Communicate without plugins, bump with your friends, and rest your eyes at night with the latest update for Firefox

The Firefox browser has been updated to version 24 for Android, and there's quite the change log in place. WebRTC (Real Time Communications) support has been added, which will allow users to send and receive both audio and video without the use of any plug-ins on properly built web sites. This is the future, boys and girls.

In addition, users with capable phones can now share any open tab via NFC. Bump your NFC-equipped phone against another NFC-equipped phone, and the magic of electrons will send it right over. 

Add in a few minor, but handy, details like a new Night Mode (light text on a dark background) and this is shaping up to be one heck of an update for fans of Mozilla's open-source mobile browser. To give it a try check the Google Play link above.

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Firefox update brings WebRTC and NFC tab sharing to Android version


I have been using Chrome for awhile, but am very disappointed that it crashes all the time. This could be the replacement browser I have been looking for.

Might have to give it a shot. Chrome is, inconsistent at best and I find I do not use the Chrome specific features at all.

Jerry, I need a primer on WebRTC. Do you need a "client" still? Like if you go to the Google hangouts page on the web? Or Facebook video chat? IM?

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Thanks. For the other "helpful" posters - I couldn't find it when I searched using my Mosaic browser.

I have been waiting on the NFC feature, but I didn't really know it, it can come in handy with sideloading APKS and quickly sharing between my phone and tablet. Thanks FireFox.

You mean the one where you:

  • Turn off the device's built-in security
  • Visit a completely unknown weblink
  • Say yes when asked if you want to install a file you didn't ask for or want?

I call that proof that Darwin was right. 



Night Mode is the only useful thing in Firefox that I'm missing in MiniBrowser. Otherwise I still prefer MiniBrowser Pro because it is much faster + has adblock + supports flash player + catches video links for download.

Na, can't remember where i read it, think another Android site. It said don't download or use Firefox browser till they patch it up. If i remember right it had a way of downloading a harmful apk or something without your knowledge. I just saw the dolphin update so I'm guessing it's fixed. But just odd Noone mentioned it here also.

Yeah its on Android Police. Just type in Firefox. Seemed pretty worrisome. But maybe that sites a joke. Idk.

I am very excited about this release because I love WebRTC. Recently I built a demo project that lets you do multiparty video, audio, and text chat using WebRTC and all code is open sourced on github. If you'd like to see the superb quality of WebRTC on firefox feel free to check it out: