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Dunno about you, but if I were looking for a job with Research in Motion -- as in the folks who make the BlackBerry -- I'm not sure if I'd turn to an Android app to do so. But that's exactly what Jobs in Motion does. It's a relatively nice Android app that shows you the latest RIM job openings, lets you share and save them, and even ties into Twitter, Facebook and Linked In.

And probably the most ironic thing? It looks about 100 times better on an Android smartphone than on a BlackBerry. Go figure.

Uh, download links are after the break.

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Jokes, play-on-words, and inevitable hatred/ridicule commencing in 3...2....1...

xemtra says:


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voiceonly says:

I would love a RIM Job! hahahahahaha

I'm guessing this app would just give you a "No Results Found" In about 12months.

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Robbzilla says:

You all missed the best part.... Rim Job OPENINGS!

El Jefe says:

"RIM job openings,..."

Come on, Phil, there are kids on this site. LOL!

stoneworrior says:

I want a good job in the up and coming blacksmith field myself, it'll be around longer.

*sigh*... and it looks so much nicer than the BlackBerry version of this app :/

fyrfyter says:

Someone better grab a screenshot when the listing includes a new CEO, instead of Co-CEOs!