ASUS Padfone

While we may be waiting on the arrival of the new ASUS Padfone Infinity, it could be easy to forget about the first generation Padfone. The one that started it all for ASUS and their phone/tablet hybrid range first properly appeared back at MWC 2012, but ASUS sure hasn't forgotten about it. An update is now available for the device which bumps it up to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. 

Currently, two variations on the update are out in the wild, a worldwide version and a Chinese version. There are a few ASUS specific improvements bundled in, such as improved File Manager, camera functions, scrapbook functions and supporting NTFS and EX FAT format SD cards. But, ultimately the headline is all about Jelly Bean, and the improvements it brings along such as Project Butter and Google Now. 

It's a hefty update, weighing in at 579MB, and download links for both versions can be found at the source link below. 

Source: ASUS


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First generation ASUS Padfone gets bumped up to Jelly Bean


Nice. Don't own a PadFone myself but its nice that ASUS hasn't forgotten this OG machine. I'm still longing for a version to come to Canada, and I so want to see Ubuntu for Phones on this thing.

Been using the original Padfone for about a year now (May'12). Got the 1st JB update in Feb. Minor bugs since then, but overall an awesome device. Kudos to ASUS for pioneering this concept! Loved, and still loving it!

i tell ya what, the OG padfone was a SWEET device. a gorgeous "retina" display, onscreen keys, dedicated HDMI port (a quite understated feature), an SD slot, and one of the first Snapdragon S4 CPUs. at the time, even without the dock, it was a brilliant device. i'm quite disappointed i never was able to get my hands on one.

I still find myself wishing Asus would release the same exact device of the padfone, but without the dock, just as a standalone phone, so us americans would have a shot at it.