The Android 2.2 update for the Motorola Droid X was an extremely anticipated update, to put it mildly. After having some time to play with it, a good many of us found that there was a rather strange and annoying SMS bug. We were seeing SMS chats remaining static in position even after receiving a new message instead of bouncing to the top like normal. Luckily the folks at Motorola have already began working on a fix for this issue, unfortunately we just don't know exactly when that will be ready. So if you are one of the unlucky folks who are experiencing this bug, hold tight, a fix is on the way. [Motorola Support via Phandroid]

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cea1203 says:

I Have ZERO issues after my update ??? as a matter of fact the phone is much better than ever after the update !!! I am thrilled !!

ozco says:

I guess I'm experiencing a bug similar to this on the droid x...or maybe I'm just misreading what your saying. (Or possibly what I'm experiencing is just user error heh) When I come back to the conversation after receiving a text the conversation is at the beginning...which can sometimes be a days worth of texts, of course the new big scroll tab added with froyo (i think) makes this an easy fix...or backing out and selecting that convo again brings me to the newest. Just seemed weird... not a deal breaker I still love the phone...until something cooler catches my fancy.

jaysolanes says:

I have the same exact problem.

Happyslap says:

i have the same issue and i have found it happens when shifting from portrait to landscape.

QBert says:

I've had this issue - conversation going to first message in thread when shifting from portrait to landscape - since day 1 with my X, so it's not just a froyo thing. Wish they would fix it though. Along with the issue noted in this article...

As a side bar though, I thought vzw had such stringent demands on their testing of new os's - how does a bug like this make it out of the testing phase?

VMdoug says:

I have an EVO and I'm having SMS issues...The "received" time shows as 5 hours in the future instead of the current time. I doesn't happen on all texts, just some...weird issue

bholmes says:

Since 2.2 I am unable to completely silence the phone. The lowest it will go is to vibrate.

tdrus1 says:

Heres to hoping they sneak a few other fixes into this patch.

shamefulzero says:

yeah like the rebooting! that i was hoping would be fixed when 2.2 came out.

john_5_24 says:

Now if only they would fix all the other issues that have popped up since 2.2....

Mudvayne622 says:

Am I going to lose root when this gets pushed? Or is that only for major updates? Also i wish they would fix the wifi. Since 2.2 it loses connection occasionally . I didnt have that problem using the first leaked 2.2. Also i still cant get it to stay connected for more than a few seconds while using an N connection so Im currently using G.

Straight from motorola, "SOON".

davidnc says:

I read the wifi issue was a motorola mistake , they admited in breaking some routers the netgear wndr 3700 dual band, being the most affected I fixed mine , I restored my defaults to router and then added back my settings except with s set to WPA2-PSK [AES] instead of WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] , I wished they would fix that htc worked fine after their update

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icebike says:

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ShaneOryan says:

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coltsbr says:

I have the same problem but does not seem to be a big deal but will be nice to get it fixed.

shamefulzero says:

is anyone elses lock screen extremely laggy? its not smooth at all on mine.

john_5_24 says:

Yes, terrible and I no longer have the option of bypassing it.

RedBank says:

yes...very much so. since my X is only a week old...i had no idea it was abnormal for it to lag like it does...

wg#AC says:

This was a problem on the leaked beta. When I installed the beta it was annoying at first but I got use to it so much that when I did update to the OTA 2.2 I did not even realize it was still doing it.. I am glad to hear they are working on the problem.

You mean to tell me that motorola didn't catch this before they released 2.2??

How about a fix so I can go straight to silent from vibrate without having to go edit my settings? Pretty annoying when your phone vibrates in your pocket in a silent college classroom.

JagoX says:

Anyone have a problem where when using Google Navigation it sometimes locks up and after about a minute or so the phone reboots? It seems to have been less of a problem with 2.2 but it is still annoying.

Thinking of taking my phone to a VZW store to see if I can get a replacement.

Lambo28806 says:

Does anyone else not like the upgraded multitouch keyboard in 2.2? I thought the keyboard was much better in 2.1. To get a comma you simply double tapped the period button and now that is gone, and it seems the word correction or anticipation is worse in 2.2. Haven't seen comments on this and was wondering if anyone else felt the same.

Edwordless says:

I agree. I was really liking the swype input, but now it makes more mistakes than ever, often inserting strings of random characters, not even words. May have to go back to touch typing if it isn't resolved:(

Talon0000 says:

Has anyone else tested the HDMI out? I am on 2.2 and my Driod X will freeze just the screen when watching a video now. This worked on 2.1. I already did a factory reset - even erasing the Google backup data.

The Swype keyboard is nice and it has the comma via one-press of a button.