Nexus Two/Nexus S

It's admittedly tough to officially delay an unofficial device. But TechCrunch is reporting that's exactly whats happened to the fabled Nexus Two/Nexus S, the rumored Samsung device that may or may not be along the lines of a Galaxy S running a stock version of Android 2.3.

Head TechCruncher Michael Arrington doesn't have any sort of launch date, delayed or otherwise, but his unnamed sources apparently tell him that a showstopping bug was found fairly late in the game.

And that poses a couple of questions: It makes sense that this sort of device might be announced alongside Gingerbread. And we know Gingerbread is coming -- just look at the statue on Google's campus. So will Gingerbread launch by its lonesome? Or will it be held in waiting for new hardware? News at 11, folks. [via TechCrunch]

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Fabled Nexus Two/Nexus S reportedly is delayed (until when is another matter)


Wish they would announce gingerbread I wanna know what's changing. And I wonder if the bug has anything to do with the GPS...

oh god....say it ain't so. I want this phone already. imo, What would be totally cool is if the 3 main android manufacturers (moto, samsung, htc) each came out with their own Nexus phone along with the vanilla Android 2.3 announcement. That way, for those that hate Samsung will at least have a few more choices.

The last line of Arrington's article is wonderful: "The phone, though, is a beauty, we’ve heard, as is Gingerbread."

The rumor started as a trial balloon. Posted to blogs, all comments were read and Google told Samsung to ditch the plastic. That's the bug.

HTC design, Moto can collaborate to get a better battery, Samsung for the SAMOLED screen between 4"-4.3"and maybe that Orion processor, perhaps Tegra2 for gaming considerations. Vanilla Android. Availability on all carriers. I'll pay the $500 unsubsidized this time. Please, it's unbecoming to see a grown man beg and well up.

oh that's not a bad idea....all 3 manufacturers contributing to the next nexus with their strong point making the ultimate device all us android fan will drool for. of course, we dont live in that world.

Moto would lock it down.
Sammy would make it out of cheap plastic and a broken slow File system
HTC would put all kinds of cool things in but refuse to turn them on
LG would make it a teenebopper device
Nokia would refuse to release it in the US
Apple would sue all of the above.

A camel is a horse designed by committee.

for 2000.. Samsung should never have been allowed to sell all those galaxy phones w/GPS issues. After software updates, they still aren't working correctly.

It looks JUST like the Vibrant..I lost my nexus and just bought a vibrant. Personally I wish it gets delayed for at least another year because I know I'm going to want it and I dont want to upgrade anytime soon.