Android Central at CES

Android Central @ CES

As you might have noticed, CES 2013 is just about over for us. It's debatable whether it packed the same punch as in previous years, but to my eyes (and sore feet), there's no doubt that there was more than enough Android content to cover. As we all hop on airplanes and head back home, it's time to start looking back on the mayhem in Vegas. 

Four reporters. Countless stories. (Well, OK. You can count them all at our CES page if you want.) More photos than we know what to do with.

And then, of course, there are the videos, and that's what we're looking back on here. From NVIDIA's Project Glass gaming handheld thingy to an oven running Android (that's Alex filming it above) to a few new smartphones, it's all parked on our YouTube page (be sure to subscribe!) and after the break. If you can't go to CES, we're bringing CES to you!

Hands-on with Vuzix Glasses

Tegra 4 versus Nexus 10

Pantech Discover hands-on

Huawei Ascend D2 hands-on

Huawei Ascend Mate hands-on

NVIDIA Project Shield hands-on

Hands-on with Vuzix Glasses

HTC One SV hands-on

ASUS Qube hands-on

Ubuntu OS on the Galaxy Nexus

NVIDIA Grid on the HTC One X

Viewsonic VSD240 Smart Display

Sony Xperia Z hands-on

Xperia Z 1080p HDR video sample

Xperia Z 1080p video sample

Qualcomm Vuforia AR demo

Sony Xperia ZL hands-on

Synaptics Sensa concept tablet

The almighty Android oven

Lenpen's new smartphone display cleaner

Lenovo K900 hands-on

Acer Iconia B1 hands-on

ZTE Grand S LTE hands-on

Archos Familypad 2 hands-on

Archos 101 Titanium hands-on

Archos GamePad hands-on

Archos 97 Platinum, 80 Platinum hands-on

Dead Trigger 2 on Project Shield


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Every Android Central CES video in one convenient post


Thanks for the great post. Was I wrong in expecting Verizon to announce some new phones or it there another trade show coming?

Can you guys write an article for your top three favorite devices from CES? I would love you guys forever if you could do that. Thanks.


  1. NVIDIA Project Shield
  2. NVIDIA Project Shield
  3. NVIDIA Project Shield

I'm positive there were at least three of them at the show. 

1. +9000.
2. I agree.
3. You have great tastes.

After watching the video, I'm already a fan. That has to be one of the coolest non-phone concepts I've seen in a long time. And the fact that it supports usb, hdmi, bluetooth, wifi, and sd cards is a plus as well.

surprisingly absolutely nothing really excited me at this year's ces.. i feel like i saw a lot of natural and obvious progressions from manufacturers, but nothing really outside of the box.. there was nothing that made me say, oh i would have never expected THAT! so.. meh

the Lenovo K900 looks amazing. really bummed that it will not be available in the US. I would pass on the DNA or GN2 for that. I guess I'll wait till CITA to see what will replace my trusty day 1 Thunderbolt.

I couldn't agree more. I think the best thing were the processors but even those weren't a big surprise. I'm sure some really exciting stuff will come out throughout the year (as it usually does). Next year I'm lowering my expectations.