Earlier this week we showed you a very early build of Firefox for Android, and those who may have tried to install it noticed that the file was extremely large in size. And slow. As we all know, this was nowhere near to be debuted as an alpha, let alone a beta, but people decided to give it a shot anyways. It appears as though they have continued their efforts, and continued to work towards improving it, and the update looks a bit more on the usable side. Unfortunately at this time, they are still not ready to release nightly builds at this time, but they appear to be more keen on the idea that it will be happening soon. Be sure to check out the another video of this running on a Nexus One after the jump, and stay tuned for further updates on the development of Firefox for Android. [via Vlad Blog]



Reader comments

New Firefox build looks much better


I am very satisfied with my Nexus One native Google Browser. It's very smooth, loads all pages beautifully, performs multi-touch very smoothly too. It's very robust. Why add another browser that has similar features?

Along that line of reasoning we wouldn't need any browser other than Internet Explorer on our PCs. And look how many alternatives we have! They all do the same function, that is, displaying web pages, but they're all different in small ways. People just like to have a choice. And if the Mozilla guys get it right, Fennec will be the healthy competition to the native browser, that will push Google to keep improving it. You benefit from this too...

This does looking promising. I like the idea of sliding the screen to the left, right, or down to get to the info you need. Because you can then utilize the full screen.

While I am pretty excited to see what Firefox will bring to the table, it will take ALOT to overcome a browser called "xScope"