We (and you) have been anxiously been awaiting the official Droid 2 announcement with a little more information about when we may actually see this device. Unfortunately, we don't have a date or anything just yet, but a lucky reader appears to have deciphered some code that was on the Droid Does site, revealing the sequel inside a Flash file. Sure, we may have seen it a time or two or even three, but this appears to be the first official style image we have seen for the device. So, Verizon, what gives? How about an official announcement for all us eagerly waiting? [via Engadget]


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First 'official' Droid 2 pictures decoded


How is this more official that droid life's? an engadget stamp doesn't make it more official to me :\

Maybe the fact that these come direct from a Verizon corporate owned website, placed there by a paid Verizon employee or contractor, and were approved for use by official Verizon PR people.

yeah too bad the bootloader is completely locked. with the bootloader locked they shouldn't even be able to call this a Droid. Motorola wtf is wrong with you morons

Who said the bootloader was locked on this. It was locked on the Droid X, but the original Droid wasn't obviously.

We'll just have to wait and see.

Motorola has said that going forward locked bootloaders will be the default. The Droid 1 was an aberration in that respect. They've made it clear that they are not in the business of making developer phones, and don't want to be. This is why I'll be switching to a Samsung phone after my Droid 1 contract is up.

Faster cpu and bigger keys with the dpad gone.. tons of people still want a keyboard and this is the answer.

Yeah for real its got the same guts as the x but they crap out on the camera. I would have liked to see a few more mp like 8 maybe. Also moto said the Droid 1 was special.

For a phone that's supposedly on their "summer lineup" catalog this sure is taking FOR.EV.R. to be announced. Come on and release it already! I want a fast, midsize phone with a keyboard! The Droid 1 is so last year.

... the back of it just looks like the back of a Droid 1 with VERY slight variations. Same with the front. 5 MP camera? No front facing camera (from what I can see)? I'm assuming that the only major difference will be the keyboard. Whomp whomp. Just give me a Droid X with a front facing camera, please.

What? just because IPHONE 4 has front camera every phone is expected to have one now? And who cares about HDMI port, whos ever really gonna use that. I dont want to walk around with a 3ft cord in my pocket anyway. LOOSSSSEEERRRSSS

HDMI port is a must! That way we don't have to squint at our porn so much. :-)I can just plug it into my 23" wide screen.

An HDMI out would be great, ESPECIALLY when Netflix makes the streaming app for Android. Also, a front facing camera will be great when Skype enables video chat for Android. Two things to think about for the future.

I'm not saying all these things are necessary, but why should I invest in a new phone if there isn't a huge hardware difference? As far as I can tell, I have no reason to upgrade my Droid 1 (yet).

It's still 2009 for you isn't it? Like Groundhog Day. Must suck. Advice - Put some money on the Saints, the Lakers, and Gold hitting 1200.

HDMI great for netflix on TV? Jeeze you dont need phone for that. Netflix is everywhere now. dont need it on cell phone. and SKYPE? come on how ofen are you gonna use that.

Honestly, it looks to me like it is a faked photo shop rendering of a Droid 1. Notice the inconsistent look you get between left and right down on the lower part of the phone. it does not match the styling of the rest of the phone. Just my 2 cents though.

I'm just wondering why Motorola decided to rearrange the bottom buttons on the Droid X and Droid 2 compared to the Droid 1. That will be annoying to get used to.