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Fitbit is one of the more popular choices in the personal fitness tracking space, and today at CES the latest device in the range has been introduced. The Fitbit Flex takes the form of a waterproof wristband. Like the existing devices in the range, it records information such as steps and total distance covered and sends this information to your personal website. The Flex will also keep track of your sleep, but with no buttons to enter sleep mode as on the other devices, you'll have to use either the mobile apps or the website. 

Speaking of the mobile apps, one massive drawback to the current iteration of the Fitbit Android application, is the lack of syncing. All that is set to change beginning from the end of January or early February. It will start to offer Bluetooth 4.0 syncing -- initially, only to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2, with more devices "coming soon." 

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firstdegree says:

Finally getting the mobile sync capabilities already available for iOS. Makes my Fitbit ONE much more appealing.

kenyee says:

The Samsung S3 doesn't support Bluetooth 4.0 LE. Unless they wrote their own Bluetooth stack or used a 3rd party library, which will break when the S3 gets upgraded to Android 4.2 which has a new Bluetooth stack.

Android Central really needs to cover the mess that is Bluetooth 4.0 LE. I submitted an article proposal to Jeremy about it in the past, but I don't understand why there's no interest. This is one area where iOS and Windows Phone are kicking the crap out of Android :-P

Who's Jeremy ;-)

digmys says:

Pretty sure the S3 and HTC's latest phones (One Series and the EVO) support this. Along with some of Motorola's RAZR line.

kenyee says:

Hardware Yes. Software (built into Android OS) a huge RESOUNDING NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Yes, I have tested it w/ a BLE 4.0 heart rate monitor (HxM's). Totally broken. Looked at programming it. It's a huge ugly mess. There are 3rd party libraries that hook into the Android OS, but Google broke all this when they rewrote the bluetooth stack in Android 4.2.

Seriously needs an article written...and I even offered to write it for AC in case they weren't technical enough :-P

p.s., forgot to mention the Moto Razor Maxx is the only one I know of that has BLE 4.0 support, but it was broken w/ an Android OS update last I heard...the HTC OneX+ might have it as well, but I haven't heard of anyone successfully using it.
There are a lot of gripes in a longggggg bug thread on the Android bug tracking site...

ju12zo says:

(Loosely related)
Fitness Android app features coming soon. I heard that from Nike a year ago when I got a Fuelband. Then they said by end of Summer, then end of the year I think... Needless to say 2 Fuelbands later I've yet to see any app for it and have stopped holding my breath.

Fitbit may have my interest as I just returned my final Fuelband. It crashed as a result of a firmware update.

gtricecakes says:

Well, at least they have an app now, just need to get the sync capability for Android devices. Better than the Fuel Band. And you can sync via computer from what I understand.

I bought my nike fuel band when I had my iphone but now that i have an S3/Note2 its pointless because I can't bluetooth sync my stats lol. I'm awaiting android app for nike fuel band :)

svinyard says:

WHY no heart rate monitor? This is low hanging fruit. Anyone with a brain is going to simply add this in and one-up them with a vastly better, more accurate product and than just a fancy pedometer.

mkizer says:

They should have taken something like this and added the pedometer and other features.

I have a FitBit (original), but may get the One if the Android update comes out eventually.

Now I have an excuse to buy a GS3, so my wife can in turn get a new fitbit and sync it.

Grimmy says:

I hope they add syncing for the Nexus 4 soon. (I believe it supports Bluetooth 4?)

a2Squard says:

Yes they need to add syncing for the Nexus 4 as well (it supports Bluetooth 4.0) - I like my original Fitbit but having to sync via PC is a little lame at times (and I forget to as well)

icebike says:

Having to go to your computer to tell the unit you are going to sleep seems pretty counter productive. Why can't they determine this automatically?

hunleyd says:

That's not how it works. You simply go to sleep like normal. When you wake up, you login to their site and say 'I went to bed at nn:nn and woke up at nn:nn' and it re-examines its data for that time period and recomputes it as sleep/wake cycle instead of active/inactive movement cycles.

It's really not /that/ bad. But having a button you could press when you go to bed and again when you get up would be even better.

moradroid says:

My wife and I use the Fitbit and Aria scale. I use the Android app to log my food. I am a big fan. I would like to have the ability to sync the Fitbit content with my phone but its not a deal breaker. Our desktop upstairs can detect both our devices and syncs them within 20 feet range. I would prefer the wrist band though. Sometimes I forget my device when changing my clothes. Overall I am happy with it and recommend it.