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Somehow we think we've heard this tune before. Motorola confirmed to Engadget in regards to the new Sprint Photon 4G that the "Motoblur" name is being phased out. But it's in name only -- the skin and services remain the same as they ever were.

This isn't exactly a new idea, folks. It was nearly a year ago that Motorola told us exactly the same thing at the Droid X launch event in New York City, and they made big enough deal of it. But Blur remained (and all of its packages were still named Blur on the device), the Blur services remained, and we desperately sought out a new name for it.

And, thus, Philblur was born.

More: Engadget; via Android Central Forums

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fatboy97 says:

Didn't he say right at the end that "we Motorola have worked together with Verizon"? This was a Sprint/Motorola event wasn't it?

durthquake says:

The video was from the droid x launch last year.

Realist says:

so, if they keep telling us the black animal with the white stripes isn't a skunk, then it isn't a skunk? i bet it still stinks...

Android Goat says:

They would probably try to convince you that the black and white animal you see before you is a zebra...even though it does look and smell like a skunk.

DaSpitter says:

That's just someone that miss spoke.... If it looks like blur.... Acts like blur... Then it's motoblur

eric6052 says:

The phrase "lipstick on a pig" comes to mind. The thing about Blur/Not Blur on my Droid X that annoys me the most is how much of the back end services that run and can't be shut off by the user. If it were just some removable widgets and a dockbar I really don't think anyone would care because a new launcher is easy to find, but those blur news, weather and social services run even when the widgets have been removed from all home screens. My phones been rooted and all of that bloarware has been frozen but for the average user that's not something they want to do. I wonder if Motorola will at least change the name of the files this time?


hmmm says:

Shit by any other name is still shit.

judasmachine says:

I hate when the marketing department is the only one tasked with "fixing" a problem.

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.

JeffDenver says:

Changing the name wont make me hate it less, Motorola.

franky_402 says:

how can he say its not blur, looks exactly like my moms defy which has motorblur, also looks exactly like my buddys atrix, which has...i think its called MotoBlur?? I used to like moto but lately they have been digging their own graves...pretty soon its time for them to jump in!