Three Intel-powered handsets priced between $100 and 200

ASUS delivered a whopping six new Android devices at its CES press conference today, including three new Intel-powered handsets at a variety of screen sizes and price points. All three sport similar physical designs, reminiscent of HTC's One and Butterfly series. There's a gentle curve to the back, with flattened sides and ASUS's new Zen UI running the show, atop Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. We've taken our first look at the new Zenfone handsets from the floor of ASUS's presser today, and come away reasonably impressed with the company's efforts.

The Zenfone 4, 5 and 6 will sell for $99, $149 and $199 when they go on sale later this year. Check out our first look hands-on video above; we've got more photos after the break.


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First look at the ASUS Zenfone 4, 5 and 6


It didn't even occur to me until I read the above comments that these might be on-contract prices. I hope they are off-contract prices.

I'll use the 5 for work as a voice recorder/ camera and install easy voice recorder along with Google Drive. Perfect. This way i can leave my N7 and iPod Touch at home.

the big print giveth, the small print taketh

I saying prices above is off contract. I don't think so ATT, T mobile, Sprint or Verizon will carry Asus phones in there stores. the 5 inch looks sexy.
If the prices listed is on contract, who cares!! will get nexus 6 this year

All are 720p, smaller two aren't very high mega pixel, he mentions in the video they are cheap, may very well be off contract...

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Holy. Asus padfone coming to America and $199 off contract phones. Go asus.

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Don't know why you would get this over a moto g unless you live in a different country

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Because the Zen phone 5 is 50 bucks cheaper and offers what looks to be a far superior camera. And I'm a happy owner of a Moto G, though I'm starting to feel a little buyers remorse since I got it only 2 weeks ago.

Shut up and take my money!

P.S., First time I use that joke because I actually really feel like throwing money to the monitor.

Too bad Asus didn't use new bay trail chips inside. Still looks like awsome value.

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It's less than US$200 UNLOCKED! I just got my Zonfone 5, and I'm very satisfied with it. It's very nicely constructed with great cameras & love the duel SIM card feature since I travel internationally.