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$5 per month or $45 per year; early adopters can get Feedly Pro for life today for $99

With the demise of Google Reader, Feedly has emerged as one of the main players in the RSS world. Today it's announcing a premium reader service, which includes many frequently-requested features that are absent from the free version. Feedly Pro subscribers will get the ability to search within feeds, just like in the Google Reader days, HTTPS browsing for added security, and one-click saving to Evernote. What's more, pro users are promised "premium support" should they run into any difficulties.

Feedly Pro will become available later in the year for $5 per month or $45 per year, but if you want to get in on the ground floor, Feedly is offering lifetime membership for $99 up-front. There are just 5,000 slots available, but after paying your $99 you'll get immediate access to Feedly Pro. The money, Feedly says, will go towards financing hardware and developing further features. A word of warning, though — Feedly Pro's features are currently only available via the web, though the company says these new capabilities will be hitting mobile and the Feedly Cloud API "shortly."

While the deal is likely aimed at news junkies, professionals and bloggers rather than regular users, the launch of a paid RSS service represents a bold and unusual move when so many competing services are free of charge. So will you be jumping onboard with Feedly Pro, or are you sticking with a free reader service? Shout out in the comments.

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Feedly Pro unveiled: Article search, HTTPS, Evernote save and more


Been using Feedly since it was just a Firefox extension, been a big supporter of their work. I feel they're brimming with arrogance right now and kind of regret ever promoting them to my circles now. All of us loyal users have been without our widget for months now, while they ponce around with the Feedly Pro. There's bugs all over the place (as detailed in beta testing). Have some class Edwin & co, remember your loyal users first.

99 for life would be the way to go but its not that much of a good benefit unless you use it everyday

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I doubt that this is going to work at all. They are (IMHO) currently the best alternative to Google Reader, but it won't be long until someone picks up Google reader and is able to finance servers by ad revenue. The pricing is not right. Almost no one will pay a monthly fee, or if they do it will be for a couple of months until something more reasonable comes along. and even the $99 early adopters is about $70 too much. I'd give them $30 to help them with their development, but not $100.

I currently use Feedly but it has so many bugs that the moment a slightly better alternative appears I will switch without ever looking back.

For me, all Feedly is used for is the cloud service. I instead use Greader as my rss reader. Paying $5 per month could be better put towards necessities....as well as the one time payment for lifetime access of $99. Not everyone can afford recurring charges every single month and stretching the income out to cover all other monthly payments plus necessities. Charge a one time fee of $5 to $15 for the app license and I'm in. I'll start looking for an alternative myself.

I agree. I haven't touched feedly since I started using greader a couple months ago.

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Although Feedly is great, I end up using sharkreader.com as it seems faster, and new features come out constantly.

It still looks like it is in testing though, but works good for me, both on mobile and desktop. Wish they had an android app.

I really like Feedly, and it's my regular reader, but I have to agree that the currently listed pro service is priced significantly too high. I'd imagine they will generate much less revenue with that pricing than with a lower cost option that I bet many more users would go for, such as a pro app purchase or even the pro service subscription they're talking about now, but at something more like $9.99/year.

This sounds like a bad Kickstarter project. Feed.ly is improving, and it has become my replacement for Reader, but I think I'll spend my bucks on bad beer and day-old sushi.

Ya know, I'd pay for feedly if it actually worked consistently. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to start reading something in feedly and have it crash. This is the norm on my iPad and Nexus 7. Not worth any money...

Like others I've been using gReader with the feedly cloud which I appreciate them providing it to other developers. I wish them the best but so far their actions don't justify a $5 monthly fee or $45 yearly fee. Widget has been broken for months and the app itself is a mess.

Fix what you have before worrying about getting money, or charge from the beginning. I understand doing services like this is stressful as evident by the old reader essentially shutting down.