3GJuice Android Lunchbox

We travel quite a bit, which means we're always looking for ways to keep our phones charged while on the go. And the folks at 3GJuice sent us a fun little charger to try out. It's called the Android Lunchbox, and it's a nifty little 1000mAh battery that can keep you going in a pinch.

First off, it's a tiny little thing, about 1.5-inches square, 5/8 of an inch thick, and weighs 1.5 ounces. So you can slip it in your pocket and not get goofy looks. The front of the battery has a mirror finish. When you're charging the Lunchbox, little red arrows tell you its progress, and they blink when it's all juiced up.

Then there's the shining feature. While most external batteries need to be charged using the old miniUSB plugs (not many phones use them anymore, so it's one more cable to carry), the Android Lunchbox charges with miniUSB and microUSB. Nice.

But wait, there's more. tucked inside a little rubber flap on the back are miniUSB and microUSB plugs for charging your devices. Handy, indeed, though don't try to charge two devices at once. And you'll need to remember that this only a 1000mAh battery -- most phones now have a 1500mAh battery (or thereabouts), so you're not going to get back to 100 percent from dead. But it's great for keeping topped off, or in an emergency. You can buy a 3GJuice Amazon Lunchbox on Amazon for $30.

We've got more pics of it in action after the break. And as a special treat, we've got a dozen of the Lunchboxes to give away! Head into the Android Central Forums to enter!

3GJuice Android Lunchbox3GJuice Android Lunchbox

3GJuice Android Lunchbox3GJuice Android Lunchbox

3GJuice Android Lunchbox3GJuice Android Lunchbox

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Droidxy says:

It's so cute and it's going to save my day on my og droid!

Looks great, and seams to do its job... id love to try it out on my evo... :-)

Would love to get my hand's on one look's like a real life saver.Won't hear me complaining if I get one.

Droidxy says:

It's solo cute and it will save my day on my og Droid!

I could use one.

palmwebosfan says:

I have no need for this device. I went on Ebay and purchased 2 extra batteries and a wall charger for my Epic. Total cost...$8.99 and that included shipping from Hong Kong. Don't waste your money.

bbui4 says:

I agree that this is useless. One of the main advantages of having an android device is that you can replace the battery when yours runs out. Spare batteries are 1300 mah to 1800 mah.

randyw says:

Those cheep things can blow up and start a fire. Happend to a friend of mine. Good luck.

pDoG says:

Hey thanks tool bag but they weren't saying its better than an extended battery but they are giving it away for free...they weren't asking you to buy. And i can guarwntee that those batteries you bought for your phone are crappy quality and are surely to mess up your phone.

stomi911 says:

Looks cool, could use!

Very usefull for my lovely evo 4G

ChillFactorz says:

yeah! I lost my car charger and been looking for some thing to get for when my phone takes a crap. I've been forgetting to charge my phone over night lately, and then the following day trying to NOT use my phone to save battery at the end of the day. That is not what I bought my phone for to NOT use it.

Thank You AC

eric6052 says:

Nice. My job requires me to be out servicing customer accounts all day so I'm never near a charger. A convenient charger like this would be great for those long days when my battery sometimes just won't cut it

Definitely wouldn't mind having one for my evo.

brenneisec says:

save me from my battery killing screen!!

johnny99 says:

Android phones are not iphones. When your battery runs low, just drop in a fresh battery. Amazon sells spare Droid batteries for less than $5 each. Some cheap 3rd party charging cradles allow you to charge your phone and your spare battery at the same time.

pmilford says:

I like the included connectors - I hate having to carry around
a battery and a cable!


_Jasoncasti says:

would really appreciate one for my epic

thanks :)

prupple says:

Love to have one for my battery eating EVO 4G.

ScubaNitrox says:

Could always use more Juice!
Thanks guys :-)

Mlesch says:

This would be a sweet addition for my Evo!

kidjbg says:

This thing would be great for my captivate

cmorty72#AC says:

This is exactly what I've been looking for, when on the go with my extremely overclocked OG Droid!!!
If I had one, rest assured it would be put to good use.

orlyg1521 says:

can't live without one!

Naroshii says:

Wow, that's pretty handy! I'm so glad the industry is standardizing the cables. I can't tell you how many 'mystery chargers' I have hanging around... just in case.

mutantblack says:

Love to have one for my Nexus one. Tiny and really portable.

goldnboy58 says:

Yes Please.

dchawk81 says:

I agree with the folks saying just buy spares on eBay or Amazon. Our phones do have user replaceable batteries. I'm never without juice because I have two wall chargers plus three standard size batteries (1500mAh) and one double+ capacity (3500mAh) with another double+ on the way...and it all cost less than $45.

mmahavok69 says:

I know you guys at android central need advertisers but these blackberry ads are starting to get really annoying!!

hfm says:

I was wishing I had one of these yesterday.

Dougie_fresh says:

Definitely useful for me and my d2g.

Greggies79 says:

A friend uses this and I'm so jealous! I want soooo bad! Please pick me!

jano23 says:

i want it - it's so ... small

zakth says:

I could use one of these.

BuTbKa#IM says:

Will get one of those

AnneO#AC says:

I would love to win.

How about android develop an OS that doesn't use so much battery life and then you won't need something like this.

tgregsmith says:

I could use it.

theprivate says:

Sound just like the solution I need!

greentj says:

This would b great to use with my fascinate or OG droid!!!!

thezoet11 says:

hello androidcentral.com and its reader...

i am new to this website, ive been checking the feeds since i downloaded pulse application from android market. so yes i read everything that you guys write. this battery compact design really interest me, i would love to have that for my motorola cliq and htc evo. because i travel quite alot. so i hate it when my evo dies when i need it the most.. i do have a solar powered charger from solio, and every one who sees it (even total strangers) ask me about it. i proudly explain to them what it is, some of people i know even bought it. so if i get 3gjuice charger i will use it, and most likely people will ask me what it is.

i am so wanting that cool looking charger,,,

Looks cool. Can always use some extra juice.

google123 says:

Coolness. Count me in. :D

mateo5385 says:

This is an exact rip off of phonesuit's primocube, which I have and love. I can't tell you how many times it's saved me at the end of the day.

This would be great when i switch to droid in april. waitin on the bionic!

JackG058 says:

That would be a great addition to my Evo, as I'm not always able to be around a charger midday.

This will support my net power hungry Thunderbolt phone perfectly.

garyhess says:

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