We've gotten so many e-mails about when Tap Tap Revenge might be coming to Android, we started to think there might be some sort of conspiracy afoot. But coming it is, and we've gotten a look at it. Gameplay is exactly as you'd expect, and the music list is the same as on other platforms.

Tap Tap takes advantage of Google's new in-app payment system, so you'll be able to buy new songs and get back to tapping your little fingers off in no time.

A tablet version is in the works, with reworked gameplay and a UI better suited for larger screens.

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TheBronze says:

So I saw the headline yesterday and then again today with a video. Intrigued, I clicked the video to see what all the noise was about.

Wow. What a dissapointment! Thats it? tap the screen as little balls and sticks come streaming down? Maybe there is more? Tap tap experience? Is this 1985?

djrollerx#AC says:

What the hell? This is no different than guitar hero for a mobile device! Sure, this would've been really cool 5 years ago, but you really expect me to pay money for that? Not a chance.