Droid X shirt, front  Droid X shirt, back

If you were lucky enough to get a Droid X before they went on backorder, keep a close eye on your mailbox (not the Gmail one, silly).  Users in the forums are reporting that they have been receiving a Droid box, and inside is a T-shirt (pictured, and size XXL -- sorry Cory), a sticker, and a 25 percent off coupon for accessories.  Yay swag!  [Android Central forums] Special thanks to twindragons187 for the pics!

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techh10 says:

why is the words backwords i dont get that

KQCrackberry says:

i initially thought it was to read in a mirror but that wouldnt make sense cuz thats the back of the shirt

TheBronze says:

Maybe thats why they are free...

quiverskeep says:

Hmm, mine isn't backwards. Just double-checked. You sure that's not just mirrored because of the camera?

gbhil#AC says:

It's backwards because it's a Jerry fail lol. I had to flip the image, and must have flipped it twice. I'm fixing it now :p

gbhil#AC says:

will repopulate on the server, in the right direction, in a minute or so. Sowwy guys!

possomcrast says:

did they buy on the site or in store

Leif says:

I'm also interested to know that...I bought in the store, before it went on backorder...

Kratzer says:

And dinc owners' sentiment of being the red headed step child grows.

I feel the same, I got my dinc the first April 29th waited outside for the store to open, I still find the dinc imo to be a better experience than the x with sense, rootable, optic joystick, 3.7 is the sweet spot for me also....I think the main reason is because Motorola and Verizon have some strong feelings for one another.....anyway I wouldn't wair a shirt about a phone anyway....I'm only a geek in the comfort of my own house....with the blinds drawn.....and the doors locked...

easy1jay says:

lol, agree. The Motorola phones are awesome, but I can't get away from my HTC Incredible.

fillossofer says:

No need to feel like a red-headed step child if you have the Incredible and didn't get a shirt. You got a better phone!

LordNyax78 says:

Hmm I would wear it.

lowermi says:

it sure beats what Moto gave to Cliq users...perma 1.5 !!!

wekebu#AC says:

An XXL? What's the message here? Only over-sized people like the DX? I would have almost understood a XL. I guess anyone who is a S, M or L now has an eBay item?

tech42er#AC says:

Oh, so that's the joke. The X is a REALLY BIG PHONE, so we're going to give you a REALLY BIG SHIRT!

PeterPhan says:

Supposedly this was just for phone orders of the Droid X.

Magic Rat#WN says:

That's easy. Shrinkage.

Jonross says:

I got mine on release date, thats before the back order, correct?

quiverskeep says:

My shirt is an XL, not an XXL. I ordered my X over the phone.
"I wouldn't wear a phone shirt." uh huh... I'd probably be saying the same thing if I didn't get one.. ooh! Did I say that? ;)

evomyhero says:

Better to get an
(L U T
I O N)
shirt. Why would you want to brag about owning an X?

nightowwl says:

Gee thanks for yet another XXL t-shirt for this 5'2 105 pound woman. Psst...here's a secret...girls drool over Droids too.

tech42er#AC says:

I think the sizing is a joke, since the X is such a large phone. I don't think Motorola really assumes all X owners are XXL; we just all have long fingers.

ALbird22 says:

Received my swag today. T-shirt was an XL. Hooray!!!