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We'll keep this short and sweet, because we're pretty sure a few of you will be interested in this. The Galaxy Nexus is available to order in the USA. 

Expansys USA have the unlocked, 16GB GSM version in stock now and are shipping within days. (Ours will be here Friday!) As the image here shows though, there's not many and as this is written the initial batch have been allocated. At present they're showing as shipping within 4 days.

If you haven't done already, check out our review of the GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus. Then if you're on AT&T or T-Mobile, hit the source link for the product page.

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Expansys USA offering unlocked Galaxy Nexus, taking orders now


u have a good point there but then again i am not going to rush i want it badly but i rather wait i am not that crazy to buy this phone for that price u really bugging out lol

I was just going to say the same thing. For some it doesn't matter, but I'd like expandable memory. If you're going to claim "media player" as one of your OS features, give us the memory to utilize it, especially people rocking 32GB MicroSD cards for our music, like me. At the least, allow us to give ourselves the memory, as needed. For me, there's not enough memory and the uncertainty of Flash makes the SGSII sound like my next phone, especially with all the great deals coming tomorrow for it. But if you don't care about MicroSD or Flash out of the box, this is a damn fine phone, if you're willing to pay a bit extra.

That price is absolutly ludicrous!!!!!! Even if this price included accessories AND 64gigs of internal memory it would still be way, way too much.

For some reason, I really doubt you know how the cell phone market works. I will explain it to you...

In America, the manufacturer makes this device and sells it to carriers for the full retail price (a.k.a. the $750 price tag you see above). The carrier then sells it to you for a lower "subsidized" price when you sign a two year contract with them. They lose money on the phone, but get it back because you will be spending roughly $2000 dollars over the next two years on the contract. Because the carriers lose money, they charge you WAY more for data, texts, calls, etc.

In Europe, FOR THE MOST PART, you buy the phone directly from the manufacturer (or a store) for the full retail price ($750 in this case). The carrier has nothing to do with the cost of the phone. Consequently, because the carrier isn't losing money, they charge MUCH MUCH less on your service. For example - in America, on AT&T, a 2 GB data plan, with 450 minutes of calls, and unlimited texts costs you a little more than 100 dollars per month. Right there, that is 2400 dollars over a two year period. In europe, you get charged much much less.

IN CONCLUSION - don't worry about, you will buy this phone for a lot cheaper than what you see here. The phone is 750 dollars because it's a HELL of a smartphone.

Thanks! We are so used to getting subsidized...I just used my upgrade to get the skyrocket but have bought many phones off contract. I would buy this is it had 32GB of memory. Also thinking about the galaxy note. If I can just hold out to the new year to see what they all announce at CES. Besides this phone will have very good resale value due to it's pentaband radios.

Happy Thanksgiving all! Go Cowboys!

Idk even off contract the price on average for GSM phones are usually $500 to about $550 so there is about a $100 premium off Expansys which their prices are generally higher than some competitors.

But you left out the best part. Because we Americans have have been so conditioned to think that the high prices of mobile service are the "normal" prices, even if you buy the handset outright for $750 and take it to the carrier, you will be paying the same price for your voice/text/data plan as someone who gets the subsidized phone.

True! But you are not tied to anyone by a contract and you can have this phone on a GSM network now and not have to wait until AT&T in my case "decides" to subsidize this phone.

I sure wish it was 32 GB!

Tmobile prepaid or H2O Wireless(uses ATT bands) and Simple Mobile which have cheaper rates than the "big boys" especial Tmobile prepaid $30 a month for 100 minutes and unlimited data and text which is perfect for me because I hardly use minutes on the plan VOIP!

Except that every Nexus before it sold for ~$500. So that is the expected price point for a Nexus.

This is most likely gray market, hence the price. I can wait for a U.S. distribution.

i will wait until Sprint gets it and buy it on contract with my upgrade.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

or maybe we'll all have optical, cochlear, and neural implants by then and we won't need phones? just lay down on your Powermat mattress every night to recharge.

Way to much is right , however i bought one. gets you 2% back and also use code 20OFFLS for 20 more bucks off.

got my fatwallet credit today , takes a few months to transfer to paypal but thats fine.

The way I see it is I sold my iphone 4 for 350 , will use my upgrade on a 4s for 199 and sell it to recoup the rest of the cost.

This is the phone i want so its worth it.

Not being on VZW is a deal breaker for me. I would not chose to go back on ATT now or in the future. Sprint is so much better. Yes the price, but they have to cover there cost and shipping from overseas. Have fun Phil...Happy Thanksgiving to everyone...

just curious - what didn't you like about AT&T?

my take on the major carriers -

Sprint - best value, unlimited mobile to mobile to all carriers, simple unlimited data/text pricing, great 3G coverage (shares CDMA towers with VZW), true unlimited data, Wimax spotty and transition to LTE could annoy some.

Verizon - expensive, nickel and dime you to death, great 3G coverage, well maturing 4G LTE.

AT&T - expensive, still spotty 3G coverage, fast LTE speeds but spotty coverage, GSM allows freedom of phone.

T-Mobile - decent pricing, spotty 3G coverage, questionable 4G and spotty 4G coverage, GSM allows freedom of phone.

this is just my take. i have used all but T-Mob in the last 10 years. i prefer Sprint at this time.

My 2 cents, on AT&T my phone didn't work. On Verizon, it does. It's really as simple as that. I go to some out of the way places so Sprint has limited utility. I still have my GSM phone (and a global Verizon phone) so compatibility isn't an issue if I go overseas. VZW nickel and dimes it's true, but at least I have a working phone.

RNMiller<<<< Just for your information,I had VZW,and I`m with Sprint now, and I do travel to overseas at least once a year, and Sprint has 3 world phone all GSM. So you have no excuse to complain.

It's not the brain. It is the wallet! We all have things we will overpay for. Phones and gadgets are mine. For my wife it is jewelry, so it works out well.

Your not alone. I bought one also. I will get it tomorrow. I prefer to buy it rather than to sign a contract for 3 years (Canada). I do know that I will still need service for the three years but I want the option of going to a new carrier if I so wish. I am a phone junkie ( already bought a iPhone 4s and have a Galaxy Note) but this is my only crutch. I do drink or spend anything at the bars so I spoil my self when it comes to gadgets.

Steve, I hear ya. Similar, I don't drink or party a lot. But spend money on stuff like this. While I'm passing right now, I understand why others will go for it.

What do you guys think about this....
I renew my contract and order an AT&T iPhone 4s.
Then I sell it for as much as I can and use that money to buy a Galaxy Nexus.
It's pretty much like buying a GN on contract right?
Also, what if I buy from Expansys USA but need to get a replacement/fix under warranty. Will google/Samsung honor my warranty?
btw, I'd probably wait a month or so for prices to come down.

Almost pulled the trigger in this yesterday (impulse!), but I couldn't justify this price for the 16 GB model. I'll wait for the 32.

This is most likely just a company that imported a few of the phones from Europe and are selling at a profit, hence the high price on the 16GB and lack of a 32GB. They're basically middlemen.

You might be better off seeing how much it would cost to import one of your own. Try I've ordered from them to California with no problems and delivery within a week. Use a currency converter to find out how much it will cost in dollars. I'm waiting for the Verizon one, myself.

You have no idea who Expansys are, do you?

These might be imported handsets, but I doubt it. With a major vendor like Expansys they're probably getting it directly from Samsung. The high price is because it's not a cheap phone to begin with and they're the only place in the US that you can get them.

The more interesting question is how Verizon reacts. If Verizon's deal was for carrier exclusivity then there's probably nothing that they can do. If it was for vendor exclusivity then that's a different story, and it makes it much more likely that these are being imported from Europe by Expansys rather than directly stocked from Samsung. Still, the point is the same: if Verizon works out an exclusive deal on the hottest handset of the year and then decides to sit on it for political reasons (i.e., shifting more Bionic and Razr phones), then someone is going to find a way to go around them.

Personally, I'd still wait for LTE.

who's ever theory that was w/ the service breakdown is either way off or lives in smallville (where weird things happen!). In south florida and tmobile kicks a$$ compared to verizon/sprint. Have taken my nexus s (3g mind you) into both verizon/sprint corp stores to test their network at its finest and..... sprint whole store went down literally (couldn't even use their emp. computers and verizon... Fuggettaboutit

anyhow, $750 is just ridiculous, when it reaches POS's such as best buy, etc. the phone i guesstimate will be $500-$530+tax. Patience it seems is what samsung/verizon (hopefully not google) is playing on to get buyers to cough up more money than the fanciest tablet sells for.

Sure if you have the cash blow it, but when i bought my unlocked Nexus S @ bestbuy, i paid $560 +/- and honestly that was a day that i'll never forget. Mainly because i could feel the future from that point on was going to be very costly. I paid $400 outright for my nexus one then $560 for the nexus s. now..... $750????? Shut the front door!!! SMH

Oh man I'm right there with you! I remember the exact date I blew $500+ on the Nexus S... lol. I just can't justify any more than that. But oh how I'd love the Galaxy Nexus in my hands like yesterday!

I love when some Android users fall for the same type of over-hype iPhone users are constantly accustomed to. $750 for a Galaxy S2 WITHOUT LTE as with the Skyrocket. Stupid. All just you can have ICS before everyone else.

I'll stick with my $149 Skyrocket which I see now can be obtained for $0.01 on Amazon (new lines only).

Just guessing, we'll have ICS WAY before everyone else, especially those on a locked down AT&T phone. LTE won't be coming to my little town for years, so that's a moot point for me, but you're forgetting the 720p screen the Nexus has. Honestly, if they had upgraded the screen on the Skyrocket, I might have jumped ship, but I guess my eyes are just too picky for my own good. And $750 is a lot less than the $1000 for an iPhone 4S off-contract. Oh, and this phone is only $700 on other sites.

You've lived without ICS this long and have been happy with Android, right? I don't think a couple of months will affect your health. At the end of the day, to each his own I guess. Yes I don't like the 800x400 res on the Skyrocket, but that's $600 my eyes will appreciate more when it's looking at some sculpture on another European vacation with that money.

Plus, I'll wait 4 months when the Nexus is on AT&T, sell my Skyrocket, get the Nexus, unlock it, and have money left over. 2 year contract you say? I say so what, I've been with AT&T willingly for 10+ years.

As for LTE, yeah I guess I'm lucky to be in an LTE market (DC). 55Mb+ download. Nice!

I am concerned that repairs and other technical issues might be a hassle. If you buy from this company what kind of guarantees, warranties, insurance, etc. is available? Normally the carrier handles these issues. If you have problems, will Samsung handle them directly?

Not sure if I want to spend $750 on the GN, especially with issues popping with volume that seems to be hardware related. If I was to take the plunge I'd wait a month, cheaper and will have the problem solved hardware wise. BTW, I have done business with expansys, they are good. And deal with warranty issues if they should arise.

That price is just way off, I was leaning towards Android but for $649 I can get an unlocked and contract-free 16GB iPhone 4S from Apple.

Very few folks here would make a choice between an SGN and an iphone, but I guess that's ONE way to look at it. I'd never pay this either, explanations about subsidies are understood, it is still an absurd price for only those who are willing to overpay. The technology will be old hat in 6 months, that, is guaranteed.

And on the subsidy comments, well, ok, but they don't lower your monthly cost after your commitment is up, so that drives us to get a new subsidized phone way more than paying an unsubsidized prices, since with the majors, you pay the subsidized monthly cost whether you use the subsidies or not.

While that is true about most US phone companies, T-Mobile DOES have a plan that accounts for not having a subsidized phone.

I actually plan on ordering two of these phones. One for me, one for my wife.

We will be switching to T-Mobile's "Value Plan"
These plans are for a SIM card only, Rather than subsidizing a phone, they have lower monthly terms. Unfortunately there is still a 2 yr commitment, but the ETF is only $200. If you don't want that, there is always the pre-paid option for a true month-to-month no commitment.

But the value plan I'm looking at is 2 lines, 1000 min shared, Unlimited Text, 2GB / line Data All for only $80 / month.

Compared to a comparable plan on Verizon, 2 Lines with 700 min, Unlimited Messaging, and 4GB / line (double data promo) is $159.99

The $80 / month savings will save me $1920 over the 2 year term. That more than pays for the phones. On top of that, I will have a completely open phone that I can use anywhere in the world while traveling. I simply have to pick up a pre-paid SIM in whatever country I land in.

This pricing is ridiculous, but its expected. They are charging roughly a $100-150 premium ontop of what unlocked and unsubbed devices typically go for, but that's the price you pay for wanting to be one of the "I had it before everyone else" types of people.
Just think of all the nut jobs who buy the latest iPhone every year off of ebay for $1000+ right after launch....

IPhone 4s sucks naaaats lol..and what's so great about the galaxy nexus..its no way faster than the gs2.