Custom Droid Incredible case

The Droid Incredible is a great phone, but what could make it even better? User-created accessories of course! The case you see above comes courtesy of Android Central Forums user benjamin_, who took a standard red battery door straight from Verizon and put carbon fiber pieces bought from the Internet all over it. Quite simply, this case is awesome -- and I want one. I really, really want one. [Android Central Forums


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From the Forums: Amazing carbon fiber Droid Incredible case


Psh! He glued on some material he found on the internet. Good job, that required the amount of skill every 14 year old girl has perfected after acquiring hello kitty stickers for her moto razr.

Why not take the plastic case and make a ceramic mold for a 100% carbon fiber version of the cover? That would take some (not even a ton of) skill. Were the weight difference going to exceed .01g or were I to expect my cellphone should be subjected to bullet impacts, I would consider doing it myself.

For all the people looking to but this cover...all the info you need is in the thread. I bought the battery door at Verizon and the carbon fiber pieces can be found on ebay. I'd post a link, but the listing would quickly expire.

sookster54: I never said anything about it being custom-made or that it required any special skill to put it together. Yes, all I did was put some stickers on the back of a stock red battery door.

But it looks awesome.

Don't hate.

And this is the kind of "news/article" that makes the front page now a days? Pathetic.......what makes this any different that the custom work we have seen from different forum members? In fact this very thing has already been done, except it was a yellow case. I dunno go figure, losing my interest more and more by the day AC.......