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If you're using Flipboard on a Galaxy S III, where it's pre-loaded, or on another device through the beta program, you'll want to fire it up and grab the latest update for the popular digital magazine app. The new version 1.8.4 beta 3 weighs just a couple of megs, and includes some minor visual changes for dialog boxes, along with some behind-the-scenes improvements. According to the official change log, the new version of Flipboard has a reduced impact on battery life and a lower memory footprint, which will be good news to anyone using it on older devices with less RAM.

Flipboard isn't on the Google Play Store yet, so you'll need to start up the app itself to initiate the update. If you've been using the Flipboard beta over the past few weeks, be sure to drop by the comments section and let us know how you're getting on.

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sensory says:

Great app but I'd really prefer it if Flipboard would clean up the cache after itself. I noticed it was using almost 100mb on my SD card today, just for caching of articles and images.

redwanhuq says:

You can choose the limit of the cache. I selected 64MB and it never goes over that amount.

sensory says:

My bad, I hadn't seen that option at all. Thanks!

WhoMe says:

Ive been on the leaked rom/beta since the start. Im lovin Flipboard. It has replaced my Twitter app and the stock FaceBook app for the most part.

cedellh says:

I have the app on my Droid X. Went to open the app just now and it told me that my device is not supported (as it always does). However, this time it did not give me the new patchwork. Stuck on beta 2.

Bnails21 says:

I love Flipboard but I had to uninstall it because it was eating up almost 100mb of data per day if I don't even use the app at all.

anthonok says:

Love the app. I use it constantly. The widget is on my main home screen.

Suntan says:

Interested to give it a try, can anyone comment, does flipboard cache the entire story for offline reading?

I don't want an app that caches a picture and one or two paragraphs of a news article, only to make me open the article in a web browser to finish reading it.


moosc says:

You use a 3rd party app. After reading your question I just dl pocket in the market and have flipboard setup to save pages

woodsonmh says:

I like the app.

hackneya says:

I've been a huge fan of it so far. Runs surprisingly well on my AOKP fascinate, and being able to use Pocket to read things later is a huge plus.

stbxxl says:

Just got an even newer version: 1.8.4 beta 3, 86 :D

SteveIowa says:

That's the one I just got too stbxxl.

SteveIowa says:

First let me say I Love Flippin through the news like this. I do really like this App. I told the Dev though, my first two choices for some future updates would be. A dark theme option, and source choices. That would then get it right up there with Pulse In my book. Pulse is still #1

Pulse Link:

walcolm says:

i dont have the flipboard on my it available in Google Play?