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There are 9 comments

beng8686 says:

Seriously? Enough with the EVO 4G... On with the other Android phones. Start calling this site Maybe some more info on the badass Motorola's coming soon? I am so sick of hearing all the hype about the Evo 4g.

Ryan32 says:

It's the biggest baddest new Android phone to be released, sporting the newest data connection, on release day.

And you are complaining about coverage? Go somewhere else.

djsoto#AC says:

Is anyone connecting to Qik fine?... Does it need to be connected to 4G or Wifi in order to work?...

sevans76 says:

i am loving my phone, no problems so far. email is BEAutiful as well as web pages when looked at on the full site. man best buy was so packed. i am so in love with my phone. you are right the 1st thing people notice is the massive screen. no prolems touch screen works fine. also the best buy rep downloaded task killer, as if i didnt know about it, lol. Phil, i downloaded Pixel Zombies and i lust it. : )

scribe4food says:

This phone is amazing. I'm coming from the Palm Pre, and didn't realize what I've been missing out on.

Shinjifei says:

This phone is the best thing since sliced cheese. I honestly dont understand how someone could use a smaller screen than this. I pick up my Pre and start squinting.

scribe4food says:

Okay question, does the phone automatically download emails? I've sent a couple of test emails to myself, and the only way I saw them is when I opened up the email app, and manually refreshed it.

sevans76 says:

your email is set for 1 hr intervals. when you go in email, hit menu, then more, and then settings, you can change how often you get your email automatically pushed to you. hope this helps.

shacker2762 says:

OK... I have an EVO root question - I found the steps to reset the device back to factory specs but will that work if I root the phone and install FroYo?

I'd like to install Froyo but if I can't get the thing back to factory specs just in case, I'll have to hold off.

Does anyone know?