Galaxy Nexus Desktop Dock

Patient British Galaxy Nexus owners have finally reached a once far away moment. OEM accessories for the device are starting to appear at retailers such as Clove Technology. One such patient Nexus owner is nhuth​ from the Android Central forums. The precious Desktop Dock has just shown up in the mail, and nhuth ​was good enough to share with us a couple of photos of the item along with a quick first impression.

I preordered the Galaxy Nexus desktop dock and vehicle dock from back in February and just received my desktop dock today. All that was in the box was the dock itself and quick-start guide. There are no cables included. The Galaxy Nexus fits in smoothly with a nice, quality feel. The pins work just as I would have hoped. Out back is a micro USB port and 3.5mm audio jack. Unlike the Nexus One dock, no bluetooth is included. So, there is no way to control your music with the phone out of the dock. The connection is solely through the three-pin connection.

Sounds like a bit of a mixed bag. A quality item, but functionality limited a little to what it might have been. Either way, we're glad to see these items are starting to appear in peoples hands. If anyone else has recently taken delivery of the same dock, let us know your own thoughts in the comments below. 

​Thanks nhuth!


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From the forums: Galaxy Nexus OEM Desktop Dock


I had hoped I would have a dock like this by now (verizon) not to mention a vehicle mount that took advantage of the pins.

I guess samsung just doesn't want my money ... they sure charge enough.

I agree. I have no clue why they would not have released these items a long time ago. The longer they wait to release nice sleek docks, more other companies will just show consumers their nice accessories and pull buyers away.

I can not even say how many people I know that buy iPhones just because of the variety of accessories.

The dock does not work properly with 4.0.1/4.0.2 so Samsung held back the pogo pin accessories until Google had 4.0.4 ready. Now we just need to wait for Verizon to send out the 4.0.4 OTA update. Hopefully Verizon will start selling the dock after that.

Makes sense since the 4.0.4 update on Verizons GN now includes a dock setting. Hoping some docks will head in once that update get pushed out to everyone.

Anyone know why it took this long for Samsung to make a dock for the Galaxy Nexus? Please explain a little more in depth... ~Thanks!

My Nexus One dock works fantastic. I have the dock set up to go thru my Bose speakers thru my amp all working off the bluetooth connection thru the dock. I use the Nexus One just for my music. The bluetooth feature is a great idea and it's a shame this new dock doesn't have this feature. It is useless without the bluetooth connection. If I am walking around my house and want to control the music I carry the Nexus One with me, works great at a party. If the phone needs charging just drop it on the dock. Without bluetooth connectivity the dock is useless.

OK quick question, I know the one released awhile back on the US samsung website for the I515 worked with the GSM Nexus. So since this one is sold overseas am assuming is designed for the GSM Nexus, so does it work with the CDMA Nexus?

It does not. My friend tried to put his Verizon Galaxy Nexus in my dock (I have the GSM Galaxy Nexus) and it simply doesn't fit in the dock, it's too thick.

So no go.

I would prefer real deal Laptop instead of immobilizing tablet... or else it's a x86 tablet where i can install any OS :)

This really isn't news. I've had my dock from Expansys for about a month now. While it's well built and does its job of charging it's really disappointing in terms of use considering the price. Due to the design you can't turn the phone screen off/on since it's side down in the dock. And they include no cables. At least the Nexus One dock didn't impede full use of the dock, was bluetooth, and came with a power charger for that price.

I'm keeping it because I'm a sucker for a dock, but $60 is way over priced.

Let's see - releasing accessories 5 FULL MONTHS after the product itself? Yeah, this is just one of many reasons I ditched my GNex and went back to the iPhone last week.

I love the Android OS, but the manufacturers and carriers are doing their best to completely ruin it.