Fitbit app Dashboard redesign makes your exercises look better, at least in data form

The Fitbit app for Android today received an update that's brought a much-appreciated visual refresh to the app's Dashboard feature. The Dashboard, which gives you a visual overview of the exercises that the Fitbit tracker has logged, has been reskinned to present the data in a more pleasing fashion. Not only does the redesign now fit more data on a single screen, it does so with bigger text to boot.

In addition to the visual refresh, the Fitbit app update has also brought with it support for the Italian languagae, the ability to upload profile photos from your phone, and a handful of bug fixes. Version 1.9.4 of Fitbit for Android is available now for free from the Google Play Store.

If you are a Fitbit user, you should definitely consider joining the Mobile Nations #MobileFit month Fitbit Group Challenge! We're already up over 600 members!


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Fitbit redesign makes your exercises look better, at least in data form


I got real close to buying one of these when I read about the Fitbit challenge. But I cannot figure out for the life of me how it is a benefit. I would love to try this but my wife is already on my ass for all the little gadgets I buy as it is.
In my career I stand, walk around and lift metal all day as it is already.
I could be very wrong about this but the best I can tell all it does is track your movement. Now if it tracked my heart rate throughout the day that I would be very interested in.

I bought a flex five days ago, and to be honest it is not worth buying. The flex tracks steps and sleep. The sleep tracker is somewhat accurate. I wake up at several times throughout the night and it counts these times as "restless," but rarely as "awake." It is still interesting to note the times when this occurs and the fact that I seem to sleep for longer periods of time that it feels like when I wake up in the morning.
The activity tracker is a strange creature. I work in a 911 center a few days out of the week which basically means I sit and don't move around much. By the end of the shift, I will have accumulated a couple thousand steps just by moving my arms around. It still takes a three mile run in the evening to hit the 10,000 steps that the app sets as the daily goal. Other people say they get to the goal in their daily routine. In my case, having a GPS in the device would help a lot because I could use it to track actual distances when exercising, but that really isn't the point of the device.
If you just want something to help motivate you to be more active, this will help. At $100, it is a lot to ask though. Try to find one on discount.

Thanks for the reply.
If I can find one for about 60 dollars I will give it a try.
Since it's tracking just movement and not heart rate I can't seem to figure out how it can accurately figure calories burned throughout the day.
As a motivational tool I could see where this would be useful. I am curious to see how many steps I make in a day though.

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My biggest gripe about fitbit with my htc one m8. It is so wrong when counting calories burned.

I was pretty lazy yesterday and only did 1.3 miles but yet the app said i burned 2210 calories.
Just by looking at this screenshot above

3k steps - 24 minutes active 938 calories burned? Not possible.

On Friday I did 11 miles took 23k steps and my nike fuelband recorded i burned 1105 calories. Fitbit said 4560.

Anybody out there having issues with calorie data on the htc one m8 and fitbit app?

I just got my Fitbit yesterday, so I can't be sure, but is it possible that Nike is only counting your exercise calories and Fitbit is taking your basal metabolism into account?

Also, congrats on the 11-mile run. My goal is just to get up to six miles at a time by the end of the month.

People are saying in the Play Store that this update broke the Calories counter and also the steps. I think I will pass on this update.