Adobe Flash Beta

Those of you rocking Android 2.2 already should know that Adobe Flash 10.1 has entered beta 3, so you'll want to update it (if you're not having it update automatically).  Not sure if anything of substance has changed, so sing out in the comments if you spot something. [Adobe] Thanks, @iRyanM!


Reader comments

Flash 10.1 enters beta 3, but when will we see it (and Froyo) officially?


Feels like such a n00b question, but why can I not find flash in the market??? I'm running BB Froyo edition.....any chance we can get a barcode?

I am pretty sure that it won't show up on the market unless we have an authorized version of froyo. I could be wrong.

BB 0.2.1 here, would appreciate a direct link. Could someone with an N1 upload and link the apk somewhere? <3

For every one runing MOTO Droid 2.2 you are running a hybrid with bits and pieces 2.2 and 2.1 mixed together.

nice finally damn but you have to be rooted =( shizzle well check out my blog all abstract photography shots taken with my motorola droid

The smart move for Google would have been to release Froyo officially just before the iPhone 4 announcement. Granted, bugs will be bugs, but still.

With that date past, hurry up and release it before iOS4, will ya?