For those of you who would rather get your Epic 4G from places other than Sprint stores, good news comes from the forums: The phone is now up for pre-sale from Best Buy and Radio Shack. The Samsung Galaxy S variant is set to go on sale on 31 Aug for $250 on 2-year contract. [Android Central Forums]


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From the Forums -- Epic up for pre-sale from Best Buy, Radio Shack


sprint how do you continuously mess up the launch of a phone? Its rediculous you find a way to mess up anything you completely missed it on the price of this phone

I remember the Touch Pro 2 was $300 but no one whined. $50 extra isn't that much to talk about.

I think I'll try my luck by walking in to Best Buy or the Shack on the 31st or the next day.
I don't think it'll be sold out, since so many are complaining about the $50 higher-than-usual price.

What kind of math are you using, sir. You already spent $50 and you still need to spend $200 more...that equals $250. How does that come out to $200?

No need to be an a** SIR! I thought the $50 I paid also went towards the phone. I understand now SIR that I was incorrect. Next time SIR I will consult you with all my purchases SIR. Thanks and try to be curteous next time... SIR!

I don't think he was being an a**. You, however, were an a** in your reply to a person who was simply trying to help you understand that you got no special deal in your purchase.

seeing how math is universal there is no need to ask what kind of math a person is using. So doing so requires a person to be condescending.

I agree with the whining, if you don't have the money buy something affordable. I mean I wouldn't go to freakin' Ferrari and say "how dare you price your vehicle at $300,000 you lunatic, I can't afford that!!!". Sometimes you can't affod the cake...which means you can't eat it! LOL Chill out people!

and what if they both toyotas and one is more expensive than the other you don't have the right to complaint? is my money not yours.

Everyone has a 'right' to complain, but you still made no valid point in your argument. If a product is better than that of its predecessors then yes, the company will charge more for the luxury of owning it. Simple supply and demand. Do you really think a toyota land cruiser should be priced the same as a toyota yaris? Please... Not to mention you are comparing apples to oranges. I don't see how a SAMSUNG epic is the same as an HTC evo. In that regard maybe ferrari was a bit overkill bit it's like comparing a toyota with an infiniti. Completely different companies, one with 'higher class' features.

btw, online is says that it should ship between the 21st and the 28th. So that's a good way to get it early for most of you out there ;D bbonline! (my upgrade date is sept. 1st, so I'm going to pick it up that morning!)

What really bothers me about the Epic 4g is not the price, it's the fact that it doesn't have 16gb of storage like the Captivate and the Vibrant. I'll take that over the qwerty keyboard and that DLNA crap any day!

@brooklyn according to it comes with a 16GB micro SD card "included". What am I missing here? I'll take the sprint network and unlimited data over AT&T's crap network (which I currently have) and data limits or t-mobile's itty bitty network any day of the week. The only Galaxy S phone that I would even consider over this is the fascinate but only because of the big V's amazing (albeit expensive) coverage. Am I right, or am I right?

You're missing my point, obviously. 16gb of internal storage does not equal to an "included" SD card. Having that amount of internal storage saves you the trouble of having to move your apps to the sd card when your memory is full. And internal storage + being able to add an SD card is a huge bonus. I'm not talking about coverage or rate plans.

The 50 isn't as big of a deal as some make it seem. What is $50 when you're already spending 200 +

That being said, think id rather keep my Evo. Know someone who is getting this simply because he can't find an Evo. Most people don't think the extra money is a sign of the apocalypse, like some internet "posters" seem too.

Am sureit'll be a sweet phone. even if it is Sammy and touchwiz

I love my Evo, but the Epic's screen and physical keyboard are really looking good to me. I don't want to be out of pocket $500-$600 however. I guess I will have to check it out at Radio Shack on release day and decide if it is worth purchasing at full price, selling my Evo & accesories and getting an Epic.

I feel the same way. But think of it this way... The Evo is still an amazing phone, even if the Epic is slightly better. What will you do around December when an even more amazing phone hits? The way I see it, (Right NOW anyway) the Epic does not have the punch it will take to make me swap out my Evo. 6 to 8 months from now, it'll be a different story. But, being a Premiere customer with Sprint, I can upgrade every year...

For me it is mostly an issue of wanting to go back to a physical keyboard like I had on my old Samsung Rant feature phone. I type and text a lot faster with a real keyboard rather than a touch screen. Of course I would have to give up HTC Sense, HTC Sync, and the slightly larger screen to switch from the Evo to the Epic. Not to mention the order of the softkeys is different. It goes Home-Menu-Back-Search on the Evo but Menu-Home-Back-Search on the Epic. But the keyboard alone may make it worthwhile to me.