Feedly Pro

More functionality, security and support for a modest fee

Following the retirement of Google Reader, Feedly has taken the reins as the go-to choice for RSS news for many of us and is now offering a "Pro" tier of service for a modest amount of money. A limited number of early adopters were allowed in on a $99 lifetime subscription deal when the Pro service was first announced, but now everyone will have the opportunity to get in at either $5 per month or $45 per year.

Feedly Pro offers many features not offered in the free version, such as searching within individual feeds, HTTPS secure browsing and one-click saving to Pocket and Evernote. If you ever have issues using Feedly, Pro offers "premium support" for technical issues as well. Feedly says more Pro features will be introduced "regularly", and that Pro users will get a vote in what features are developed.

The first-party Feedly app is the first to integrate Pro features, naturally, but Feedly says it is working to bring all of the Pro features to the Feedly Cloud API so that any app can offer them if you're a Pro subscriber. 

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Reader comments

Feedly Pro now available to everyone, $5 per month or $45 per year


While I use Feedly every day, I wouldn't pay for it as it is still too buggy. It consistently fails to marks articles as 'read' so I continue to see the same articles. As I don't need any of the 'pro' features, I see no point in paying for it.

Still, it is better than nothing with Google Reader gone but I miss Google Reader.

If you go to GReader using the Feedly back end you get the best of both worlds.

GReader is so configurable you can have your feeds any way you like, text only, pictures, no pictures, Web view (for those feeds that only send a snippit) and web-view passed thru Google's read text view (which dumps everything from the page but the text). You can configure it PER feed, so it behaves differently depending on the source.

It has search built in, share, send and to Pocket.

gReader pro is still one of the the best feed readers out there.

I don't mind paying Feedly something, but $45/yr is out of the question. Even 5 dollars per year from a few million users would add up to cover their costs.

Price seems insane to me. There are tons of amazing apps out there that are often $5 or less, one time price. This includes many RSS readers when Google Reader was still alive Feedly is okay as an app but still has some bugs. But no matter how much they improve it, it is still basically an RSS reader and a recurring price for this is ridiculous.

Seems high to me for recurring cost. One time $10 maybe. I do miss the searching especially. I also used to occasionally use the save to pocket but not enough that I really miss it. I won't be going pro.

HTTPS and one click saving to pocket are not Pro only features. Says it right in the blog post that is linked to in the article.....

I abandoned Feedly a while ago. I don't trust them. Why do you have to have a Google account to use their service? You should be able to create a Feedly account. I moved on to The Old Reader and gReader.

Not that I want this, as I use gReader, but it still amazes me that people will plop down $5 or more for a freaking coffee but yet $5 is too much for an app they will use for a while. Bizarre to say the least.

I'm still glad I went with Tiny Tiny RSS and have complete control of my feeds now. It is nice not being dependent on someone else's server.