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A quick heads up for any Sonos owners that might have taken an interest in the brand new Beats Music service; you'll be able to fill your whole house with as much of it as you can handle. Sonos already offers support for most of the leading music services out there, so we didn't for one minute expect Beats Music to be left out. Beats Music should be showing up in your Sonos Controller app – link up top if you need it – if not now, then very soon alongside the other supported services. 

That's about all there is to it. If you're in the U.S,  a Sonos owner and also curious about the new Beats Music service, sign up, turn it up to 11 and have at it. 

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Fill your whole house with Beats Music on Sonos


Yeah, we have sonos speakers at work, but I miss google play music (all access) functionality.

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I really don't like Sonos. An expensive wireless speaker without a battery that you can only use with selected services through its application? Am I missing something here? Why not just get a Jambox?

Because with the Sonos you can have different music in every different room if you want. With the Jambox you can only have the same music playing on all units. You can also pair up the Sonos speakers for stereo. Again...Jambox doesn't have that capability as far as I know.

Sonos is also able to scale better.

Yes, they are a little expensive. We just got a couple of the speakers a few weeks ago. So far I love it. Maybe I'll change my mind at some point in the future but for now it's great.

Plus Jambox doesn't work directly with Spotify, Beats Music, Amazon Cloud etc etc. It doesn't have an alarm system, a killer app, widget etc etc.

Sonos and Jambox are completely different devices. Jambox is just a bluetooth speaker.

Sonos is a replacement for a high end home audio system, where Jambox/Beats Pill/etc. are for portability. They are two different creatures.

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