Game designed to be played while relaxed became anything but says developer

The world's brief love affair with Flappy Bird may now be coming to an end thanks to its removal from Google Play and the iOS App Store, but the developer has now come clean about his reasons for doing so. Despite an apparent issue with intense media attention, developer Dong Nguyen has spoken to the folks at Forbes about just why the bird flaps no more. 

Nguyen, it seems, was saving humanity from itself. He says he designed Flappy Bird to be played for a few minutes a time while relaxing. Of course, what we actually got was rage quits, swearing, and all manner of unhappiness with how damn hard it was. And yet everyone kept going back for more. It's this addictive nature which Nguyen claims was the final straw, and was the ultimate reason that the bird has flown away for ever. Not any issues with Nintendo.

Of course, if you really, really need that kind of game to play, there's a ton of clones and rip-offs already flooding the market to give you your fix. Or we could all just play something better, whatever. 

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Flappy Bird taken down to save us from ourselves, apparently


Me either

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

BUT iCrap devices can sideload as easy as Android devices. The only way you can sideload on an iPhone is to Jailbreak. On any Android phone, its is easy as checking "unknown sources."

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Note to developer,

The internets never forget. They will flap on.


Flappy Bird Central

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

I knew I shouldn't have opened the Android Central app.Thanks for reminding me this dumb game ever existed

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There's something wrong with this article. All I saw was:

"Snarky snark snark snark? Snark snark! Snark whatever snark."

I thought I was at Android Authority for a second.

Can't believe there's people buying all those devices just for the game though. Makes me want to sell my phone. Buy another one and a car and a house with the rest.

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Looking at the stolen art and game mechanics (Piou Piou, etc) he was probably hit with takedown notices and requests for damages or even something like a buyout or license deal as a compromise. This is probably a rather lame attempt to save face as he "gets while the getting's good".
And congrats to the media for supporting a lame pirated game.

Played it once and gave up.

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Can we get a rock solid promise of how many more fucking Flappy Bird articles there's going to be? Please let it be under 10.

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I never played it. It just looked so stupid.. and frustrating. We already have women for that. (I keed I keeed!) (Not really.) :-P

Imagaine how mad people are going to get once someone deletes it off their phone.. All hell brakes loose!

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Richard. ...I think that you ending an article in "whatever" is unprofessional and disrespectful. ...I'm seeing a lot of rude articles by men who should be professionals!!!

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Maybe you haven't realized the context this is written in. An "Or we could all just play something better, whatever" makes perfect sense for this article.

Well, then, if the professionalism of the blogging community concerns you, here's how to fix it:

1.) Stop trolling other peoples' blogs.
2.) Start writing your own blog, that lives up to your "professional" standards of writing, grammar, journalism, etc.
3.) Hope it has a positive impact on the community.

See? It's as easy as 1-2-3!

(Keep in mind, this is somewhat tongue in cheek)

Will there ever come a day when Android central doesn't post an article about Flappy Bird? It has to be the most written about Android subject of the last 10 days. Surely this site has better things to write about?

Good thing he came out and said this, otherwise there might have been a day without any Flappy Bird "news."

Flappy Bird should be used at a job interview. .....then the employer will really know who he's hiring

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Yep... Still in play store... Still don't care. I'm seriously about to go elsewhere, for my android news. For good. This has gotten ridiculous with these constant Flappy Bird articles.

Cue the "good riddance" idiotic responses...

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Hope so... but something tells me it isn't. Either way, they've already gone overboard with these articles. Time to write about something worth writing about.

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I think this is the last article, lol. I can see why it would get on people's nerves.

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It's starting to feel like they're doing it just to piss people off now, judging by all the annoyed comments from people in these articles, which I'm sure they've read and clearly don't care about, lol. I mean I was like whatever about the articles up until it started really getting ridiculous. I come here for android related news and maybe some other stuff, not to see an article every day about one of the worst games ever created. It just doesn't make sense. It's irritating to say the least.

Anyway, rant over lol... Here's hoping this IS the last one...

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It's all good, brother. I hear ya. Who knew this one game would be so controversial, lol.

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For real man. It's boggling my mind in ways I never expected... I'm ashamed at how this is affecting me... Lol, jk

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Oh stop it Dong! The game is not even close to addictive. Now give us the real reason why, is it Nintendo?

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People can get so overly competitive. Glad I downloaded when I did. I enjoy trying to get past the third pole lol.

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There have been way too many articles/posts about this game. Must have been almost 10 or so. Come on already. Lets move on.

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