Force yourself to Flex and enhance your fitness tracking

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Cali and Daniel were able to catch up with Lindsay Cook from Fitbit to check out some of the new devices that they brought to consumers in 2013. Showing off the Fitbit Flex and the Fitbit Force they give us a rundown of the features of each product.

Luckily Fitbit has recently released an update which allowed for compatibility with more Android devices so syncing on the go is even easier. Be sure to check out the full interview above to catch all the great stuff that Fitbit has going on.


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Fitbit talks best-in-class fitness tracking #CESlive


Just ordered one. Moving from a Jawbone up to this. Only thing missing for me is heart rate. Now I can leave my watch & Up band at home, sync with BT and soon see calls coming in. Almost covers all my needs.

Cali is hot....didn't skip a single second! Think i'm going to buy a force when out in the UK. Apparently available in the spring :(

Ive had my Fitbit Force for roughly two weeks now, excellent product. It is a wonderful motivator in helping you get your butt moving. Coupled with the huge range of apps that work with the FitBit, it is quite great.

I prefer the Flex, because it's water-resistant. I go to the beach a lot, and don't want to have to take it off!

I have a Fitbit Zip and absolutely love it... it does what the others do with the exception of sleep tracking. I didn't need to track sleep patterns so I opted for the less (way less) expensive Fitbit Zip... Synched with My Fitness Pal and auto adds meals / calories to both apps. (HaPpY girl)

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Their support for Android is too little too late for me which is why I opted for Withings instead. Regardless it is good to see Google finally get onboard with the required BT stack to enable this segment and others create 'accessories' for Android. It is long overdue.

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Was real excited for this bought a force right after Christmas. It worked all of 3 days. Now the display won't stay responsive. Am currently waiting on their tech support to get back to me. When it worked, I really liked it.

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I almost like my force. The band is less than reliable - having almost lost the device by just putting on or taking off a heavy winter coat. Why not use a normal clasp or velcro? This rubber contraption has got to go. And I really, really with it had a heart monitor. Maybe next generation...

Okay... Bought a flex and the band is fine after 2-3 snaps... Also bought the aria scale and it fucking sucks. I'm an amateur bodybuilder, and it said I weighed 227, then 350 with 42 and 37% body fat respectively... I work at a hospital and do biometric screenings weekly... I weigh 217, and have 13% body fat. Love the flex, returning the scale tomorrow...

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