again.

At the rate new phones are coming out, one can easily be in perpetual upgrade mode - something I bet the carriers don't mind at all.

The Epic's screen is objectively better in almost all metrics. Brightness - better, color vibrancy - better, and because of the GPU, in rapidly changing images (videos, gaming) -- it will also be better. The super amoled will also use considerably less battery for the same brightness, meaning, that although talk time and standby time maybe the same, the increasingly used screen functions will mean real life battery life is better due to Epics screen type. (Same affect as with Epics more energy efficient CPU)
But performance in direct sunlight is one of a few areas where they are probably equal if a slight barely detectable advantage for the two generation older type used by Evo. It is also likely evo's type of screen is slightly better at reproducing clean whites as super amoled can have a every so slight grayish-blue tint in areas that should be white.
Be careful though do not just at web pages that might showcase evo tft type to "standard amoled" comparisons in sunlight. the first gen amoleds did very poorly in sunlight, and the super amoled specifically addresses this for the better.

LOL...guess why I get to see the demo unit early...We have yellow and black banners in the office that has six letters...And if you didn't notice I was trying to trash the Verizon Droid phone you freakin' Einstein. Seems you're comprehension level is a bit shot, we can blame Bush's no child left behind program huh...