The Samsung Galaxy S was probably the phone of 2010 for much of the world. And Samsung is gearing up for the launch of its successor, the Galaxy S 2, in a big way and has seen fit to upload its first commercial for your viewing pleasure. We would recommend not trying the acts shown in the video at home as technology and water rarely play nice. [YouTube]


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First Samsung Galaxy S II commercial


Maybe they should have used a lizard or something so they would not get all the "Waterproof" complaints later. You know most people will not read that "Not Waterproof" warning in the top left corner.

Why in the world would Samsung put out a commercial like this? I hope I don't offend anybody, but the average consumer is dumb, they'll believe whatever they see on TV. And there are a million other ways to show that your device has an awesome display.

Did you see that poor little girl trying to pinch-zoom in vain? And then she tossed the phone in the fish bowl in frustration. Why would they highlight this shortcoming? ;-)

The music sounds like an iphone commercial.... Smh Samsung why do you want to be like apple? Just be yourself....

I wonder if it will debut without froyo like the other galaxy phones? Seriously, aren't vzw samsung owners STILL waiting for 2.2? Samsung makes sweet devices, but if they aren't willing to update them for the consumer, why would I buy one? Even the Dinc, and Droid X will get 2.3 soon, and samsung just recently put out 2.2 for the S line? Epic fail (pun intended). This is why HTC makes the best until Samsung can match their Customer Support.

They update their phones just fine outside of the US, Gingerbread coming this month. If the US versions come with froyo its because of some carrier bloatware.

I must admit, I'm impressed, but updates are key to continued longevity on android. The fiasco on the Galaxy experienced across all providers was ridiculous. My dollars will go to Evo 3D on Sprint. I keep my Evo clear of any moisture. That was a neat trick. That's gonna be a hit at parties far far & wide.