Express from Sprint

Not quite sure exactly what we're looking at here, but according to the latest version of the internal Sprint Playbook, it's the Express, it's running Android 2.3, and it's coming Nov. 18 via direct shipping. In addition to the obvious BlackBerry-esque keyboard, it's got a 2.6-inch touchscreen, a 600 MHz processor, Sprint ID, a 3.2MP camera and 1500 mAh battery. It'll go for just $19.99 after two-year contract and $50 mail-in rebate.

Update: Pocketnow notes it looks to be the Huawei Boulder.


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Express from Sprint set to ship Nov. 18?


this is a rip off if you are paying $10/month for "premium data". it's like drinking $2,000 scotch out of an eye dropper.

false economy. penny wise, pound foolish.

@Gekko that was awesome. My computer screen could have done without the diet coke I just sprayed all over it though. :-)

IF I were RIM I would be looking into some Patient infringements, They need to find a source of income somewhere. Looks like a Blackberry Chinese knock-off ;)

Isn't it a little too soon to start coming out with Blackberry Legacy style throwback phones? I mean, they're still around for now.

Wait...what? Is this ad implying Sprint is in the hardware business? I did not see an OEM logo emblazoned on the device? (Motorola, Samsung, etc)

Is this what Sprint has to resort to after selling the farm for the iPhone? Dark days are ahead, my Sprint co-customers..DARK DAYS.

Wouldn't be the first time a carrier did this. Don't forget that before they became a household brand, HTC made a bunch of private-label phones for various carriers (for example the T-Mobile MDA series and the O2 XDA series).

What's the point of this phone? For business customers the XPRT does a much better job of filling the BlackBerry void; I know because I have one. For those working outdoors who might need something tougher, there's a new PTT-enabled device that's better than this. And for anyone looking for a dirt-cheap option, there's the Samsung Replenish. Seriously, Sprint... WHY?

Sprint's "holiday offering" is pitiful compared to all the other carriers. No new phones except a few low-tier garbage phones.

I hear ya. I feel like jumping ship and going back to Big Red. Stupid me keeps thinking Sprint is going to surprise us with cool new toys for this holiday season.

C'mon Sprint, surprise me with a 5+ inch ICS phone w/ a 1080p Ultra Mega AMOLED HD Plus and Tegra 3. :P

I'm all about the higher-end phones but just because Sprint is releasing low-tier phones doens't make it garbage. There are plenty of people that are happy with a low-tier phone.

Why do all these phones with the Blackberry form factor have to have such terrible specs? The only QWERTY candybar phones with okay specs seem to be those Motorola ones with terrible proportions.

I agree.... they could immediately capture a flood of fence-sitting blackberry users if they would produce a reasonably spec'd android in a blackberry form factor.

Just something that is *merely* reasonable would be hot.

I had a blackberry and to me it was the worst smartphone I've ever used, small screen cheap 480x320 resolution and this was a recent one the torch
I hated the physical keyboard, buttons where way too cramped. and with these specs this phone won't be any faster than those slow ass blackberries.

If they really need a physical keyboard, which I think is highly overrated with the invention of swype or even good virtual keyboards that are available on both Android and the iPhone, get a slider android.
Myself I'd never get a phone with a physical keyboard.

To all of you cry babies... If Sprint realeased another 4G Wimax phone you'd be boo-hooing about that too. Sprint hasn't anounced any "cool" phones because they are switching to LTE. Give it time and stop crying all the damn time!